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Recycling crisis in the wake of the Aussie Junk debacle

By johnboy 4 August 2009 35

The Greens’ Caroline Le Couteur is having a red hot shot at the Government’s “rabbit in the headlights” approach to the collapse of their recycling services provider at the tips:

    Greens spokesperson on waste, Caroline Le Couteur MLA, today called on Mr Stanhope to ensure a recycling service starts operating at the landfill immediately, even if it is for an interim period.

    “We’ve known since May that Aussie Junk were going under. It’s now August and we’re facing a potentially long period without this recycling service,” Ms Le Couteur said.

    “The tender process will give us more months of limbo. Goods that should be reused are already piling up, and we can’t allow a situation where these end up being dumped in the landfill.

She also makes a good point about the danger of getting Theiss to handle the inflow:

    “I am also concerned that the Government is currently using Theiss, who are the landfill managers, to also manage the Mugga Lane reusables site. There is a potential conflict of interest here, given the fact that Theiss collect money for sending materials to landfill,” Ms Le Couteur said.

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Recycling crisis in the wake of the Aussie Junk debacle
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carmer1920 8:16 pm 08 Sep 09

With Revolve and Aussie Junk out of the way, Thiess i,m sure will lead the way, whats that show me the money,oh its all about making money and loads of it , not loads of recycling,

carmer1920 5:05 pm 06 Sep 09

its all about making money, they dont just want a part of the pie they want the lot, heard they were booting Aussie Junk out anyway, they left on there own will not as bankrupt as we all may think, they still operate in queensland, maybe AJ had enough of the bullshit with no waste and thiess, with aj and revovle gone, thiess will lead the way

A Yong 5:55 am 04 Sep 09

Appears the renovations at Mitchell cost very close to 6 digits, they have to recoupe their expenditure
Who gives a hoot about the facade, it is a recycle centre not a shop as such
As time goes by they will wake up to the fact that they cannot survive on selecting only the best and landfill the rest

carmer1920 10:04 pm 03 Sep 09

double dipping, we as the public pay at the Thiess Weight Bridge to dump, then there workers salvage our dumped goods, and resell in the mitchell shop, a percentage made at the weight bridge all the takings made at the mitchell shop. ?????????? is that right

carmer1920 9:57 pm 03 Sep 09

Heard Aussie junk where being booted out by Thiess anyway, Aussie Junk had no choose but to leave, so remember what you hear is not always true, Tell you one thing thats true you would always get a bargin at Aussie Junk, What can i say about Thiess? I geuss “show me the money:”, sums them up. IF AUSSIE JUNK WENT BANKRUPT WHY DO THEY STILL OPERATE IN QUEENSLAND. Think about it with Aussie Junk gone and Revolve gone, Theres no competition, Its all about money, and about if your got lots your sure to get what ever you want.Money from the weight bridge where we as the public pay to dump, and Thiess will make more money ,as there workers take the goods you pay to dump, at the Thiess weight bridge, down to the mitchell shop ……………………………

phototext 9:06 am 03 Sep 09

Cheers Thumper.

tombo 8:47 am 03 Sep 09

Thiess running the site at Mitchell is one thing as yes they are responsible for having a re-use center as part of their contract, but why are they tendering for the old revolve/aussie junk operation at mugga lane?

How can such a small business be of interest to such a big company? Is it just a PR stunt to make them look environmentally responsible, or does their motivation have more sinister undertones as The Greens and Revolve would have people believe?

Thumper 7:43 pm 02 Sep 09

However, Revolve is still running at Mugga…

che 7:36 pm 02 Sep 09

Since last Friday Mitchell is now open again for selling and taking stuff and will be run by Thiess. In fact the contract was with Thiess previously and they just sub=contracted it to Aussie Junk.

Mugga on the other hand is being run by Theiss only on an interim basis whilst the new tender is put out to replace the now defunct Aussie Junk.
Theiss are not selling any items from Mugga, but they are receiving items at their discretion. Ie only what they can sell, which is the whole point I guess.

Thumper 7:28 pm 02 Sep 09

phototext, yep, still open…

Skidbladnir 4:24 pm 02 Sep 09

This has again been pursued in the Assembly by Caroline Le Couteur (have a look at Hansard roughly around p3829 under heading “Recycling”, proof (as in non-final) copies are up over here)

tombo 3:56 pm 02 Sep 09

Doesn’t it seem a little strange that a multinational company like theiss would even be in this business?

Considering they get paid by the territory to dispose of material surely that would mean they have little incentive to find new markets and to maximise the turnover of material. The shop is clean but were is all the stock?

phototext 2:31 pm 02 Sep 09

I was thinking of riding out to the Mitchell place tomorrow, is the shop still open ?

Thumper 11:47 am 02 Sep 09

Yep, they seem to take unwanted goods.

peterh 10:34 am 02 Sep 09

Thumper said :

Go to revolve out near Mugga. Still heaps of stuff for a song…

can you drop stuff off to revolve? is there a collection point out there at all? after my very recent move, I would love to be able to give revolve some unwanted goods – I will be damned if aussie junk can have it.

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