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Roos to be shot

By Thumper - 4 March 2008 23

In a move that will surely have the greenies wringing their hands and knotting their knickers, the ACT Government has blocked plans by the Department of Defence to relocate mobs of eastern grey kangaroos from its former naval transmission station site in Belconnen.

Put simply this means the roos, and there are plenty of them, will be shot.

The president of the Queensland-based Wildlife Protection Association, Pat O’Brien, said the Rudd Government and ACT Chief Minister Jon Stanhope would face “significant national protest action” over the impending kangaroo cull.

The previous relocation plan was strongly opposed by ACT Chief Minister Jon Stanhope and a number of scientists employed by the ACT Government as environmental consultants. In a ddition, a spokeswoman for the Chief Minister said the ACT Government had a long-standing policy of not supporting translocation of kangaroos.

“Defence is aware of the ACT Government’s policy and we continue to work together to find a solution to the overpopulation of kangaroos on the site,” she said.

And that solution seems all along to have been to shoot them, which suggests that not much work was actually put in to find a solution.

Personally I would rather that they weren’t shot and that they could be moved elsewhere as there is no doubt that the roos are now endangering other creatures that inhabit these areas. However, it appears that this is not going to happen.

The Canberra Times has the full story here.

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23 Responses to
Roos to be shot
James-T-Kirk 11:15 am 05 Mar 08

At $0.15 per roo, the high speed lead injection to the side of the head is a much cheaper solution.

Can you tell that I support just shooting them….

Or is that harsh.

How do they feel?

Will they go to Roo heaven? or have they been naughty roos.

Mr Waffle 10:00 am 05 Mar 08

I totally agree; I had a whale jump out in front of me on the drive home yesterday. They’re a bloody menace! Plague proportions even!

Oh wait…

hairy nosed wombat 5:19 pm 04 Mar 08

Oh yes, and if the police object to firearms being used in a built up area, let me go in with my archery set.

If I miss, an arrow will travel less distance than a bullet.

hairy nosed wombat 5:18 pm 04 Mar 08

Let me see if I am reading this thread right,

People are objecting to the fact, that someone from overseas, is objecting to what we shoot at. And on top of this, the meat is going to be wasted, so we want the chance to eat it too.

Here is a chance for the Japanese embassy to send troops to where these culls are going to be held, and help the greenies protect these poor animals that are being killed in the name of science fun.

mattyf 5:09 pm 04 Mar 08

This is a free-range roo farm *asset*. Nobody should be talking about this being a problem or a cost.

It just goes to show how disconnected the eco-mob are from reality when an opportunity to sustainably manage a meat source is treated as some form of genocide.

And how come the spokes-person for the eco crowd always seems to have a pommie accent?

Crikey 4:39 pm 04 Mar 08

They were never a really good footie team anyway.

p1 4:17 pm 04 Mar 08

I thought that the police were against Defence culling them on account of the use of firearms in a block of land surrounded by suburbs?

I’ll take a couple of those roo’s (via the marinating facility). Infact, I am surprised that defence don’t just use them to firstly train recruits in target practice, then to feed them….

dalryk 2:38 pm 04 Mar 08

I’m all for preventing unnecessary animal cruelty, but the eco-nazis are really being ridiculous on this one.

I agree with Aurelius – it’s high time we as a community were able to reap a more efficient harvest from the abundant protein sources wandering around our front yards. If intensive animal farming contributes as much to the greenhouse effect as Norweigan whalers would have us believe – surely free-range roo is part of the answer!

NathanaelB 1:37 pm 04 Mar 08

I thought they had already all been shot – I haven’t seen a roo on Majura Road for ages! Alive or squished

neanderthalsis 1:32 pm 04 Mar 08

via a marinating facility first

Aurelius 1:27 pm 04 Mar 08

I support translocation. From wherever they are overpopulated to my BBQ!

neanderthalsis 1:16 pm 04 Mar 08

If they intended to relocate them from Defence/Commonwealth land to other commonwealth owned land they could tell Chairman Stanhope to get well and truly knotted.

Mr Waffle, they had a plan to minimise the adverse affects of moving the macropods. From memory it included sedatives, airconditioned trucks, vets on hand, back rubs and champagne on arrival.

Mr Evil 12:58 pm 04 Mar 08

There’s an idea – send them to Nauru! Then once all the hoo har’s died down, bring them back and resettle them in Belconnen again.

Mr Waffle 12:44 pm 04 Mar 08

Wasn’t it already established that moving them would cause them massive trauma and be a huge project in acclimatising them, because they like to drop dead of heart attacks when stressed or something? We can’t even be bothered doing that with boat people, let alone roos!

Mr Evil 12:38 pm 04 Mar 08

I thought this article was about Paul Roos, and possible punishment for “allegedly” throwing an NAB Cup game! 🙂

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