Restaurant review – Little San Servo Pizza and Pasta Gunghalin

Danman 14 May 2009 22

Hey there rioters, Just want to relay quite an exceptional take away meal I had tonight.

The restaurant in question is a new one in Gunghalin, Shop 102 Gunghalin Sq, Ernest Cavanagh St Gunghalin.
I recently noticed this new Italian eatery and decided to get a menu and get some take away at a later date.

That date was tonight.

We (Mrs Danman and I) made a no fuss order over the phone of 2 take away pastas. I had a Scollops (sic) and Prawns Gnocchi, comprising sauteed prawns and scallops with garlic parsley chilli baby spinach and a touch of tomato with hand made potato gnocchi.

Mrs Danman had a Veal Orechette (sic). This comprised of veal, garlic, parsley, spinach asparagus and cream.

We were told 10 to 15 minutes till our order was ready.

Rocking up in 10 to 15, there was no dramas with paying and getting food. Looking behind the counter there was some 50 or so pizza bases ready to go and a few on the conveyor oven, so they must pump out the pizzas.

Anyway, the food smelt divine.

On arrival at home, we popped open the brim full large containers and marveled the fresh Italian aromas.

I am pleased to report that my scallops and prawns were seared to perfection, having that hot seared in a pan taste without being rubberised by overcooking.

The gnocchi was perfect with a great balance of tomato garlic and just enough bite from fresh chillis.

Mrs Danmans Veal Orechette (A little ear like shaped pasta) was great also, but could have done with a touch more seasoning.

The cream sauce was light and had a good combination of garlic and cream (It is worthy to note that in both dishes fresh cut garlic was used, not that filth from a jar), the spinach and asparagus were fresh and only just blanched in the cream sauce to perfection. The sizable chunks of veal were delicious, but could have been a little more tender.

In all it was a great experience, poles apart from a previous Italian takeaway experience we had. Being closer and having some 50 other menu options, including 21 different gourmet pizzas, I can see us returning there several times in the future.

If you have not tried it out, I can highly recommend it. Unfortunately they have no real web presence as yet. Contact details can be found if you look, but menus are as yet only available in the dead tree version from the restaurant.

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22 Responses to Restaurant review – Little San Servo Pizza and Pasta Gunghalin
Gungahlin Al Gungahlin Al 9:16 am 14 May 09

Coming from RA’s own chef Danman, this review counts for me. Been looking (wishing?) for a decent pizza/Italian supply for yonks. On our ‘must try’ list.

Also on the list is that new Thai/Portugese cafe opened in Gungahlin, which has an intriguing menu mix.

As Gungahlin’s food outlet shakeout continues, it is nice to seem some variety from the excess of Asian-based restaurants.

Clown Killer Clown Killer 9:57 am 14 May 09

Ok now I’m hungry.

It sounds like this place actually has put some serious thought into the diference between eat-in and take-away and recognises that the meals people order to take away will continue to cook in their packaging for the 10-15 minutes it takes to get them home – the result is obviously a superior dish when served at home, rather than an over-cooked disaster.

Too bad it’s on the wrong side of town for me.

Danman Danman 10:03 am 14 May 09

I would risk that it is the best Italian T/A that I have ever had in Canberra, not that Canberra has anything like Lygon Street in Carlton.

hk0reduck hk0reduck 10:24 am 14 May 09

Good review, would read again A+++++

But where are the long-exposure photos of your food?

Danman Danman 10:51 am 14 May 09

Food didnt last long enough for a 90 second shutter.

H1NG0 H1NG0 10:55 am 14 May 09

Thanks for the review Danman. I was insterested in this place as Gungahlin is lacking a decent pizza place. I walked past a few weeks ago in the middle of the day because I wanted to see what kind of food they were selling. The place was closed but the owner opened the door and gave me a menu. I haven’t yet tried it but next time I feel like a takeaway pizza I will be sure to give it a try. I used to drive to Musica e in Belconnen to get good value 2 for 1 woodfire Pizzas. Musica closed and these days I end up just making my own.

Danman Danman 11:09 am 14 May 09

Yeah it is open only for dinner. From 1600 til 2230 7 days I think Mrs Danman said.

ant ant 11:32 am 14 May 09

Can you please try the pizzas and report back. Specifically, on their thin and crispyness. And nice toppings.

I had the most amazing gnocchi years ago, at a little eatery on the beach at Ramsgate in Sydney, name of Omeros or something. The gnocchi had been boiled, and then fast-fried! The sauce was a cream and ham and garlic and pea one, which I’ve since reverse-engineered a few times, but have never been able to replicate the friend gnocchi.

