RiotACT brings down another slumlord!

johnboy 16 July 2010 22
57 Cadell St Downer

Chief Minister Stanhope has announced that (possibly) in response to reader comments in yesterday’s stories on slum housing in Canberra, a fifth house in Downer has been shut down.

Tremble before the RiotACT hivemind slumlords! (and sucks to have been nearing the top of the list for government housing)

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22 Responses to RiotACT brings down another slumlord!
dvaey dvaey 5:54 pm 19 Jul 10

cleo said :

How can Stanhope find accommadation when people are turned away from shelters?

Because the media is watching, any spare spots that might be needed for the homeless or victims of domestic violence, etc. will be given to these people.. ie, the media give more airtime to a single mum with 2 kids who cant find a house, or the indian man who was just evicted from this house, who also cant find a house?

I wonder how many vulnerable people will be forced onto the streets now, due to the governments actions?

One One 5:38 am 18 Jul 10

Thats one landlord – mine paid a gang of intoxicated residents through a community based group to evict people from their tenancies – and the evictions continue to this day.

DHCS provide “affordable rental accommodation of less than $200/wk” but they seem to forget that “affordable” to them isn’t what it is for another person.

“affordable” to me means being assaulted by a group of residents that the ACT Government paid to become intoxicated.

DHCS who allowed my assault after complaint thinks its “affordable” for me to loose my life

cleo cleo 12:43 am 18 Jul 10

Maybe Canberrans have spare rooms for rent?

Pandy Pandy 10:04 pm 17 Jul 10

Wasn’t that where Dr Phil was heading with his comment of that the F1 will now be closed down as well? Why would it be when they can easily accommodate this number of people? Oh it must be another factor and the only thing in common is that the residents were Indian. Therefore Dr Phil was being racist or skating on thin ice.

WonderfulWorld WonderfulWorld 8:58 pm 17 Jul 10

Maybe it is time that Canberra faced the fact it has a CBD. And maybe the people in the Canberra CBD should face the fact that if they can’t afford to live here or in the centre of the city and go to a new town. And the people that come to Canberra to study should get housing sorted before they come and not rely on hand outs. If they can’t afford the education, and the housing requirements that go with having that education, then choose another town or another education. The softer we are on saying that Canberra can accommodate all is why we have ended up with not being able to and with the “slum” housing of recent.
STOP marketing and getting O/s and I/s people that we can’t fit in! That goes for Defence, Uni and other PS departments. I’m sick of being made to feel sorry for other peoples stuff ups and misorganisation.
I would like you to realise that this is my view of the PS and Uni spaces and the homeless are not included in the above rant. (as long as they are homeless in the real essence of the term not just ‘homeless uni students’.

Potato Potato 7:47 pm 17 Jul 10

Rawhide Kid No 2 said :

Pandy said :

The residents are Indians. Therefore……………



Rawhide Kid No 2 Rawhide Kid No 2 6:03 pm 17 Jul 10

Pandy said :

The residents are Indians. Therefore……………


Pandy Pandy 4:39 pm 17 Jul 10

The residents are Indians. Therefore……………

NickD NickD 11:46 am 17 Jul 10

dr phil said :

Now im just waiting for word that the F1 will be closed down as well……

Why? Presumably it can accommodate rather a lot of people….

The cat did it The cat did it 11:28 am 17 Jul 10

What do you expect? when you outsource new suburban accommodation to developers, they’re going to want to maximise their own returns, before they maximise anything else, particularly public goods such as budget accommodation.

Rawhide Kid No 2 Rawhide Kid No 2 11:23 am 17 Jul 10

Now let me get this straight,
5 “Boarding” houses,
+ approximately 20 people per house,
= 100 people out on the street??

dr phil dr phil 10:43 am 17 Jul 10

Last night they had 30 people with out a place to live being intervied for emercency housing at gungalin. The goverment decided by 9pm that it was just to late at night to do anything so they booked them all into the F1 motel for 2 days. Now im just waiting for word that the F1 will be closed down as well……

georgesgenitals georgesgenitals 9:01 am 17 Jul 10

arescarti42 said :

I love the way Stanhope takes the high and mighty position about what a terrible person the land lord is and how he must be brought to justice, when as far as I can see, the only reason that people would chose to live in such a place is because the government is doing such a shitty job at making shelter, a fundamental human need, adequately available to everyone.

A very good point.

CraigT CraigT 8:50 am 17 Jul 10

This is a direct result of the army of idiots who run Canberra having the genius idea of pricing postage-stamp-sized bits of sheep paddock at $300,000 a pop.

Ryoma Ryoma 7:23 am 17 Jul 10

+10 arescarti
+50 beh1972

I will be voting Green this election because Stanhope and his bunch have no idea at all on what to do about housing. Releasing land in the middle of nowhere is one thing, but it’s the easiest of all possible options. Why not act like a proper Labour government and do the following:

– actually buy some land in locations near shops/schools/transport and build (with the help of the new Government Architect) some decent medium to high density housing. Compensate the owners of existing houses handsomely. You can then use it either as public housing, or sell it to the people who need it the most (so it doesn’t simply get bought up by the wealthy and we avoid the cycle starting again).

– pass a law that changes the zoning when a house is sold in well-developed suburbs from low-density residential to higher density. Make it the default option so that developers and others have the confidence to invest.

– pass other laws which state a medium-density development has to have a certain % of different sizes of house, e.g 1,2,3, and 4 bedroom places on offer. Probably more of the first two given our transient population.

– on the energy efficiency front, give landlords 4 years to bring their houses up to an EER of 5. If not, send in the bulldozers. That should concentrate a few minds into retrofitting and if not, well, guess what? We’ll see much of Canberra’s sub-standard housing stock up for sale very quickly. In combination with the other laws mentioned above, we should see better outcomes pretty quickly.

– tell the NIMBY’s to get stuffed. They will carry on anyhow, no matter what decision is made, so you may as well grow some balls, and press ahead with reforms our housing market desperately needs.

MrPC MrPC 1:22 am 17 Jul 10

I can’t say that I am surprised, with absolutely no affordable rental accommodation in the ACT (<$200/wk) anymore.

Heaven help anyone that is a renter and is introverted to the point where they *gasp* need their own personal space. There's a psychological tsunami brewing in the region.

Shame on you, Jon Stanhope, for letting the rental market get so top-heavy in the first place.

MWF MWF 9:26 pm 16 Jul 10

Homeless teenagers are being housed in refuges in Cooma and Yass and getting buses or being driven by welfare workers to and from Canberra each day to keep up with their education or to meet other legal requirements. Or else they couch surf. Families are living in slums. Men and Women are sleeping in their cars so they can afford to get a cheap motel room for the weekends they get to spend with their kids who live with the other parent.

Woeful situation.

beh1972 beh1972 9:20 pm 16 Jul 10

If Mr Stanhope wants to really help renters, how about getting mandatory EERs for all rental properties being advertised? Currently, if the house hasn’t been sold since 1999 they need to advertise one

Then nextime I wont have to compete with 30 other people for the honour of renting an EER0 house – built in 1996

cleo cleo 9:16 pm 16 Jul 10

How can Stanhope find accommadation when people are turned away from shelters?

BimboGeek BimboGeek 8:07 pm 16 Jul 10

Maybe they were incredibly extroverted and quite liked the idea of having 20 other people around?

No I didn’t think so either…

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