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RiotACT v3.0

By Jazz 14 March 2008 188

“Everything changes, nothing remains without change.” (Hindu Prince Gautama Siddharta, the founder of Buddhism, 563-483 B.C.)

With that in mind, welcome to RiotACT v3.0.

Its been about 4 years since the last design iteration of RiotACT was released on an unsuspecting Canberra and we thought it about time to do it again. This version is the third and has been compiled based on a lot of the feedback we’ve had over the past 12 months and our own thoughts on where we want to go next. I must acknowledge that it’s taken far longer to get to a release stage than we would have liked, but some things just can’t be helped. We hope you enjoy reading the new

One of the most obvious changes other than the Title bar is the change to Navigation. Directly above this story you’ll see three big buttons to Register or Login/out, Post a Item and one for Posting Instructions. We had soo many questions on how to submit something on RiotACT we thought it deserved its own button rather than hidden away in the FAQ. Registering an account and logging in allows you to post articles and comment. We’re also now collecting a few demographic details in your profile. We’d appreciate if take a moment to update yours if you are a registered reader. Our use of your details is covered by our privacy policy.

As always on RiotACT you can return home by clicking on the title bar and, strangely enough, the Post an Item button will let you submit something.

The 5 Smaller icons below that are About, Join in, My RiotACT, Contact us and Advertising.

About – A bit of a history of RiotACT and what its all about. It also covers some details about posting articles, comments and moderation, Registration and User levels to name a few.

Join inJoin In is new to Riotact v3.0. We often fielded questions on how riotact worked and how people could get involved. Its a quick and easy reference to just that – joining in the Riot.

My RiotACT – My RiotACT is another new feature to Riotact v3.0. It is your Author profile page (if you are a registered member). It will show all the stories you’ve posted, a short biography about yourself (if you put one in), how many comments and stories you’ve submitted and your name and current rank. Clicking on anyones name on the site will take you to a similar page about that user.

Contact us – our very own special contact form. Use this if you want to get in contact with an admin and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Note that we get lots of submissions so may not be able to respond to everyone personally. We probably wont entertain personal gripes either unless we feel they’re valid.

Advertising – Has a whole bunch of details on the great advertising options on RiotACT. Naturally we’d prefer you to advertise here rather than the CT. Its cheaper, more flexible and will undoubtedly score you lots of kudos.

On the Front page we’ve got a bunch of new features.

Featured Post – The featured post is something that RiotACT admins want to draw particular attention to (a bit like this post). It stays on the front page indefinitely or until we replace it with another. We will consider promoting content submitted by members to featured status but its got to be really great to get more prominence.

Post Ranking – Every Post now has a ranking as indicated by a number of stars. Votes are awarded by Premium Members and those posts with higher rankings will stay on the front page longer. Its a great way of checking out the really interesting or informative stories. We’re also likely to award monthly prizes for the best post as voted by our premium members so bear that in mind when you’re submitting content.

Event Calendar – Its taken a while but we now have an event calendar for all those events that get submitted on RiotACT. Check out the posting instructions for how to give your post an event date. Mouse over the calendar to see what’s happening on a particular day.

Most Emailed – Every Post now has a convenient little icon so you can send the details to your Friends, Colleagues or Family. We’re sure you know a few people who will rally to your cause and put forward your side of the Riot. Those stories that are really popular will get a mention on the front page as well.

Recent Comments & Posts – Back by popular demand, Recent comments and Recent posts were one of our most used features and retain their place in this version. Its what other readers are saying and have submitted recently.

Categories – Click on any one of these to find all submissions in a particular category. Its also a convenient way of focussing on areas that are of more personal interest to you and skipping over those bits that aren’t.

Polls – We’re welcoming back Polls in this version of RiotACT. Always interesting, sometimes informative and otherwise a bit of amusement for your day.

The Weather – Just in case you are stuck in an office with no windows, our handy little weather forecast will remind you that your umbrella is at home, or that its really as hot/cold as you think it is.

But wait, there’s more.

RiotACT wouldn’t be what it is without the robust, informative, and sometimes irreverent discussion so we’ve done a few things in that space as well.

