Really exciting new building for Civic

Hugo 23 October 2007 11

The CT this morning has an artist’s impression of a new office building in West Civic. Wow! Canberra architecture is really up there with the best. I specially like the imaginative box like structure and glass walls ready to reflect the box like structures that will surround it and glow in the westering sun. The 2 cars pictured in front indicate that there will also be no traffic or parking problems for the 800 inmates.

This will put the finger up those Cameron Office lover dudes!

[ED (Kramer) – The CT now has the article with picture online.

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11 Responses to Really exciting new building for Civic
Pandy Pandy 11:41 am 25 Oct 07

Oh if it is being built on a former car park, it is supposed to have 24/7 access for public parking.

Pandy Pandy 11:40 am 25 Oct 07

I would not trust the develop prick as far as I could spit. When he built Centraplaza he added on 10 metres to the length with the collusion of the certifier/surveyor and after it ws too late placed an amendment to the building a plans. What was ACTPLA going to say? Pull it down? Remember the escalators outside the expansion of the Canberra Centre which did not have approval before being built?

Lord Mælinar Lord Mælinar 10:41 am 25 Oct 07

Maybe they are going to build it out of weetbix and spun sugar. That would make it a big deal.

Gungahlin Al Gungahlin Al 9:23 am 25 Oct 07

Clearly Hugo’s sarcasm escapes some people…
Yep – another glass box for Civic…we’re such a showcase for the nation aren’t we?

But it all makes sense when you realise that Canberra construction firms – unlike in other parts of Australia – do both commercial and residential rather than specialising.
So the vacuum of originality and style in the new commercial buildings is merely an extension of the same problem in the residential sector.

Tempestas Tempestas 9:58 pm 24 Oct 07

We have architecture in Civic.

Must of missed it

b2 b2 10:37 am 24 Oct 07

I think Hugo was trying to make a point at how uninteresting most canberra architecture is…

bd84 bd84 8:39 pm 23 Oct 07

brilliant, why bother announcing it? it’s just the last corner block next to the two new buildings they have just completed near the new apartments that name escapes me atm..

more workers for the lack of carparking, will be even better when they start building on the carpark next to the multi-story in the next few months. it will compliment the bullsht bus service nicely.

Hugo Hugo 8:19 pm 23 Oct 07

It is a long time since I used to catch yabbies in Sullivan’s Creek when there was real life west of Civic! But yes boomacat, breathe life but need it end up being like Allara Street? Been there lately? But what’s the big deal it’s just an office. Not for MY life, dude!

boomacat boomacat 8:04 pm 23 Oct 07

I think it’s great that Civic West is having some life breathed into it.

Mr Evil Mr Evil 3:16 pm 23 Oct 07

I hope it’s carbon neutral!

Spitfire3 Spitfire3 3:05 pm 23 Oct 07

What’s the big deal, it’s an office building.

(and I counted 4 cars)

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