Richard Mulcahy pays the price of honesty – ridicule

johnboy 11 May 2007 10

The tifs between Jon Stanhope and Richard Mulcahy will go down in history as one of the great romances of our time.

In its latest installment Richard Mulcahy put out a media release yesterday. He was concerned at the amount of money being spent on art in the ACT at a time when many people would like to see more money going to police, or hospitals, or keeping schools open. Particularly he raised the matter of “momentary” art.

According to the Chief Minister’s Action Statement for Public Art this could even include artworks with a ‘momentary lifespan’, to be set on fire at festivals.

To this camper “momentary” art sounds a hell of a lot like a performance piece and maybe the folk at the festival would like to foot the bill as no one else will get to enjoy it. So a sensible media release (even if you don’t agree with it).

Mr. Stanhope however went completely off his rocker in a bonkers rant from a man who’s set the gold standard in Australian politics in this area.

““It’s possible Mr Mulcahy has today made Westminster System history by being the only Shadow Minister on the planet ever to advocate a funding cut to his portfolio.

“The Liberal’s Shadow Minister for the Arts has shown he has no commitment to the Arts and that he is not prepared to stand-up and fight for funding.

“He has also shown he is not fit to be a Minister,”

Unfit to be a Minister for proposing to get his departmental snout out of the trough? It may be unusual but surely not a sacking offence?

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10 Responses to Richard Mulcahy pays the price of honesty – ridicule
jacross jacross 3:59 pm 18 May 07

And people wonder why Libertarians don’t trust Government.

The world would be a much better place if ministers argued for funding cuts in their own portfolios.

It seems according to our beloved Fuhrer, virtue in public office in bending the taxpayer over and instituting a gang rape.

cranky cranky 8:11 pm 12 May 07

This rant by Sonic is totally over the top. Who on earth does he think will read it and decide that everything he has said is so correct they would now consider voting for absolutely no one else but Sonic?

So over the top it indicates an aberation in mental faculties. Perhaps he should be speaking to a councellor? Is this performance ringing alarm bells with his fellow LA members? Are we being led by a nutter?

DuffyMum DuffyMum 10:45 am 12 May 07

Unfit to be a minister?
That’s the pot calling the kettle black.
If anyone is not fit to be a minister, least of a chief one, is the very grandly deluded Stanhope himself …

Vic Bitterman Vic Bitterman 7:55 pm 11 May 07

stanhope is a useless waste of carbon, this proves it even further

Pedant Pedant 1:20 pm 11 May 07

….and there’s me forgetting that that irrelevancy Humphries came in between them…

Pedant Pedant 1:20 pm 11 May 07

his position in the pecking order of Australian politics is one of irrelevance

He’s deluded by the title of Chief Minister when he’s really leader of the Shire Council.
Stanhope lost the plot when he took over the role from the poison dwarf.

shauno shauno 12:39 pm 11 May 07

Stanhope’s responses don’t come across like a man leading a party with a massive majority.

He seems more like a man on the edge of loosing it. Possibly frustrated by the realization that his position in the pecking order of Australian politics is one of irrelevance.

johnboy johnboy 12:21 pm 11 May 07

I dunno seepi, governance would be much improved if all the ministers looked deep into their departments and said “we don’t really need this bit over here” rather than defending it as a matter of personal prestige.

seepi seepi 12:17 pm 11 May 07

Actually I’m with Stanhope – if Mulcahy is shadow arts minister he’s not doing a very good job.

For off-the-planet pollie comments I liked Hargreaves yesterday to Peter Costello on the increases to public servants in the budget

“A bit of notice would have been nice son”

I’m sure Peter C will ring up Hargreaves in advance of the next budget to check it is ok with him.

VYBerlinaV8 now_with_added grunt VYBerlinaV8 now_with_added grunt 12:09 pm 11 May 07

A minister says that we should direct public resources to the areas that affect the public the most – imaging that!

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