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Ride to Work Day 2009

By Kramer - 15 October 2009 34

[First Filed – Oct 13, 2009]
Tomorrow, Wednesday 14 October is National Ride to Work Day. As one of the most cycle friendly cities in Australia, I’m hoping to see Canberrans out in force on their bikes tomorrow. Personally, I’m planning to cruise to work on my “fun” bike (long travel, freeride mountain bike). It’s only a very short 2 Km commute for me (which I usually walk), so I’ll have some fun for ride to work day, maybe even a quick fang at the skate park before work (just hope the weather is kind).

Anyone else got fun ride plans for RTW day?
[Ed] And we’d love to see any photos you might take for the day, email them to
[Car driving agitators can keep to themselves, as we’ve seen enough slinging between both camps lately]

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34 Responses to
Ride to Work Day 2009
Danman 8:15 am 14 Oct 09

Rain, hail, sub zero, snow, dust, I dont care, its the wind that really irks me, unless it’s a tailwind, which is barely never.

The beauty of the wind is that it is on you rnose the whole way in, then magically swings 180 degrees regardless of your home location and is on the nose for the way home.

Che, the scenery is beautiful indeed, frost and fog shrouded mornings along gunghalin drive to barton highway are exceptionally pleasant.

40km tailwinds gave me a pb of 40:49 to Braddon from ngunnawal today – but riding home will hurt.

cleo 1:01 am 14 Oct 09

I can’t ride a bike, never learned ):

Grail 12:11 am 14 Oct 09

I’ll be riding, rain, hail or shine. Well, maybe not in hail.

Rain doesn’t deter me so much since I know I have a hot shower waiting for me at the office or the home end of the trip!

And sad but true, this body is one of those which you really don’t want to see clad in lycra. Eeew.

Up The Duffy 11:32 pm 13 Oct 09

Yay! Lots of fit cyclists wearing lycra. Drool . . .+1

che 10:57 pm 13 Oct 09

I think the best thing about riding to work is actually being able to look around me as I ride and enjoy the scenery, taking a bit of time rather than only staring at the road and the car in front of me.

Plus the rush of adrenaline as you’re heading down hill and hear the snap of the magpies beak beside your ear. Lets you know you’re alive.

Danman 9:48 pm 13 Oct 09

R.Slicker – hate to put out your pipe, but I prefer trackies and a hoodie. I have been known to wear cycling jerseys for their warmth and ability to stop wind, but they are in stealth mode under my hoodie.

No one, I repeat no one, wants to see untamed lycra on this fool.

vg – if it was not an emergency exit – woul dyou have ridden home anyway – I done 16km in sideways rain this afternoon, just so I can keep my commitment to ride in tomorrow…Tough? More like foolish 🙂

vg 8:47 pm 13 Oct 09

Tomorrow will be ‘Ride Home’ day for me, as bike is still stuck at work after downpour on Monday arvo and emergency exit from work.

R. Slicker 4:57 pm 13 Oct 09

Yay! Lots of fit cyclists wearing lycra. Drool . . .

s-s-a 1:30 pm 13 Oct 09

I will be riding tomorrow. It’s only the next suburb and I usually walk. I guess I could get up early and go further afield for breakfast… hmm, must see what the BOM is predicting.

Pommy bastard 1:26 pm 13 Oct 09

Does going in on my motorbike count?

lula 12:14 pm 13 Oct 09

Don’tcha wish it wasn’t during magpie swooping season.. little blighters.

Rad Dave 11:59 am 13 Oct 09

I thought I’d do my bit.. A nice way to ease back into the warmer(ing) weather. I’ll be doing the trek from ‘Bundah to Lyneham and joining the ABC breakfast.
I did a couple of test rides last week and I have learnt:
* It’s still too cold to ride wearing shorts.
* The temperature drops very quickly when the sun goes down
* It’s a beautiful town to be riding a bike in.

ahappychappy 11:42 am 13 Oct 09

“As one of the most cycle friendly cities in Australia, I’m hoping to see Canberrans out in force on their bikes tomorrow”

Ha! I love it!

S4anta 11:30 am 13 Oct 09

I shall be taking a 20 minute morning cruise along the yarra.

niftydog 10:58 am 13 Oct 09

I’m not even going to work tomorrow, but I’ll probably still make the 22km round trip for a couple of pancakes and a muesli bar!

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