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Road Transport Authority ACT

2much2do 19 August 2009 39

I finally received my car rego renewal, two days after the due for payment date!  I’m just wondering how the ACT RTA expects people to come up with $733.00 without any prior warning.  I called Canberra Connect to see if there was anything they could do to help but of course they don’t work for the RTA and didn’t care.  Apparently there was a computer glitch.  You gotta laugh at that cop out.  The computer doesn’t make the glitch, it’s the idiot sitting at the keyboard.  

I have no other choice but to pay only 3 months of the rego fee and have to take time off work to pay the bill in person because the online payment date has passed.  Oh what joy it brings me when I am forced to wait 45 minutes at a shopfront to pay my bill; pay for parking fees; 15 minutes travelling each way from my workplace to a shopfront then get slugged an admin fee. 

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39 Responses to Road Transport Authority ACT
R. Slicker R. Slicker 10:29 am 20 Aug 09

Hopefully the RTA have fixed up the rego stickers which didn’t stick.

I-filed I-filed 10:20 am 20 Aug 09

I got a parking fine more than a fortnight ago and still haven’t had anything by mail from Rego … what happens if the envelope disappears from your windscreen and you aren’t aware of the fine? Am I missing a letter, or has the procedure changed I wonder …

Jivrashia Jivrashia 10:09 am 20 Aug 09

Spectra and Felix the Cat.

Both of you did not properly read the OP’s article did you…?

have to take time off work to pay the bill in person because the online payment date has passed.

barking toad barking toad 8:44 am 20 Aug 09

Kiddies should also be aware that the due date on reminder notices is 14 days earlier than the actual expiry date on your rego sticker. So, as you rush to pay by the reminder due date,and your next rego starts from that payment date, the gubmint has rorted 14 days off you.

Clown Killer Clown Killer 7:20 am 20 Aug 09

I get the impression that this is happening more braodly across the government.

We have recieved a ‘reminder notice’ for rathes without recieving the original invoice – I simply rang them and said that I only pay on an invoice and a ‘reminder notice’ diddn’t cut it. It took them another ten days to sort themselves out.

trevar trevar 7:12 am 20 Aug 09

We always pay for only three months at a time, and this creates rather a different problem; we always get our renewal (or reminder: I can’t be bothered with semantics games) about a week after we pay, so we just file it and forget it. Then comes the day when we happen to be washing the car and notice that the rego expired a week earlier…

Even then, though, we don’t often get charged any penalties. And again, as soon as we’ve paid, there’s another notice sitting in the letterbox…

hawk hawk 12:24 am 20 Aug 09

I was told the delay was that they are changing the system, also a different notice.

that’s better!

hawk hawk 12:22 am 20 Aug 09

I was told the delay was that they are changing the system, also a different it was a different notice.

caf caf 11:24 pm 19 Aug 09

Yeah I only just got mine too. I’ve got to send it off to the leasing company to get it paid, which requires having the actual bit of paper (because it’s a tax invoice).

bd84 bd84 9:31 pm 19 Aug 09

Is the relevant media release for the problem, I’ve also heard it on the radio and seen it on tv and newspaper. Though $5 is a small price to pay, I believe that the Government should be covering that administration fee as well seeing that the consumers are not to blame. I am curious how people don’t realise that the registration on their car is about to expire, I know mine expires at the end of September without having to look. The huge number on the sticker gives it away..

Felix the Cat Felix the Cat 9:06 pm 19 Aug 09

2much2do – you have really outed yourself as a dill. Have you never had your home or work computer shut down unexpectedly or do some other weird thing? You must be the world’s luckies tperson if you haven’t, or you don’t use computers very often.

As others have already pointed out the rego label on the windscreen should be your first clue that the rego is due to expire soon.

You don’t need to go to a shopfront or rego office, you can renew online (do a Google search “ACT rego”), don’t need rego renewal notice for either – just type in your rego number (you know, the numbers and letters from the funny blue and white metal plate things attached to the front and rear bumpers of your car!) and the last 4 characters of the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) or Chassis Number (details on your rego label or an old rego papers). Takes less than 5 mins. You can also re-register your car online up to 12 months after the rego has expired and 3 months before it has expired.

It’s pretty easy really, don’t know what all the fuss is about.

georgesgenitals georgesgenitals 8:58 pm 19 Aug 09

All you have to do is pay the rego fee – it’s not like you need to get your car inspected or anything…

bubzie bubzie 8:50 pm 19 Aug 09

I paid on friday, as mine expires on tuesday, and i got my label today.

Guess they did something right?

Ryan Ryan 7:38 pm 19 Aug 09

I think that the ‘Reminder Notice’ *is* the first notice.

Spectra, fairly sure you’re right there too. I would add to your suggestion that once you pay your rego (online, over the phone) that you’d keep a copy of the receipt in your car just in case you are pulled over. I got my renewal last Friday and my rego expires next Monday. I paid the other day and I’m keeping my receipt in my car as proof just in case the label doesn’t arrive in time.

misshelly misshelly 7:03 pm 19 Aug 09

Aah I also got the “reminder”… good to know that’s how it is now, cos I thought I was missing mail or something :-/

As for the sticker, don’t worry about it. As Spectra said, you’ll be fine. If you pay online just print out the receipt and carry that with you if you’re worried. I’ve been pulled over and it’s not an issue.

Spectra Spectra 6:13 pm 19 Aug 09

We also got a reminder notice last week without ever getting the first notice.

It really wasn’t necessary to pay in person, though. You’re quite at liberty to pay over the phone or internet, and your vehicle is legally registered as soon as you do. If you’re pulled over, you simply explain that the sticker is in the mail – the police can verify the registration status of your vehicle (yes, it may be technically illegal to not have the sticker in place, but it would be a seriously bored cop who would ticket you for that alone).

fnaah fnaah 5:08 pm 19 Aug 09

So, you didn’t notice the big number on the rego sticker *every* time you got in the car for the last few months? Shame, that.

Also, waiting times at shopfronts really aren’t that bad – last two times I’ve been in, I’ve only had to wait ten minutes max (and yes, one of those times was lunch hour at Dickson).

Gungahlin Al Gungahlin Al 5:02 pm 19 Aug 09

Oh and BTW, the new CTP arrangements are doing a great job at reducing the CTP component of the rego bill aren’t they? NOT.

Gungahlin Al Gungahlin Al 5:01 pm 19 Aug 09

And did you notice it is a “reminder notice”? Not that we ever received an actual renewal notice in the first place.

Same thing has been happening with the rates notices. We’re fortunate that we have that on a fortnightly deduction arrangement, so it doesn’t hit us so hard.

Not doing much of a job with the basics are they?

Mr Evil Mr Evil 4:56 pm 19 Aug 09

So, you didn’t know when your rego was going to be due?

If you look closely at that funny little sticker on your windscreen, it actually has an expiry date on it, to help you plan ahead……..

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