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Rebecca Anne Massey makes bail

By johnboy - 26 June 2009 67

The ABC brings word that the accused Charnwood stabber, Rebecca Anne Massey has been granted bail in the ACT Supreme Court by Justice Hilary Penfold after 11 months in custody on remand. (For those who came in late Rebecca is accused of the stabbing murder of Elizabeth Anne Booshand at Charnwood shops last July.)

    She said Massey is being affected by what appears to be excessive delays in bringing her case to trial, a process which could take up to two years.

    Massey will have to report daily to police, abide by a curfew and not carry a knife or weapon in a public place.

So… anyone want to run a book on when the first breach of bail will occur?

Time until Rebecca Massey breaches her bail?

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67 Responses to
Rebecca Anne Massey makes bail
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cleo 12:33 am 28 Jun 10

Yes but is she being drug tested while out on bail?

Skidd Marx 2:06 pm 14 Jul 09

I like everything rickochet has to say. He/she has my vote for RActer of the month.

sunshine 1:47 pm 14 Jul 09

Anna Key said :

So is she back inside Casa de Massey yet or has she lasted one week?

she lasted a week – not back in side C de M as yet

Anna Key 7:56 am 04 Jul 09

So is she back inside Casa de Massey yet or has she lasted one week?

Deadmandrinking 9:26 pm 03 Jul 09

Exactly Rikochet, who does?

What I’m trying to get across is that many people base their opinions of court decisions on summaries of what are very complex matters. You obviously have some prior experience with this woman, so your opinion in particular may be a little more informed. However, as far as I know, you have not been privy to every aspect of this current matter, so like us, you cannot possibly know what factors led to her successful bail. For all we know, you could be right, though…

And on the drugs thing, I was only pointing out that the way you phrased it seemed to say that everyone is nice when they’re not taking drugs. That’s clearly not the case.

rikochet 4:58 pm 03 Jul 09

Deadmandrinking said: An event like this could change a person dramatically. Or, of course she might not give a sh-t. I’m just saying that the media tends to generate characters around people. Of course, this lady has a reputation that she’s built up herself…but something as large as facing a long sentence for murder can really get people to take a good long look at themselves.

Ok, yes, maybe you’re right. Im not in Canberra and I dont know exactly what she is thinking or if the enormity of the crime has hit home for her. but sadly with the benefit of hindsight, I would lean more toward her enjoying the infamy of it.

For several different reasons I cannot give away too much about how she has been a part of my life, but I can tell you that for the last 18 years I have watched her evolve from a young girl infatuated by the criminal element and all its fake glory, to the selfish, egotistic, gangster wannabe she is today. She has never shown regret or remorse before , even when it pertained to her children, and those who trusted her.

You see, what you hear on T.V and read in the papers is not how it is. Sure there is fact, but it is laced with the authors opinions on the story and thats what takes it to the next stage, reputation, infamy, etc.
Believe me when I tell you, when you spend most of your life in and out of the courts, you know the system (and how to bend it your way) better than most lawyers.
You learn the loopholes, and how they can work for you.

Rebecca knows this all too well. And she will use everything she has at her disposal including her kids, to get out of this.. See what I mean… No remorse..

But again, I havent seen her since the crime and maybe she will stand tall and shock us all with a sudden show of humanity and genuine emotion.. Who knows?

rottweiler 9:59 am 03 Jul 09

This women took the life of another weather she meant to or not $1000 bail is a joke.

And as for the drug and mental state defence … she wasn’t that far gone on them as she knew to flee the scene, get rid of the weapon, get someone to wash the clothes she was wearing and take them to the dump. And lastly probably threaten all witnesses.

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