RiotWRAP – Episode 1.

Barcham 12 July 2013 9

Welcome to the RiotWRAP!

Stories you don’t want to have missed.

Here at the RiotACT we enjoy two things:

1. Using technology.
2. Hearing ourselves talk.

We figured we’d share these joys with you, our dear readers.

So here you go…

RiotACT’s first video newsletter. Or as you guys have named it, the RiotWRAP!

Here’s the background reading:

Arrest made in white powder hoax at the Legislative Assembly.

What happened to our community?

Foreshore takes a break.

I guess at Club X the work just comes naturally.

Gays, nerds, and ex-cons all welcome at Vikings clubs.

Let us know what you think Rioters in the comments below!

Tell us your opinion of the stories, OR tell us what you think about my terrible microphone, the art behind Johnboy, or my tie-knot. It’s up to you!

Also let us know any suggestions you have on how we can make RiotWRAP the kind of bizarre video newsletter/newspost/vlog THING that you would want to see every Friday.

When I say suggestions, I mean suggestions other than us having a shave and running a brush through our hair before the next video. I mean we like you guys, but come on. We can only be expected to do so much.


What's Your Opinion?

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9 Responses to RiotWRAP – Episode 1.
bundah bundah 9:41 am 13 Jul 13

LSWCHP said :

Finally, I think the camera angle on JB, slightly looking up at his gigantic melon from close range looked a little unnatural. I’d raise the camera and move it back a little

Would any angle save us from that gigantic melon lol (apologies JB just couldn’t resist)

LSWCHP LSWCHP 11:23 pm 12 Jul 13

Interesting session guys. A few points that occur to me…

Barcham is correct, his microphone is absolute rubbish, and that presumably unintentional echo effect really bent my head while I was trying to listen. That definitely has to go. The tie knot isn’t as flash as some of his other knot work, but still acceptable.

I’d suggest that fading to a prepared screen with the story name typed on it might make the gig look a bit more professional, rather than having Barcham write it out by hand and wave it in front of the screen.

Finally, I think the camera angle on JB, slightly looking up at his gigantic melon from close range looked a little unnatural. I’d raise the camera and move it back a little

Other than that, it’s a good start and I’m look forward to some more of this action next Friday.

Masquara Masquara 7:00 pm 12 Jul 13

But … but … I hate to burst your Valentines illusions, boys, but those lovehearts are very appropriate for a sex shop! There is a pretty strong case that they are a depiction of the (drop to 7 point font) vulva

Masquara Masquara 6:51 pm 12 Jul 13

Do you guys have time to script & prepare a bit more? Not the humour, which is of course better adlibbed, but Cute when you are consulting the pages themselves hunting for stuff you go into “ah, like, ah” mode and waste lots of seconds. I can see the relaxed appeal, and it’s kinda engaging, but I’d love to see it tighter in places. Vurrah welcome addition to the Riotact! : )

bundah bundah 6:02 pm 12 Jul 13

I hope you guys get the sound sorted..sorted…sorted..

Madam Cholet Madam Cholet 5:44 pm 12 Jul 13

Who is controlling the camera? I can see there might be disputes in the future about camera time

MERC600 MERC600 4:47 pm 12 Jul 13

Very good , thank you. And up to date as you are seen observing ‘casual Friday”.

Rawhide Kid Part3 Rawhide Kid Part3 4:15 pm 12 Jul 13

Clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap…….. Congratulations on your inaugural broadcast. May many more be produced.

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