The immediate thing you’ll notice is the change of layout. Its more in keeping with a forum style that RiotACT has evolved into from its humble blog beginnings.

Secondly you’ll notice that all the comments against an article are now numbered, and have a quote link for you to quote a particular comment. Don’t be alarmed if what comes up in your comments box is not the same number – its an absolute value against the comment you are quoting in our database, not the comment number in the story you are reading. You can now also preview your comment before submitting

There’s more, but you’ll just have to find that out for yourself.


What’s Your opinion?

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188 Responses to
RiotACT v3.0
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Ari 10:07 pm 14 Mar 08

How come when you click on usernames everybody seems to have written 157 posts?

Jazz 10:06 pm 14 Mar 08

depends on what size screen you are using barney. It was much easier to go with the fixed width once we started adding in all the extra variables. Not everyone has a 24″ monitor.

barney 10:05 pm 14 Mar 08

It’s like, margin-bottom:500px;margin-left:500px; 😉
I’ll get used to it.

Jazz 10:03 pm 14 Mar 08

lol, you know it was white before too??

barney 10:03 pm 14 Mar 08

*puts sun glasses on*

AussieGal83 10:00 pm 14 Mar 08

I like the padding. It evens things out. But now that I have looked at the page for a few minutes I am thinking maybe the white is a little too bright on the eyes.

Jazz 9:59 pm 14 Mar 08

yep, thats a pretty good guess AussieGal83 & exactly how it works

Barney, no you can not be supercooldude. you should have thought about that when picking your username. Feel free to click on the googleads between the comments if you see something interesting, or ignore them as you choose.

The comments will be slightly more ‘padded’ as you call them as a result of the change of layout. you’ll get used to it in no time

barney 9:59 pm 14 Mar 08

Strange rankings 🙂

Okay (puts on his CC hat on again), the other thing that is kind of, shall we say ‘weird’, is the Google Ad’s in between the comments. That and the comments are extremely padded.

AussieGal83 9:56 pm 14 Mar 08

Barney, I suspect it is a ranking system like with most forums. The more you post the higher up you go in the rankings.

barney 9:53 pm 14 Mar 08

Well I don’t really care. I’ll just post more. All good.
Another thing is, how does a user get tagged “troublemaker”, “anarchist”, etc etc …???
Can’t I change that to something like “supercooldude”?

AussieGal83 9:53 pm 14 Mar 08

I like it.

Jazz 9:51 pm 14 Mar 08

main font? its actually the same as it used to be. noted about the ‘whiteness’ will see if we can sort that out over the weekend

Primal 9:49 pm 14 Mar 08

The main font needs to be changed. The little box up in top right where you mention ‘right of reply’ is much easier to read than the body of the site at the moment. Glaring white background is no help either.

Jazz 9:48 pm 14 Mar 08

god you lot are quick. I only switched the theme over about 2 minutes ago. It will undoubtedly have a few bugs that we need to iron out. At roughly 8000 unique visitors a week, 1 Day of exposure constitutes more testing than we’ve been able to accomplish over the past few weeks.

No, we are not introducing the ability to edit your own comments. Get used to it, and use the comment preview if you are unsure.

barney 9:45 pm 14 Mar 08

It would also be cool if you could edit your previous comments. Just because I want to say another thing here, but don’t wanna spam it up.

On my profile page. It says I have made 150 odd posts, and 238 comments. Uh…

Anyway. Enough out of me.

blub 9:43 pm 14 Mar 08

I think you can get rid of the ‘New’ RiotACT coming soon too. 🙂

barney 9:40 pm 14 Mar 08

Some nice features though. I like the features 🙂 🙂
I think I just don’t like the style. Each section doesn’t seem to be defined enough. It’s all white :S arghh…

PS: “Comments are disallowed for this post.” – Well, I posted.

futto 9:39 pm 14 Mar 08

soooooo white! arghhh!

barney 9:37 pm 14 Mar 08

Ah. I can’t see shit. The banner sux.

blub 9:35 pm 14 Mar 08



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