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Real estate advertising blocking our street numbers

By - 6 October 2009 43

What can be done about these large signs that completely hide our street numbers?
Real Estate sign blocks street number, ambulance in foreground
Over the long weekend, friends from out of town couldn’t find my address and called for help. It turned out that there was a large real estate sign blocking my street number and a bit of direction over the mobiles did the trick.
It’s a large apartment complex, and so we’re talking about a few hundred people being taken off the map by this real estate agent. Further, the property has already sold, and so it’s just advertising for the agent themselves and not on behalf of the seller.
Here’s what I have already done:

  • I’ve called the “removals” number on the back of the sign and spoke with the staff at Digital Central; however, as they are being paid by the real estate agents, it’s understandable that their answer was, “We’ll ask the agent.”
  • Canberra Connect quickly put me though to Fair Trading. Unfortunately, their hands are tied as the signs are not on public land, rendering them powerless.
  • I’ve emailed my landlord and asked them to take the matter up with our body corporate.

I’m looking for suggestions from the RiotACT community on better ways forward…

What’s Your opinion?

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43 Responses to
Real estate advertising blocking our street numbers
Thoroughly Smashed 9:12 am 07 Oct 09

Leave the signs there, but cut a hole in the middle of them so your house numbers are once again visible.

Danman 8:59 am 07 Oct 09

Too bad if the ambulance fireys or police need to know where to go as the photo suggests.

Punter 8:55 am 07 Oct 09

The ambulance in the foregound is a nice touch, and makes a very good point about the importance of emergency services being able to locate adresses quickly.

Postalgeek 8:28 am 07 Oct 09

For a bit of fun paint your number over it, or relocate it to an spot where it is illegal to place commercial signage.

Otherwise just remove it, like the voice of common sense in this thread advises.

AG Canberra 8:12 am 07 Oct 09

Do we really need these signs today – what with this interweb thingy?

They are just another (unneeded) cost to sellers….

willo 8:06 am 07 Oct 09

buy some illegal fireworks and blow em up………

Wanon 8:05 am 07 Oct 09

Pull it down yourself. I’m surprised you’ve let it last this long.

grundy 8:01 am 07 Oct 09

Just pull the bloody things out.

You’re not going to get into trouble for it, so why leave them there causing such an obvious problem like covering the address numbers!

H1NG0 7:56 am 07 Oct 09

I know those units and there is a skip bin just up that driveway. Do a late night mission and dump the signs or at least give them a call warning them that you will dump the signs unless they are removed. They will get the message.

Hells_Bells74 7:40 am 07 Oct 09

Wow, I want a real estate dude to put one on my lawn blocking stuff so I can put it up them – early morning RiotACTer style!

I’m still amazed they are that tame but would be effective, much like the suggestion of putting your wipers on at window washers at lights.

Pandy 7:19 am 07 Oct 09

Private property? Not authorised by the body corporate? Rip ’em down.

Thumper 7:11 am 07 Oct 09

+1 for Kramer’s statement.

Kramer 7:00 am 07 Oct 09

Move it to the nearest skip bin.

housebound 6:49 am 07 Oct 09

Move it to a different place on the property – to behind the street number.

captainwhorebags 6:29 am 07 Oct 09

There’s likely to be a mobile number on the sign for the agent who is selling the property.

Ring it day and night.

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