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RiotACT ancient history

Bill the Conquerer 1 December 2008 20

Little is known about the early days of RiotACT. Indeed, there is no mention of RiotACT before the Doomsday book, suggesting that it was the Normans that introduced RiotACT to the English speaking world in 1066.

Recently archaeological finds turned up some startling evidence to suggest that the Norman link could be fact.

And of course, after a hard day conquering, Normans often enjoyed a cold one.

[ED – not entirely sure about this one but we’d hate that hard work to go to waste.]

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20 Responses to RiotACT ancient history
ant ant 12:33 am 02 Dec 08

It was so vile, I didn’t even feel the need to punish the offal thread by sending him there, but I imagine many read it, and winced.

Overheard Overheard 11:22 pm 01 Dec 08

AngryHenry said :

Better than some of the chain mail I’ve recieved recently….

AH, the Offal Thread’s too good for you, sunshine. That was sooooo bad, and yet so good.

ant ant 11:02 pm 01 Dec 08

Yesssss! Bloodnut is on to something. A Riotact Beat the Drum comp, how excellent that would be! (and such a shame Triple J stopped doing it).

bloodnut bloodnut 9:27 pm 01 Dec 08

did he get some zierholz for that?

It makes me think maybe there’s merit in a Riot Act competition a la jjj’s old beat the drum comp.

I’m sure it would consist of pitifully lame entries – like the old bird man comps. but it’d be a laugh.

Felix the Cat Felix the Cat 8:34 pm 01 Dec 08

crabb said :

Maybe the Battle of the Overpriced Pizza??

Speaking of overpriced pizza, I saw a sign the other day stating that Zeffellis @ Dickson has re-opened. Has anyone eaten there yet?

bigfeet bigfeet 8:21 pm 01 Dec 08

Granny said :

Every time somebody mentions the Normans I think of Catweazle.

Catweazle…wow, I have not thought of that for years (and years…and years)

AngryHenry said :

Better than some of the chain mail I’ve recieved recently….

Henry, you deserve to be put in the stocks for that one.

LlamaFrog LlamaFrog 6:17 pm 01 Dec 08

he’s not the messiah he’s a very naughty boy

poptop poptop 3:27 pm 01 Dec 08

It isn’t like the English or the Welsh ever ravaged anything. . .

I will just imagine the retaining wall in the background to the photograph is intended to represent a shrubbery and move on.

johnboy johnboy 3:00 pm 01 Dec 08

And Sicily, and Palestine.

Thumper Thumper 2:40 pm 01 Dec 08

Well the Normans hardly qualified as left wing or bleeding hearts, I mean, after ravaging the English and Welsh countryside for so many years 😉

S4anta S4anta 2:28 pm 01 Dec 08

He is almost the neo-conservatives poster boy.

AngryHenry AngryHenry 12:59 pm 01 Dec 08

Better than some of the chain mail I’ve recieved recently….

heinous heinous 12:44 pm 01 Dec 08

Hopefully Sir RiotACT can protect us from the jealous hate journalists at the Canberra Times.

crabb crabb 12:34 pm 01 Dec 08

That is cool. Well done Bill! Now all we need are many more and we could have a great Riotact battle re-enactment. Maybe the Battle of the Overpriced Pizza??

Granny Granny 11:08 am 01 Dec 08

Every time somebody mentions the Normans I think of Catweazle. They were a bit mean to him actually.


ant ant 10:51 am 01 Dec 08

Looks like a lost leftover from an SCA event.

Ari Ari 10:14 am 01 Dec 08

Is that a Griffith griffen rampant?

On second thoughts, nah, it can’t be … no wings.

Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 10:08 am 01 Dec 08

Let this be a lesson for y’all…

Kids, do less drugs.

shanefos shanefos 10:07 am 01 Dec 08

Er… What the?…

seekay seekay 9:40 am 01 Dec 08

There is a school of thought that says if you view Leonardo’s Last Supper while standing on your head and squinting you’ll see the Beloved Disciple reading the RiotACT on a handheld device.

The Vatican, apparently, has taken extreme steps over the centuries to suppress this esoteric knowledge and… Excuse me a moment.

That’s odd. Why would an albino monk be knocking on my door…

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