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Canberra’s Best House Painters


There’s nothing like a fresh lick of paint to breathe new life into your home. And while painting is usually cheaper than renovating, the final result can be just as dramatic – especially when completed using the right colours, technique and creative flair.

DIY can be a great option if you’re on a tight budget and know your way around drop sheets and paint rollers. But if you’re serious about quality, or your job is on the tricky side (i.e. ceiling painting, exterior painting), a professional painter is worth the investment.

Whether you’re keen to update your home before putting it on the market, or think your living room needs a freshen up, here’s how to find a skilled painter in the Canberra region.

Let’s get started.

What makes a great painter?

If you’ve ever given DIY painting a go, chances are you’ll know that getting a paint job right isn’t as easy as it looks. Many DIY-ers end up spending more money and time than they originally planned, for less than optimal results.

Here are a few questions to ask before choosing a professional painter.

  • How much painting experience do you have? Painters with years of experience have seen it all. They know how to identify damage like rot and mould. They know when to use a brush instead of a roller, and how many coats of paint it will take to get your home looking its best.
  • What prep work do you do before painting? This is a particularly important question for exterior painting jobs. Good preparation (i.e. thoroughly cleaning surfaces, sanding, filling gaps) is the secret to a lasting paint job.
  • How will the paint be applied? There are plenty of ways to apply paint, from spraying to brushing. And while each painter will have their own application preferences, it’s worth asking why they opt for that particular technique.
  • What are the minimum drying times? Rushed painters may apply a second coat of paint when the first is not yet dry. Check that the contract will allow for the minimum drying time required.
  • Can you use the paint brand I want? Many professional painters have a preferred paint brand, but they should be equally happy to work with products you supply. If you decide to use the paint supplied by the painter, do your research to make sure it is a high quality product.
  • Will you return my home to pre-job condition? All surfaces at risk of paint splatter should be covered – including power points and cabinets. If paint gets on any surfaces by mistake, check that your painter can rectify this too.

The top painters in Canberra – according to you

RiotACT’s editorial team has combed through 19 years of on-site comments to compile a list of the most recommended businesses according to you.

To be listed in our Best of Canberra series, each business needs to have consistently received positive feedback on RiotACT and Facebook as well as maintaining a minimum average of 4/5 stars on Google.

Canberra Painting Company

Canberra Painting Company

When it comes to trust, professionalism, experience and results, readers say it’s difficult to go past Canberra Painting Company. A family business that’s been in Canberra for over 15 years, Canberra Painting Company is trusted by homeowners as well as major builders for new home builds and developments.

Canberra Painting Company’s 27 painters are fully licenced and insured. Teams take on jobs of all sizes – including full preparation, cleaning and plastering – for existing homes, new homes, commercial premises and industrial buildings.

To get started, head to your local paint store (it recommends Paint Place Mitchell) and choose your colours. Or, ask the experts at Canberra Painting Company for a colour consultation. Then relax as its friendly team handles the rest.

You won’t be left waiting either. Canberra Painting Company prides itself on a fast turn-around, offering quotes within 24 hours and a start date in as little as 7 days.

Want to paint concrete, varnish floorboards or stain a deck, give doors a new lease on life, remove rust or stains, repair water damage, or paint something 10 metres high? These guys will do that too! And, best of all – Canberra Painting Company provides full professional cleaning before every job is completed.

“We spend more time preparing than painting. Anyone can paint. What determines the quality of the job is the preparation.”

9/15 Darling St
Mitchell ACT 2911
ACT Painting Services

ACT Painting Services

Scott and the team at ACT Painting Services focus on the finer details, with a high priority aimed at attention to detail. With many interesting designs and ideas, Scott will ensure the best feature wall within your house. They specialise in interior, exterior, roof and epoxy floor painting, for both your house or office.

Prep work is also something Scott and the team pride themselves on and this contributes to the many masterpiece results they have produced. Scott is a pleasure to deal with from the moment he answers the phone and ensures ACT Painting Services offer great work for a fair price. He also stands by the no obligation free quote policy.

Check out what some of his happy customers have to say: ‘APS painted the whole interior of my home and I have called them back to paint my roof, great guys!’ And ‘Extremely professional, great price and a fabulous finish. Extremely happy with the result.’

