4 June 2012

Rolling nature park vandalism as cull protest

| johnboy
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fence vandalism

Territory and Municipal Services are getting increasingly frustrated by attacks on the ACT’s park infrastructure while the kangaroo cull is underway:

The ACT Government has today called for information from the public after at least 30 sections of the predator-proof fence at Mulligans Flat Sanctuary were cut open last night. An inspection is currently taking place to determine the full extent of damage and repair works are underway.

This follows a spate of vandalism at nature reserves in the last two weeks since they were closed to allow for the kangaroo cull.

An extensive section of fence at Kama Nature Reserve was damaged over the weekend (estimated damage in excess of $5000) and over 20 gate locks in the closed nature reserves have been filled with glue resin material making them unusable (each lock will cost about $100 to replace).

“This vandalism is very disappointing and has been highly orchestrated since we announced the cull of kangaroos to keep numbers at sustainable levels,” said Director, Parks and Conservation, Daniel Iglesias.

“The most disappointing aspect is this deliberate attack on the two-metre high predator proof fence at Mulligans Flat Sanctuary.

“The Sanctuary plays a vital role in ecological research. Its 12 kilometre predator-proof fence encloses a 485 hectare area allowing the reintroduction of locally extinct animals that were once common in the region. Only last week a group of Eastern bettongs from Tasmania, which are extinct on the mainland, were reintroduced into the Sanctuary.

[Photo courtesy TAMS]

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I just found and read their over emotional and not too big on thought website. They even have pictures of the dug up kangaroos.


Wow. These people are really only single minded aren’t they. Who cares about endangered species as long as the overubundent kangaroos survive. The comments make me really wonder about the compassion of these poeple as they seem a little too uncompassionate about anything but kangaroos.

If this was twitter i’d #crazypeoplewhoshouldn’tbeallowedinpublic

The thing that makes me the angriest about these people is their smugness and their unwavering belief that they are doing what is Right. Even when they do stupid things like mess up GM research projects because they are “unnatural” (So what? So are obnoxious political t-shirts and Doc Martens boots but they seem to love them). GM foods can be credited for keeping up to a billion people alive and fed world-wide but these inbred wankers seem to only believe gullible alarmist bullshit about it.

In so many ways dealing with these folk is like being back at Morning Glory Christian Camp, only worse.

Dougal said :

I those responsible are lying awake at night thinking about these animals that they may have sentenced to death.

Why don’t we ask them?

After all, they are publicly identified due to their constant attention-seeking behaviour. The no-hopers at the Aboriginal tent embassy are part of it, too.

So, this article in the Canberra Times http://www.canberratimes.com.au/act-news/outrage-over-mindless-fence-damage-20120604-1zsgy.html says that the vandals cut thirty, THIRTY, holes in the fence.

It also states that one single fox could wipe out the colony of Bettongs in one night.

I those responsible are lying awake at night thinking about these animals that they may have sentenced to death.

VYBerlinaV8_is_back9:51 am 05 Jun 12

Probably Greenpeace, given their recent local form.

Destroying experimental crops, digging up dead Roos, destroying protective fencing for field trials… Have I missed anything?

Local green activism has gone off the rails, seems more like a cult now.

We may be premature in blaming the hippies. It may be the Zombie Kangaroos from the other thread that are after the Bettongs…

Comic_and_Gamer_Nerd8:40 am 05 Jun 12

Wow, talk about half wits. Are kangaroos the only ones that matter?

Saving the cute and fluffies from negative human intervention, was it?
Why sacrifice an endangered species for those undergoing an intentional cull to manage population?
Why ruin a fence designed to keep kangaroos (and bettongs) out of some experimental areas, when the results of experimentation would have yielded significant ecological data?

Apparently caring about collateral damage, choosing legitimate methods of protest, staying on-message, being interested in public support, achieving measurable outcomes, maintaining moral high ground by choosing baseline ethical behaviours, or conducting basic research on a target is just too difficult for this batch of retards, so they apparently won’t even bother trying.

Other than this bunch of dain-bramaged animal wrongs activists, how many rational people would believe that intentionally damaging the only layer of defence against predators for an actually endangered species, that was explicitly designed to withstand the intentional damage of kangaroos is a good idea?

Winter 2010: Rangers have been working on several Predator Proof Fence maintenance projects including:
1) Strengthening works at the ‘kangaroo kicking’ level by wrapping the whole fence line with a 60 cm wide layer of netting. This new layer overlaps a join in the existing netting at the level where the 30 mm base netting joins the 40 mm mid netting, as kangaroos were breaking the netting clips by persistent fighting. The problem is now solved and the fence has not been broken by kangaroos since this work.

Also from only three days ago:
“[Bettongs] will be protected from foxes and feral cats by the predator exclusion fence… The two metre high predator-proof fence encloses 485 hectares of the Mulligans Flat reserve. The project, in conjunction with the Australian National University, was designed to protect the woodland, create an environment free of feral pests and allow for the reintroduction of animals that have long disappeared from the area.”

These animal libber idiots have just lost any shred of credibility they ever had.

To compromise the reintroduction of a macropod species ( the eastern brush tailed bettongs that have just been releasesed into the predator free fenced area) that has been extinct on the mainland for over 100 years, over trying to prove some non existant point about the culling of one of the the most abundant species in Australia is outrageous!

Everyone is sick of the absolute crap you idiots are trotting out in order to advance your case, your nutjob spokesperson on 2CC this morning exemplified the sheer stuipidity of your claims .

Make a real difference and go picket a factory farm, or better yet – if Kangas are your real passion go picket the unregulated rednecks who shoot thousands of kanagaroos illegally every night across country Australia, rather than tryiing to create hype about an officially sanctioned legal program with scientific backing.

Astonishing. Absolutely astonishing.

So called animal activists have vandalised a predator proof fence to an animal sanctuary where a locally extinct animal has been reintroduced.

They have done this to dig up corpses of kangaroos that were legally, and presumably humanely, culled, so that they could pose the corpses and take photographs to spread the word about ‘animal cruelty’.

I would like to invite any of these so called ‘activists’ to justify their actions, and explain why they think that this type of disgraceful activism is doing their cause any good.

Cameras are needed everywhere!

Ummm, so someone has cut a fence – end result being lots more small marsuipials will be eaten by foxes, cats and dogs. Douche-canoes.

So nearly $10,000 of damage, good work hippies, I hope they get a job so they can pay some taxes towards these damages.

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