Real estate advertising blocking our street numbers

7 October 2009 43

What can be done about these large signs that completely hide our street numbers?
Real Estate sign blocks street number, ambulance in foreground
Over the long weekend, friends from out of town couldn’t find my address and called for help. It turned out that there was a large real estate sign blocking my street number and a bit of direction over the mobiles did the trick.
It’s a large apartment complex, and so we’re talking about a few hundred people being taken off the map by this real estate agent. Further, the property has already sold, and so it’s just advertising for the agent themselves and not on behalf of the seller.
Here’s what I have already done:

  • I’ve called the “removals” number on the back of the sign and spoke with the staff at Digital Central; however, as they are being paid by the real estate agents, it’s understandable that their answer was, “We’ll ask the agent.”
  • Canberra Connect quickly put me though to Fair Trading. Unfortunately, their hands are tied as the signs are not on public land, rendering them powerless.
  • I’ve emailed my landlord and asked them to take the matter up with our body corporate.

I’m looking for suggestions from the RiotACT community on better ways forward…

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43 Responses to Real estate advertising blocking our street numbers
dvaey dvaey 9:51 am 09 Oct 09

Punter said :

The ambulance in the foregound is a nice touch, and makes a very good point about the importance of emergency services being able to locate adresses quickly.

I dunno, as a delivery guy, I find my GPS manages to get me to pretty much any street number I give it. Id imagine emergency services would have something better than the $200 jobbie I picked up. But thats beside the point, its the non-emergency vehicles that will have more of an issue. Then again, if youre part of a large block of units, chances are pretty good that your complex number is already known by emergency services people. There are only a limited number of unit blocks around Canberra.

Ian Ian 10:39 pm 08 Oct 09

Why didn’t you just ring the agent owning any number listed on the sign? Ring once, ask politely and failing that keep ringing at all sorts of odd hours.

misshelly misshelly 10:18 pm 08 Oct 09

haha you rang everybody EXCEPT the real estate agent on the sign?!?!

I-filed I-filed 6:51 pm 08 Oct 09

Um how bright are your friends? Couldn’t they count a single house down or up from the next number?

ladywriter ladywriter 5:59 pm 08 Oct 09

It’s a shame that you didn’t just contact the agent with your concerns. Knowing one of the agents, I notified him of this matter this morning and he was completely unaware of where the sign company had placed the signs and contacted them immediately to get the signs moved. It’s obviously not in his interests to annoy other residents – where do you think they get their business from? Anyway, if the signs are gone, I guess all is good.

PBO PBO 12:22 pm 08 Oct 09

stirred21 said :

Write to Pastor Danny Nalliah about it!

He will only say that the sign was put there by god because Victorians have abortions.

stirred21 stirred21 12:03 pm 08 Oct 09

Write to Pastor Danny Nalliah about it!

papadoc papadoc 11:25 am 08 Oct 09

OP, the signs were taken down at about 8am this morning. There’s still one on the other side of the driveway, but the ones blocking the street numbers are gone.

prhhcd prhhcd 9:41 am 08 Oct 09

re #33 – independent is like that. I say go with Jihad as per post #27

BabyGirl1574 BabyGirl1574 10:15 pm 07 Oct 09

“accidently” misplace the signs, then deny everything 😀

bd84 bd84 8:17 pm 07 Oct 09

djk said :

They are only about 3 body corporate management companies in Canberra – find out which one manages your property and let them remove it.

The only problem with that is that the major body corporate in Canberra happens to be the same agency to which the signs belong to..

+1 for ripping the sign down
or for painting the street number on the sign in black paint.

joy18 joy18 5:19 pm 07 Oct 09

Unless things have changed recently, your body corporate is managed by the owners of the offending signs.

Bundybear Bundybear 4:47 pm 07 Oct 09

Your Body Corporate executive committee is able to lay down guidelines for the location, size, duration of signs such as these. Everything from no signs allowed at all, to limiting their placement to certain locations only. That takes care of the long term, although many agents just go ahead and put them up anyway – you are just in a much stronger position to argue for immediate removal.
Short term, go with the majority, just remove it; if your feeling really generous ring the mobile again and tell them if it isn’t gone by….you’ll move it; gaurantee it’s gone in no time.

Jim Jones Jim Jones 3:35 pm 07 Oct 09

suter said :

As much as I may enjoy removing the one sign on done day, I’m looking for a way to reduce the number of signs in the longer term…

Keep taking them down.

vibes vibes 3:12 pm 07 Oct 09

Most of the time street numbers cannot be seen, regardless of real estate sign blocking the numbers.

amarooresident2 amarooresident2 2:19 pm 07 Oct 09

Cleansing Fire

astrojax astrojax 2:07 pm 07 Oct 09

declare jihad on the r/e firm, issue a fatwa and proclaim it in the canberra times, and sit back and watch the fun.. or just take the advice proffered above and remove them yourself while calling the r/e day and late night…

suter suter 1:27 pm 07 Oct 09

As much as I may enjoy removing the one sign on done day, I’m looking for a way to reduce the number of signs in the longer term…

dr phil dr phil 1:05 pm 07 Oct 09

I say pull them out and put them in front of the real estate.

djk djk 12:59 pm 07 Oct 09

They are only about 3 body corporate management companies in Canberra – find out which one manages your property and let them remove it.

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