Canberra Painting Service

Canberra Painting Service

In its own words, Canberra Painting Service “isn’t the cheapest, but we do the job right.” From humble beginnings as a one-man outfit 25 years ago, Canberra Painting Service now has a 12-person team, and a reputation for quality.

Managing director Brian Wilson prides himself on meeting customer needs without cutting corners. His team specialises in render repairs and residential painting, as well as commercial projects.

With a Dulux accreditation, Canberra Painting Service delivers on the promise of excellent finishes and all its staff ensure industry standards are met. Brian has been on the Master Painters Association of Canberra executive committee for more than a decade, so it’s safe to say he has sound knowledge of the local market and its unique paint requirements.

With an impressive portfolio and reputation for quality workmanship, Canberra Painting Service come highly recommended by satisfied customer and reader Ross W: “Your workers are prompt, responsive and a great credit to you.”

Golden Brush Painting

Billed as Canberra’s premier painting business, Golden Brush Painting specialises in residential re-painting. It focuses on customer service, attention to detail and quality work at a competitive price.

Unsure which colours or finishes will look best? The Golden Brush team can provide recommendations to help you choose a look you’ll love for years to come.

For extra peace of mind, Golden Brush is a Taubmans-certified painter. As part of this, it offers a professional guarantee that it complies with safety regulations and holds the appropriate insurances.

Here’s what customer Elizabeth said about Golden Brush’s work: “The Golden Brush Team did a fantastic job! They responded within 24hrs with a quote and provided friendly, professional advice. I am very happy with the end results and would definitely recommend them.”

Rick Maier Paint Plus

Rick Maier Paint Plus is an award-winning residential and commercial painting company that also offers services like wallpapering, concrete floor coatings and commercial painting. With a five-year workmanship warranty, you can expect a great outcome.

Previous customers rave about Rick Maier Paint Plus. Satisfied customer Mike left the following review: “Professional job with the included and helpful services of a colour consultant. Lots of detail work on trim and doors in various rooms. The team were meticulous in preparation, in moving and replacing furniture and curtains and with cleanup.”

Who did you pick?

Thanks to our commenters who have provided insightful feedback on the best and worst painters in Canberra.

If you believe we have got it wrong, please let us know.

Hired a painter in Canberra before? Share your recommendations below.

What's Your Opinion?

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85 Responses to Canberra’s Best House Painters
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DeadlySchnauzer DeadlySchnauzer 9:32 am 30 Nov 10 were very good. Included a free interior design session, and the results were really high quality. They were however quite expensive.

We have also had an experience using dodgy brothers co because they had the cheapest price. Well that was somewhat of a disaster… really uneven results, patches of wall and skirting missed, paint on carpets etc.

As always you get what you pay for.

fox fox 9:36 am 30 Nov 10

Steve of Sevans Design – 0410 523 717

jimbocool jimbocool 9:42 am 30 Nov 10

Nelson Geuvara of Guevara Painting Contractors. Not cheap, but an excellent painter who cares deeply about the quality of his work and turns up when he says he will. Nice guy too and, in my experience at least, seems to wear coveralls (so no bum crack displays).

Me no fry Me no fry 11:15 am 30 Nov 10

DeadlySchnauzer said :

As always you get what you pay for.

Sometimes you don’t even get that.

Can’t recommend Kenro.

enrique enrique 11:40 am 30 Nov 10
Big_like_bull Big_like_bull 4:59 pm 30 Nov 10

Yassine Saleh Eminence painting solutions

Great bloke good fair prices always punctual will go above and beyond to meet your needs


Jethro Jethro 5:18 pm 30 Nov 10

DIY… well, inside at least…. why spend thousands on something that any primate with an opposable thumb can do?

erv erv 12:30 am 01 Dec 10

Finest Painting Services, turned up on time and did a great job on the house (inside and out)

troll-sniffer troll-sniffer 1:56 pm 25 May 11

Big_like_bull said :

Yassine Saleh Eminence painting solutions

Great bloke good fair prices always punctual will go above and beyond to meet your needs


Hmmm… sorry to burst a bubble here but said business quoted $700 to do a tiny bathroom, to which I reluctantly agreed when the job was promised to be rub back properly, one undercoat, then two coats of paint, a two day job apparently. Since I was assured the rubbing back and the priming would mean the painting wouldn’t be done til the second day, I figured I was going to get a careful top-notch job.

Without going into detail, the painter was finished the same day, which I queried, and was told that because the painter was able to put a heater in there and have three coats dry sufficiently in one day. I wasn’t there so i had to take his word for it.

