Rollerderby – a highlights reel

johnboy 24 November 2009 15

The Canberra Roller Derby League had it’s second bout on Saturday night at Southern Cross Stadium.

Proving themselves no flash in the pan the CRDL sold out the stadium for the second time and with The Fuellers providing the backing track soon had the joint jumping especially in the second half.

Your correspondent was in the stands for the first half, but ventured down to the suicide line for the second stanza and recommends it thoroughly.

There’s one more bout this year before Christmas, we’ll let you know.

For the record the dirty cheating Black and Blue Belles smashed their way to level the series despite at times having more than half their team in the sin bin. The Surly Griffins are going to need to counter the (throughly entertaining) brutality next time.

Women, on wheels, in their underpants, colliding with each other… what more could you want to see?

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15 Responses to Rollerderby – a highlights reel
Dante Dante 12:27 pm 27 Nov 09

Mick_SSRG: Were you the ref with the beard? If so, I got up midway through the 2nd half and offered you my glasses. Once the beer starts flowing, it’s just like any other sport. 😛

I’m with jb, the Surly Griffins got jipped.

That said, it’ll make for a much better season final in December! Can’t wait.

Melicious Melicious 12:17 pm 26 Nov 09

Hi again bileduct, for you or anyone else who is interested, these are the rules that we play by: There is an explanation there of the ref hand signals.

sloppery sloppery 10:56 am 26 Nov 09

Alternatively, each time one of these girls is sent to the sin bin they can come straight back onto the track if they remove an item of clothing?

bileduct bileduct 10:54 am 26 Nov 09

Head Ref guy, perhaps there could be a better way of communicating with the audience as to exactly why there is a constant stream of girls heading to the sin bin? Maybe wear mics and quickly announce why the player was removed from play?

p1 p1 1:01 pm 25 Nov 09

Watching that video brings to mind the recent debate in the media about the inequity of funding between “Olympic” sports and “Grass Roots” sports. I think it is clear to all where the funding should be going! 🙂

lakelurker lakelurker 9:30 am 25 Nov 09

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha @ comment #9- go the Black & Blues!

willo willo 7:18 am 25 Nov 09

dirty cheating sheilas rollin around in their underpants?…..sounds like my kinda game….i think i better get myself to the next “bout” and i think i already know which team i will support…..those surly griffins sound like a bunch of girly wee wee sooks…..

johnboy johnboy 10:25 pm 24 Nov 09

In that case maybe the Sin Bin needs renaming?

Mick_SSRG Mick_SSRG 3:09 pm 24 Nov 09

I suspect the comment…
“For the record the dirty cheating Black and Blue Belles smashed their way to level the series despite at times having more than half their team in the sin bin.”
was said in jest, but in case it wasnt…

As Head Referee for the game I know that both teams played cleanly and well within the rules. Black ‘n’ Blue Belles most definately won fair and square. There was nothing “dirty” and I saw no “cheating”. Having opponents in the sin-bin isnt a guarantee of anything.

Sometimes when punters dont understand the rules fully, they misinterpret what’s happening on the track.

For only their second game CRDL, are a great bunch of skaters who already have a solid grasp on gameplay… their games are something to be proud of

And they’re darn nice people to boot!

Spl@t Spl@t 12:24 pm 24 Nov 09

Oh Johnboy, tsk tsk tsk…is it safe to say that somebody has green eyes 🙂

deye deye 11:07 am 24 Nov 09

The 19th ? dam, will be out of town. Do you have a start date for next year ?

CRDL CRDL 10:17 am 24 Nov 09

Oh BTW that last comment came from Bullseye Bettie

CRDL CRDL 10:17 am 24 Nov 09

As CRDL President and member of the Surly Griffins I can say that the Black ‘n’ Blue Belles won fair and square and the Surly’s can’t wait for the Grand Finale on December 19 for a rematch! Game on!

johnboy johnboy 6:55 am 24 Nov 09

Oh no question, the Belles earned their win. But from where I was sitting it had a lot to do with a greater willingness to play on the edge of the rules.

lakelurker lakelurker 11:57 pm 23 Nov 09

Ha! The B&B Belles won fair and square you surly supporter you. Go The Black and Blue Belles!

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