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Restrict young drivers

By DJ - 14 June 2008 89

In another tragic incident another young person has been killed on Canberra roads.

For the hard nuts out there put your wit into neutral and consider if it was your friend or a relative before you start typing. In my opinion learner and p-platers should be restricted the same way motorbike riders are. From the wreck it looks to me like a high speed impact that wouldn’t have been possible in a 4cyl non-turbo, standard car under 1600cc…..

What’s Your opinion?

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89 Responses to
Restrict young drivers
Woody Mann-Caruso 12:47 pm 14 Jun 08

The deceased young man was not driving that car.

The driver will wish he was a deceased young man once the enormity of what he’s done sinks in, I’m sure.

hk0reduck 12:24 pm 14 Jun 08

I think if he was restricted to a worse car there probably would’ve been more dead cadets. That looked like a pretty new Lexus and I’d imagine it would have some pretty good safety features. If you’re forced to have a crap, slower car for 2 years Mummy & Daddy would probably get you an old rust-bucket and save the $40,000+ car with all the latest safety features for when your probation period runs out.

My first car was my brothers Ford Meteor(maybe 1.6 or 1.8max) and I still managed to write it and my friends car off in an accident (Whoops). Luckilly for all 8 people in the two cars whose lives I put at risk through my own stupidity no-one was injured or killed.

Accidents happen and will continue to happen regardless of what sort of artificial limits you set.

eh_steve 12:19 pm 14 Jun 08

Someone I went to school with drove a daihatsu applause while on their p’s. They were fine, thankfully, after an accident that pretty much ripped the car in two pieces, and ripped the thing open in a way similar to the lexus in the paper. It is possible with little toy 4 cylinders just as much as v8

el 11:59 am 14 Jun 08

Yeah, because 4 cylinder cars couldn’t possibly be able to get up to speeds like 160km/h, could they? Useless idea.

andy pandy 11:39 am 14 Jun 08
andy pandy 11:38 am 14 Jun 08

I lived in the US for 5 years and I feel much safer driving here, there are certainly more police around (of various descriptions) the US, but in my experience they don’t enforce speed limits any differently to here and enforcement drink driving laws was no where near the level we operate at here.
Across much of the states the police need Probable cause ie. eratic driving, to pull you over, then they can make you do a sobriety test and if you fail that then a breath or blood test, this can vary depending on which state you are in. But in my experience from the east coast (particularly the mid atlantic and north east), many of the drivers on the road after about 10pm seemed to be shit faced, I was always very wary driving at night there.
Heres a link to per capita death tolls it also highlights why you should treat american figures on things with a grain of salt (there seems to be a cultural blind spot when it comes to self criticism over there). That said I do like the place and the people.

Back on topic these things are terrible whenever they happen (regardless of circumstance) although I don’t know how you can fix it, I can remember friends of mine doing some pretty stupid stuff in 1600cc datsuns when I was that age and they were just lucky they survived. Not many kids that age understand mortallity and easily over estimate there skills.

skaboy12 11:38 am 14 Jun 08

Before you say ban events like Summernats, look at Western Sydney. They noticed a sharp decrease in street drags after the dragway was opened. It gives them somewhere safe to do these things, and cost bugger all.

Funnily enough the people who normally argue against things like the dragway and a race circuit and try to get places like the speedway, sutton rd complex, moto track etc shut down are the same ones who whinge and whine about kids being stupid in the road.

Give them somewhere safe to be stupid and it will reduce how much they do it on the road.

josh 11:33 am 14 Jun 08

Darwas was a good man

Duke 11:16 am 14 Jun 08

Newspaper said the car was a Lexus but was so smashed up I couldn’t tell what kind. I don’t believe that earlier statement that most P platers are driving their parents cars. Not many parents are driving modified turbos with lurid paint jobs.

Agreed – get them into 76 Corollas and Datsun 120Ys for their first year – will also help to deflate those big egos – goddamn poseurs

Tony 10:53 am 14 Jun 08

After just being in the US for 3 months, It difference is obvious between the two countries with our driving attitudes. People in the US drive in a sensible and thoughtful manner, here they don’t.
After many discussion about the differences with friend over there and here, Its seems to simply be the nigher number of police (on the road and off) per capata compared to here, and the zero tolerance they employ for such stupidity.

Put more police on the road.

fabforty 10:42 am 14 Jun 08

Restricting young drivers to less powerful cars is good in theory however most of them dont have their own car, they borrow their parents. Also, some of them work late shift at Maccas etc so restricting their hours wont help. I agree on limiting passenger numbers though.

Unfortunately young people will always push boundaries, including the road rules. All we can do is continue to try to educate them about road safety. At the risk of unleashing the wrath of all the petrol heads, banning events like Summernats would also help. It is futile to try to tell young people not to speed, drag race and do burn-outs because they are stupid and dangerous if the City then goes into rapture over an event where people are rewarded and hero-worshipped for doing just that.

GregW 10:34 am 14 Jun 08

Who gave the grandma internet access?

‘no passengers’ or ‘no driving after 11? in NSW has seen a sharp increase in, you guessed it, drink driving amongst P-platers, because the whole designated driver system is now out the window…

kevn 10:26 am 14 Jun 08

Maybe we just restrict hoons who got to ADFA?

Back to the original suggestion, maybe restrictions to 1.8l or 2l non turbo…too many standard cars have higher capacity than 1600, I would think…but there is some merit to it. Better than ‘no passengers’ or ‘no driving after 11’, which really limit the core point of having a license.

gun street girl 10:14 am 14 Jun 08

Careful with your facts. The deceased young man was not driving that car.

Woody Mann-Caruso 10:08 am 14 Jun 08

Apparently, they were speeding *because* they were restricted. That, and the police are to blame, as well as the roads. Also, killing yourself, almost killing two of your mates, leaving two more fighting for their lives and placing innocent lives at risk makes you a ‘great mate’ who ‘didn’t deserve this’. Awesome.

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