RiotWRAP – Episode 2

Barcham 21 July 2013 3

This week’s emails newsletter with video extravaganza.

Hope your weekends are being awesome Rioters!

This week Johnboy takes two steps forward and Barcham takes two steps back.

While Johnboy utilises fancy lighting, a freshly trimmed beard, and a dedicated microphone to look and sound great.

A combination of his motel’s poor wifi, strange lighting, malnutrition, and Barcham’s own terrible microphone, cause him to look and sound like a blurry, pasty, pixelated robot lizard with a stutter.

We hope you enjoy it.



Beautiful Zeus has been given away without his owner’s permission.

Taxi driver puts foot in their mouth.

An Open Letter to The Australian Society for Kangaroos.

Rents going down.

Will anyone tick the box for more expensive CTP?

See you next week Rioters.


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3 Responses to RiotWRAP – Episode 2
joingler joingler 9:08 pm 22 Jul 13

This is way better than anything WIN News have given.

poetix poetix 11:45 am 21 Jul 13

Gosh, I missed so much being in New Zealand for a week. I would have bought myself a chupa chup at the airport, had I known about the extra money theoretically in my pocket.

JB describing himself as one of the little people made me smile, but not necessarily for the nicest of reasons.

bundah bundah 10:06 am 21 Jul 13

Come now guys it is apparent that sh*t has become acceptable and commonplace so much so that I’ve seen it uncensored in the Crimes and even heard the term used by a media personality or two on the major channels so JB&Barcho must you two be sooo conservative?

I’d imagine that if anyone identified either of you on ya bike then they’d be more than glad to lose a bit of paint just for the opportunity to see youse come a gutser,just think of the brownie points 🙂

Nah I think you should live dangerously Barcho and tell your landlord that he’s been a capitalist pig and ripping you off for far too long. What’s the worst thing that could happen?

But all in all this was definitely a step up from the first wrap and even contained some humour so good work!

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