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Beyond the expected

Resumes – any recommendations on a fair priced CV?

By blindcommissioner 8 September 2008 43

I’ve been self employed for the past 20 years.

Now I’m looking for someone to help me put a CV together.

It needs to be good, suitable for joining the PS.

What’s Your opinion?

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43 Responses to
Resumes – any recommendations on a fair priced CV?
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Overheard 8:42 am 10 Sep 08

Oh, God knows I’ve seen some horrendous things done. I had a delegate (in a previous life) tell me quite candidly what he was going to do with a selection order of merit, and I almost physically dragged him into an office and gave him the, ‘What the fark did you just say and no, don’t repeat it, I heard you, but you are now going to grab person B on the order who you were going to offer three months of acting to on a trial basis, while at the same time promoting C and D, and you smile sweetly and wish B your hearty congratulations: you’ve got a promotion!’ The delegate was going out with D at the time, though that wasn’t universally known.

(In a previous former prior life I was a departmental Recruitment Manager in the APS, and I could tell some tales that would turn your toes up. The toe-turners were mercifully very much in the minority.)

I guess I’m just saying don’t scare an outsider and potential off before they’ve got the chance to witness the APS firsthand and make their own assessments. As always, good to have your eyes wide open.

And yes, get ready to enter the land of the TLAs. I thought this was the preserve of the APS, but private sector (especially business systems consulting) has shown me that the private world does TLAs with the best of them. Our SUB KPIs were littered with them.

BerraBoy68 8:24 am 10 Sep 08

I-filed said :

Overheard in my department it is utterly rampant. Senior managers instruct panels who to hire.

When heading up a selection panel on one occasion, I had a heated argument with a Branch Head who wanted me to move a candidate from the bottom of the order of merit to the top. Her application was ordinary and her interview quite bad. However, the Branch Head was quite taken by the fact she had a Masters Degree in Latin. For some reason this Bloke liked to surround himself with people who were fluent in the language. I said ‘no” and left her where she was.

Tip for young players – don’t put down you were “awarded the Order of Merit” by a specific Department just because they told you you were on this list. One poor sod put this on his application a few years back and while he didn’t get an interview, everybody seemed to have a good laugh at his expense. Note: The ‘order of merit’ is simply the list of by which applicants have been ranked following the selection process.

As for hard working Public servants, I’ve worked in 6 Departments and two agencies over 20 years. There a some workers who treat their work as a joke (at almost all levels) and there are some who do the hard yards. Generally speaking though, I found that Defence requires more of its staff (in time, dedication, skills and experience) than do the other Department I’ve work in. I even had to sack two people as my last task before leaving there to work in the private sector. Sacking people is almost unheard of in the other Departments I’ve worked in.

G-Fresh 11:50 pm 09 Sep 08

cbf aps applications

ott requirements

tcb with tla’s what

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