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Beyond the expected

Rip Offs

By Tiffo - 1 October 2007 26

1st: Called one of these national companies selling their wares in shopping centers wanting to get a quote for roller shutters. They said they do not give quotes over the phone, I said I already had 2 done over the phone. They said they could offer substantial discounts on retail prices if I placed one of their ads on my front lawn. I thought why the hell not. Alarm bells should have rang when they said :”Will you wife be at home?”

Well the appointed time arrives and I get a call from the salesperson saying they are not far but seem to be lost but won’t be long. Where the hell are they coming from?

They, yes they arrive. 2 of them. But lets not Focus upon that. After some introductions they look at the job, ummed and ahhed and talked about it to themselves. 10 minutes later they finish and ask if they could come inside and discuss the options. I said no lets sit outside.

What followed was a very slick presentation about how they were a national company and not just based in SA (huh?) and energy efficiency. I cut them short and said as you no doubt can see I have roller shutters installed (less than 12 months ago in-fact). Just give me the price for the basic model. Astoundingly, their price was substantially more than the two quotes. So I said what about this thing about advertisement. Well they said that if I was willing to advertise their company for 3 months and enter into a non disclosure agreement about their prices they could offer me a very good discount. This worked out to about $900 more than the phone quotes I had been given for each window or twice the price.

2nd: went and bought 2 doors in Fyshwick. Since I did not have the ute that day, I asked Plus delivery. $100. I just about had an stroke then and there. That is more than getting a load of gravel delivered from Corkhills.

What’s Your opinion?

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26 Responses to
Rip Offs
VYBerlinaV8 now_with 7:01 pm 01 Oct 07

It’s easy to bag people for being tight, but a lot of home improvement type small-medium companies have an unbelievably large markup on their product. Also, while some such products are ‘better’ in quality, this is often not reflected in the (unrealistic) price. I generally take the view of trying to understand the level of quality I actually want/need, then seeking quotes accordingly. To say something is simply ‘better quality’ does not a value proposition make. There are many items where I am only seeking average quality, not ‘top quality’. Occasionally, I pay more for better quality. One of my pet hates, though, is salespeople who push the ‘quality’ line to sell to their overpriced product.

Sammy 6:24 pm 01 Oct 07

Smart people pay attention to how much things cost. idiots spend more than they have to

Idiots pay attention to how much things cost. Smart people consider the value they will derive from the purchase, and use that to make a decision, rather than an arbitrary instrument like price, without reference to other variables.

el ......VNBerlinaV8 6:24 pm 01 Oct 07


Sammy 6:21 pm 01 Oct 07

Darken the room so much that I can sleep in the middle of the day

Sometimes the existing solution is the best.

asp 3:32 pm 01 Oct 07

Go to Argus Home Security.
I had them do my whole house with rollar shutters and a couple with plantation shutters plus had special security doors put on. 2 doors and over 20 windows for only $13,000 (labour and materials)! This was two years ago so it may be more now. Worth a go anyway.

Tiffo 2:27 pm 01 Oct 07

West facing sun.

Darken the room so much that I can sleep in the middle of the day.

hingo_VRCalaisV6 1:54 pm 01 Oct 07

hahaha I second that. Sammy’s comments are great. I agree with roller-shutters looking ugly as well.

futto 1:31 pm 01 Oct 07

LOL @ Sammy. Posts like that are the only reason i hang around this blog now.

Sammy 1:30 pm 01 Oct 07

The question i’d be asking is why you’re buying those roller shutters? Don’t you think it makes your house like a prison, and freaking ugly as well?

Why not invest in double-glazing? You get the security and insulation benefits, without the ugly sheets of metal attached to your house.

ant 11:27 am 01 Oct 07

Smart people pay attention to how much things cost. idiots spend more than they have to.
Yeah, the fact that they had to send 2 people around to do the hard-sell-speil says a lot about their operation… and the higher price is probably to pay the salespeople. Who are no doubt on commission. Businesses like that are best avoided.

Tiffo 11:19 am 01 Oct 07

In response to tybreaker, they claim they sold curved slats and I wanted a price on them to match my existing roller shutters. The other company that installed my other electric roller blinds also have insulation in their slats and they installed my first roller shutter 8 years ago without a problem.

Let me put it to this way:

Company F: Manual version approx $2,700 per window pre discount or $1,750 after discount.
Company A: Hard wired electric version $1,300 or $850 manual.

Yes price is a consideration, that’s why I don’t buy BMWs.

As I said, I had two quotes already from local companies happy to do so. This company refused to do so. Has two guys turn-up. Cannot give me a simple quote without going through their presentation and then tries to get me excited with what a great deal I am getting if I advertise their company for 3 months and enter in to a non-disclosure contract. You work it out.

Anyway, I don’t want any sympathy, just letting everyone know, yes by all means shop around, and be very wary.

Queenie 10:22 am 01 Oct 07

Maybe some people don’t have high-paying jobs with zero intelligence requirements! And maybe, just maybe, when making a major purchase they like to shop around! :O Oh em gee, that is bloody unheard of.

Sammy 9:23 am 01 Oct 07

I was at the markets yesterday, and apples were selling for more than oranges.

I couldn’t believe it. I left immediately, and went home to count the money in the shoebox under my bed.

I think a dollar is missing. I might call the police.

tybreaker 9:00 am 01 Oct 07

More expensive doesn’t imply rip-off. If you want sympathy, you’d need to at least explain why their quality is no better than the other quotes you received. Probably hard to do when you’re obviously focussed on the price alone. I’ve read a little on roller shutters and there is a wide margin between good and basic quality. Enough of a margin to allow the cheap stuff to be sold cheap and the good stuff to seem expensive by comparison.

schmerica_ 8:52 am 01 Oct 07

Life must be tough for a tightarse.

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