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johnboy 12 December 2008 60

[First filed: December 11, 2008 @ 08:06]

RiotACT relies on the generosity of its sponsors.

Without their support this weird and sometimes wonderful place would collapse under its own weight.

So it’s with considerable pleasure that we present to you our latest sponsor

The Canberra based All Classifieds is an online marketplace for people looking to buy, or looking to sell, pretty much anything. Much like RiotACT the overwhelming majority of their traffic comes from Canberra

Established in 2002, receives more than 160,000 views every day. Placing classifieds is free, with many users opting to pay an additional charge of $15 to include a photograph with their listing (as a Christmas special All Classifieds are now actually giving the first photo for free until the end of December). It’s easy to post a listing, and users can update them.

Allclassifieds users are looking to buy and generally have high disposable incomes.

To date more than 52,842 items have been listed and sold.


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60 Responses to RiotACT welcomes a new sponsor – AllClassifieds
Cameron Cameron 9:08 am 12 Dec 08

I think perhaps everyone is reading too much into this and/or making mountains out of mole hills. The fact is RA is a business that provides and/or facilitates content we all clearly want to see and interact with. That costs them money, and clearly this is one of the many ways they offset that cost and hopefully turn a profit.

Nobody has tried to pass it off as anything other than a commercial arrangement.

I-filed I-filed 6:53 am 12 Dec 08

It’s actually quite problematic. For all we laugh at a particular columnist in the Canberra Times, and dis their website, RiotAct doesn’t function as even the shadow of a broadsheet newspaper or a journal. If classifieds are still an important income stream to keep newspapers going – and journalists and real columnists paid and writing – the RiotAct + Allhomes trumpeting a partnership in competition with the Times isn’t actually a good news story for the Canberra community, politics and serious conversation. And I agree, running this as the main article just serves to underline that this site – while wonderful – shouldn’t put tickets on itself as anything other than a community gossip site.

Overheard Overheard 12:56 am 12 Dec 08

This just in: while many charities are run as businesses, not all businesses operate as charities.

The RiotACT entered into a commercial arrangement with a sponsor. And they’re bringing it to our attention.

allclassifieds/allhomes built up a market demand and then chose to apply a charge for that service. Hardly building a precedent there. They’re just following some very well-worn indentations in the road on that one.

allclassifieds are probably quite happy about the continuing attention this news is receiving here. I know I clicked on the ad a couple of times today to look for stuff. Itsa works.

nuanda nuanda 12:34 am 12 Dec 08

allclassifieds also has an advert for RiotACT.. Coincidence? I think not — who knows where this will all end, allriots? To the earlier questioner, allhomes started charging $21 to list your own share-house advertisement with a creditcard — more to put up your own rental listing. I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt and blame the credit crunch.

Smackbang Smackbang 12:20 am 12 Dec 08

“Well that was a rather shameless promotion.”

Special G Special G 9:21 pm 11 Dec 08

It may well have been a clause in the sponsorship deal for the advertorial.

Good work on picking up another sponsor.

flying doormat flying doormat 8:28 pm 11 Dec 08

Imagine how good this would have been if Moyra was on board!

Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 7:20 pm 11 Dec 08

johnboy said :

justbands said :

You getting a new sponsor is top story news?

it’s big news to us.

TV news makes a similar mistake fairly often…
News that excites a small group of people in the WIN HQ\ABC Studio\RiotBunker is not always actually exciting\interesting for the rest of the world.

I noticed you had a new sponsor (the ad’s been running for some time now) and then you went and made this issue out of it by running advertorial instead of just giving publicity and profile…

Minor point, but when does Velocity Internet get its own (belated) Sponsor’s Welcome like you mention in your advertising page, and do they also get to provide their own copy?

I-filed I-filed 7:04 pm 11 Dec 08

allclassified may work well, but allhomes doesn’t keep its sales figures and statistics up to date …

Holden Caulfield Holden Caulfield 6:11 pm 11 Dec 08

Cameron said :

Yeah, that surveys advertisers – not buyers, though.

Yeah, you’re right. Don’t mind me then.

che che 6:03 pm 11 Dec 08

Have bought and sold plenty of stuff on AllClassifieds including all the equipment for my gym, easy and so much cheaper than buying it new.

caf caf 2:00 pm 11 Dec 08

Since we’re talking about RiotACT sponsors, has anyone else noticed that the Google Ad for the AIS sometimes places itself over the masthead at the top of the page?

Cameron Cameron 1:20 pm 11 Dec 08

Yeah, that surveys advertisers – not buyers, though.

Holden Caulfield Holden Caulfield 1:15 pm 11 Dec 08

Cameron said :

Thanks Jazz.

Interesting – I’m not worried about whether it’s a valid claim or anything – who really cares – I’m just interested in whether they’ve just got that there as a throw away line or if it’s based on some sort of survey. *shrug*

When you remove an ad from their listings you’re asked to complete a short survey. Although, I can’t remember if they ask your household income at that point or not.

Cameron Cameron 1:08 pm 11 Dec 08

Thanks Jazz.

Interesting – I’m not worried about whether it’s a valid claim or anything – who really cares – I’m just interested in whether they’ve just got that there as a throw away line or if it’s based on some sort of survey. *shrug*

Jazz Jazz 1:04 pm 11 Dec 08

That claim came from all classifieds cameron

rosebud rosebud 1:02 pm 11 Dec 08

Tell ’em they’re dreaming!

nathan nathan 1:02 pm 11 Dec 08

Is it too much to hope that this signals an end to the TV ads featuring that smarmy bastard?

Doctor Evil Doctor Evil 11:33 am 11 Dec 08

Advertised three bikes for sale earlier this year. Results were:

Canberra Times Saturday classifieds – 0 from 3
Allclassifieds no photo – 1 from 3
Allclassifieds with photos – 2 from 2

Cameron Cameron 10:58 am 11 Dec 08

Yes, that’s an interesting statistic… where on earth have they pulled that from? Is that something you’ve put in JB or an allclassified claim?

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