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Reality check for young males with a death-wish?

By Dacquiri 7 April 2013 43

As I was waiting for the lights to change at Belconnen Way & Coulter Drive this afternoon, I saw, out of the corner of my eye, a dark-haired male cyclist wheeling through the intersection. What particularly caught my attention was that he wasn’t wearing a bicycle helmet. A quick double-take confirmed something even more startling: the cyclist was my 25 yr old son — who seems to make a practice of riding his motorcycle wearing jeans and street shoes, despite owning Draggin’ jeans and motorcycle boots.

The obvious question is: ‘Do you have a death-wish, or are you just immature and stupid?’ This doesn’t seem to be terribly effective, however; nor are photographs of other riders’/cyclists’ injuries, which are not perceived as remotely related to him. His usual excuse for the cavalier attitude is some version of ‘couldn’t be bothered’ (eg, ‘Takes too much time).

I understand that possession of a certain amount of male bravery and courage has served humanity well when we lived in caves and young males needed to take risks in order to slay wooly mammoths and fight off attacking tribes. However, given that we are now talking about completely unnecessary risks which can and do result in horrific and life-changing injuries or death, can someone please suggest a way to impress upon young males that complete disregard for their own safety is really not cool?

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Reality check for young males with a death-wish?
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Dacquiri 8:52 pm 11 Apr 13

‘The way he was raised’ is probably an over-simplification, given that there’s my influence, his father’s influence, the influence of his peers, plus whatever personality/cognitive potential he was born with. It is not necessarily that case that children in the same family with the same upbringing in terms of guidance, values and rules will adopt the same attitudes or behaviours.

Henry82 4:16 pm 09 Apr 13

Mysteryman said :

. If he’s making choices that you determine to be idiotic, then it’s probably due to the way he was raised.

lol, oh the burn.

Pork Hunt 5:57 pm 08 Apr 13

Dacquiri said :

In response to the queries: no, I don’t have any daughters, and yes of course I talk to my sons about these issues, but they are fairly dismissive of my views. And it’s not just me — they do not tend to credit older people with the wisdom that comes of experience, tending to characterise this as irrational bias. For those of us who grew up with only female siblings, finding out what constitutes ‘normal’ for young males is indeed a continual revelation. Crowd-sourcing opportunities like ‘ask RiotACT’ are supplements, not substitutes, for other strategies and provide a chance to benefit (?) from the ‘wisdom of the mob’…not that it’s been all that helpful so far. 🙁

Once the truck of experience backs into them a couple of times, they will learn…

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