The job looked OK but unfortunately for the painter, I had a bath reglazed 5 days later, and when the bath man put his low adhesion masking tape on the new paint, it came away. I then inspected the job and found that a primer had not been applied, and the paint was simply applied over the old paint, and I was able to peel the new paint with my little fingernail.

After some robust discussion the painter agreed it had not been done properly and agreed to rub it back, apply some genuine undercoat, I was then able to inspect the preparation, and authorise the subsequent painting, which has been done. Whether one or two coats of paint have been applied I don’t know, as the painting was done when I wasn’t around, but I can only trust the painter’s word that the job was finally done as quoted.

Next time I’ll be relying on a bit more of a recommendation for an honest tradesman than the anonymous postings on this site, no matter how well intentioned they may have been!

RandomPoster RandomPoster 1:31 pm 07 Feb 12

We have used Felix Modella for the outside of the house and family have used him for both inside and outside. Very happy with both the price and quality of the work.

mmover mmover 2:48 pm 07 Feb 12

A.P.S Painters has done some work for me and my brother in law which we were both really happy with. They painted inside of both house as well as the outside of one. Great job. Call Scotty on 0450 420 100

enrique enrique 3:48 pm 07 Feb 12

I can recall someone asking this once before and I’ll give the same recommendation I did then…

A & R Painting Service

Many people I know, and I, have used them on several jobs. They’re friendly, efficient and do excellent quality work at a great price.

Northsidechick Northsidechick 4:52 pm 07 Feb 12

Somebody you don’t want to hire is Robee’s Painting Service. The painter was so dodgy (on a few different counts) that he probably should have been reported but I was just happy to have him out of my house.

nothingtoprove nothingtoprove 5:16 pm 07 Feb 12

Karl Allred of First Class Painting.

Does excellent work at a fair price, definatly compared to other local painting companies.

Contact Karl on 0421 763 600

niknak niknak 7:58 pm 07 Feb 12

We did extensive research and got about 6 quotes before engaging Canberra Painting Services to paint the exterior of our house. The painters did a fabulous job, especially because it hadn’t been painted in 50 years and there was a bit of restoration work to be done too.

Canberra Painting Services weren’t the cheapest but they wern’t the most expensive either. They provided a detailed quote and are members of the Master Painters Association.

Have to say they wern’t great at communication. I often had to ring several times to speak to the bloke in charge and emails weren’t answered.

But we persisted and the results are great. We are thinking of asking them to come back and do the interior too.

Affirmative Action Man Affirmative Action Man 9:11 am 08 Feb 12

Allan Harding – 0418 656 607 in Weston Ck is a master painter & his work is excellent.

He is a friend but we have used him to paint some doors & timber frames & the job was first class

Jessiegirl2012 Jessiegirl2012 12:58 pm 24 Jul 12

I would second Northsidechick in recommending nobody should hire Robees Painting Services. I had a terrible experience with him, he left paint mess everywhere, including the neighbours paving after cleaning his spray gun through the fence, mess all over my bathroom tiles, then he never returned to complete the job.
I should have reported him to fair trading, however I honestly did not want him to have the option to come back to my house to rectify the problems so I just finished it off myself and cleaned for weeks and weeks…. I am still livid about this now.

scorpio63 scorpio63 1:58 pm 24 Jul 12

A few people I am friends with have used the following guy who is punctual, highly professional, honest, undertakes and completes all painting work brilliantly and meticulously; the bonus is that he is inexpensive. His website is and email is

GenXCanberran GenXCanberran 7:47 pm 12 Dec 12

Last week I had my whole house painted by Australia’s Premier Painters and can highly recommend them. The workmanship was good, the gentleman were well mannered, they were clean, fast, and reasonably priced. We will be calling them for our external work too. I have no affiliation with this company.

Contact Delan 0415 599 327

painting painting 12:53 pm 25 Mar 13

We strongly recommend Delan and his team from Australian Premier Painting. We found them on this site, they had the most competitive quote and they delivered against that quote. They were quick and clean and a pleasure to have in the house. They painted both interior and exterior of a reasonably large four-bedroom house – four days for each job.

We have no affiliation with the company.

Great site by the way – each of the four quotes we received based on recommendations here would have won the job, but Australian Premier Painting demonstrated value for money.
Contact Delan 0415 599 327

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