Been back to Omeros many times,but they don’tdo that dish any more.

Danman Danman 12:12 pm 14 May 09

I once in Melbourne had a boneless lamb shank gnocchi where the gnocchi was blanched then flash fried in a pan to have amazing caramelised crunch on the outside (Not fully covered, just one side per gnocchi) and was obviously deglazed with red wine and the boneless lamb shank ragu. Fried Gnocchi is indeed not easy to replicate. I reccomend an extremely hot pan (dont worry about burining the little fellas) and about 1/2mm of ex virgin in the pan. Blanch off the gnocchi (Overdo it and you’re fuct as it turns to playdough) and then throw it in your hot pan. Resist the urge to toss it, and let it sit for 1 to 2 minutes until it has a crust. Then deglaze the pan with the gnocchi still in it with some liquid and use a metal scraper to release the gnocchi from the pan. I swear by black iron pans for that, but am yet to try it with my tefal range. BTW, Tefal brand kicks serious arse – a little costly, but will last you 20 years if you respect it. Black Iron pans can be sourced locally at cheaper than retail at trade shops in Fyshwick. Anyway, better get some work done ere today eh ?

punkarella punkarella 3:15 pm 14 May 09

Yes +1 for a needed pizza review.
They seemed expensive, 20 + bucks for one but maybe there’s a reason why.

Danman Danman 3:32 pm 14 May 09

Punkarella, $20 plus is not too much if the pizza can live up to expectations on size, taste and quality.

Thats a $40 dollar dinner for 2 that will satisfy, still quite competitive if you think of it more of a dining out @ home with quality food, rather than slap up take away grub.

Cheaper rarely = better

Felix the Cat Felix the Cat 8:08 pm 14 May 09

I can recommend the Spag Bol and Cabonara from San Servo as well.

bloodnut bloodnut 10:31 pm 14 May 09

Danman said :

I would risk that it is the best Italian T/A that I have ever had in Canberra, not that Canberra has anything like Lygon Street in Carlton.

the best tits and arse you have ever had in canberra.



ant ant 11:53 pm 14 May 09

Thanks for the instructions, I did try to toss them, and they stuck, and then I tried to chip them off with the thing, and they broke apart. and I did boil them properly, rather than just blanching them… and it was a monster fail. So with proper instructions, I’ll try again. It was awfully good. I think I had it in 2003, and am still havering after it. I love gnocchi anyway, make my own and it’s always worth it. Sigh.

vg vg 6:49 am 15 May 09

punkarella said :

Yes +1 for a needed pizza review.
They seemed expensive, 20 + bucks for one but maybe there’s a reason why.

Only if you’re comparing it to that crap that a 15yo makes at Dominos.

Thanks Danman, I was curious about that joint, will give it a run myself for our Friday night take away

Danman Danman 8:26 am 15 May 09

vg – let us know how you go.. I can only judge it from my 1 experience.

Bloodnut – you are a goose.

nicnacvb nicnacvb 10:30 am 15 May 09

Hate to be anal retentive but its actually called Little San SEVERO. Just in case people try and look it up.

I’ve had the pizza there. It was quite good, with plenty of toppings. Not the best pizza I’ve ever eaten, but a far cry from the worst. It was a fair while ago so I cant remeber exactly what the base was like. It certainly wasn’t thick pan pizza though.

I’d go there again. Good for a quick Friday take away.

Eby Eby 8:05 pm 18 May 09

I too have had takeaway from Little San Severo (three times in the last month, in fact) and have been impressed on all occasions. The penne is individually hand rolled!

The prices have gone up, of course, as they get more popular; but still worth it in my view. Their menu has also expanded considerably.

In relation to other Gungahlin restaurants, my takeaway experiences at the local thai restaurant (Little Siam)have not been of the same standard – each of the two times I ordered takeaway, the dishes haven’t been what I ordered.

However, I’m keen to hear any feedback on the new thai / portugese place, if anyone’s got any.

Shane6230 Shane6230 7:42 pm 09 Jun 09

We found the food shocking, my sister ordered the same dish as two people sitting near us. There food arrived first when she got hers it was bathing in oil, the food must have been cooked together and she got served all the oil from the bottom of the pan. The waitress said she would pass our comments onto the chef but we never heard her say anything to them. Avoid this place.

T2010 T2010 12:39 am 13 Jan 10

shane6230 i think your conclusion about this place could be rectified by trying it could have been a busy day. btw, the oil could just be the cream seperated by the heat. its what cream does. give it a mix and try again. i know the waitresses there and they tell the chef everything good or bad so he can better his cooking. you must be the only one not happy with the service or food there.

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