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Resumes – any recommendations on a fair priced CV?

By blindcommissioner - 8 September 2008 43

I’ve been self employed for the past 20 years.

Now I’m looking for someone to help me put a CV together.

It needs to be good, suitable for joining the PS.

What’s Your opinion?

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43 Responses to
Resumes – any recommendations on a fair priced CV?
peterh 10:59 am 09 Sep 08

G-Fresh said :

Give me $150 and I’ll whip up one for you

isn’t that a bit cheap?

S4anta 10:29 am 09 Sep 08

Do it yourself. no-one knows you better than you, and more importantly you probably will need the formatting and style practice before you start licking windows lick the rest of your soulless departmental colleagues.

blindcommissioner 10:09 am 09 Sep 08

Hey G-fresh..I don’t mind giving u $ 150.00 but is it going to be good?

mad_kiwi 10:04 am 09 Sep 08

i also recommend “How to write and talk to selection criteria” by Ann Villiers.
The author also now has a website with many resources and they also offer CV and selection criteria review service / interview coaching.

G-Fresh 9:46 am 09 Sep 08

Give me $150 and I’ll whip up one for you

tylersmayhem 8:44 am 09 Sep 08

Hi blindcommissioner,

I know the challenge of applying for PS jobs well. The selection criteria is usually the hardest. Check out the following links which have been really haelpful to help me re-focus when writing my application. There are lots of helpful hints and suggestions:

What experience do you have as a matter of interest?

Good luck!

NoAddedMSG 8:28 am 09 Sep 08

I second that book recommended by kevn, it is very easy to read and makes it much easier when addressing selection criteria. There are also endless books out there in how to write the right CV for the situation.

MissB 8:08 am 09 Sep 08

The Casemaker in Griffith is amazing, he helped me with my CV and Selection Criteria. CV was excellent, Selection was different, he did a great job, but it is so much easier to do it yourself.

BerraBoy68 7:57 am 09 Sep 08

blindcommissioner – I agree with Overheard, but certainly don’t be afraid to ‘sell’ yourself. Writing a job application is not the time to be shy about your abilities and it is, after all, a competitive process just to get to interview. At this stage you must ensure that whatever you included in your application can be backed up with facts at interview. In your application you must include real examples of past work and, if possible, your successes when addressing each criteria as this makes it easier for the panel to sort the applicants. Finally, get hold of some good referees. If these want to provide a verbal reference make sure you know well in advance what they are going to say about you. I’ve chaired several APS selection panels over the years and have had the unfortunate experience of calling someone’s referee only to be told the applicant was unreliable and should not, under any circumstance, be employed in a position of responsibility. Up to that point the person had rated quite well in both the written application and interview.

If you get an interview, please post again because there’s a whole host of tips that can really add to a persons chances (e.g. engage with each panel member not just the Chair, body language, etc.) of winning the job.

jenny talia 11:08 pm 08 Sep 08

Addressing the selection criteria is far more important than a professional CV for the public service. If you can successfully address the selection criteria the panel will barely give a second thought to a CV other than to ensure it supports your claims.

kevn 10:49 pm 08 Sep 08

“How to write and talk to selection criteria” by Ann Villiers. $35 bux from most co-ops around canberra, and dymocks in the city seems to have heaps too. Written by an ex senior public servant and directed at the APS.

I swear by it…if I get time to read it.

Overheard 10:18 pm 08 Sep 08

LlamaFrog said :

trust me, just include words such as: whole of government, client focused and personal development and you will be fine.

Also make sure you spell check for american spelling.

No, no and no. Forget the buzzword bingo; you’ll just put the panel or chairperson to sleep, and anyone worth their salt will see through it anyway.

Get a pro to help if you want to do so, but the best tip (if you’re going for a particular job and have a set of selection documentation to answer) is to specifically address the selection criteria individually and succinctly and to the point, and back up your claims with practical examples. Use ‘active language’, and don’t be afraid of the ‘I’ word. But don’t go overboard either.

Claiming you brought peace to the middle east is all very well, but you’ll need to be able to back that claim up. Or have a reputable middle eastern head of state as a contact reference.

needlenose 10:02 pm 08 Sep 08

Have a stab at it yourself first, then go and talk to one (or more) of the big recruitment agencies like Hudson’s – they’ll often have a standard format for their candidates to use, or they’ll give you some good free advice as to how to frame the CV so as to best position yourself for the positions they’re trying to fill for clients (including APS clients).
If after talking to you they can see that you would be a good candidate for jobs on their books, they will quite often even give you a bit of interview coaching etc.

RuffnReady 9:57 pm 08 Sep 08

Wrong! STAKEHOLDER-focused.

As for putting a CV together, do it yourself! Search for some online CV templates, choose what you like from them, and make it look nice in Word. Easy, take you an hour, if that.

The resume will get you in the door, but the interview is they key – you need to learn to speak in APSese so the interviewers know that you understand.

LlamaFrog 9:38 pm 08 Sep 08

trust me, just include words such as: whole of government, client focused and personal development and you will be fine.

Also make sure you spell check for american spelling.

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