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Rose Cottage site for sale with separate block for service station opportunity

Ian Bushnell 2 February 2018 69

The Rose Cottage property in Gilmore. Block B is being sold as a service station development opportunity. Photos: Luton Properties Tuggeranong.

The historic Rose Cottage site in Gilmore is being subdivided for sale as a going concern and development opportunity for an adjacent service station and fast food outlet.

Originally part of Andre Cunningham’s Tuggeranong Station, the 3ha site on the corner of the Monaro Highway and Isabella Road consists of the Old Rose Inn, including two existing heritage buildings and grassed and landscaped areas, along with other substantial infrastructure such as internal roads and services.

The property is in the process of being subdivided into two parcels, with the Rose Cottage business owners continuing their tenancy on Block A and and Block B being able to be developed as a service station and fast food outlet.

Director of Luton Properties Tuggeranong, Christine Bassingthwaighte, said it was a golden opportunity for someone who wanted to develop that land into a service station.

“When you look at what is available in the Tuggeranong Valley there certainly is a need for an extra service station because there is not too many on that side of the road, especially when heading up to the snow or coming back from Sydney,” she said.

“Rose Cottage is quite a viable business, they can have the benefit of that as well.”

Ms Bassingthwaighte said the land would suit someone who could see the potential of the Valley, which was growing.

She had already fielded many inquiries from interstate investors who specialise in developing service station sites.

The owner would also consider a proposal for any service centre development to be leased from him.

The land is being offered for sale by private negotiation and there is no price guide.

It is not the first time a service station has been proposed for the site with development plans lodged in 1989 for dual service centres and a bridge over the highway.

Interested parties can contact Ms Bassingthwaighte on 0428 139 969 or via email:

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69 Responses to Rose Cottage site for sale with separate block for service station opportunity
Susie Kennett Susie Kennett 8:44 pm 04 Feb 18

Oh Sharon Glasswell buy it back!

Justin Watson Justin Watson 5:00 pm 04 Feb 18

Do any of you actually read? They are not knocking it down, they are carving off some disused land. By the sounds of it, the tenants think its a way to save money on their rent and bring in extra business. Also if the servo is independent then it will be a good thing. If its another woolies or coles one then no point having one. If the business isn't viable now, then doing nothing will probably mean the place will stop running and then it will go to ruin. Maybe a nice bakery would go well in there. But yes if its a woolies servo and a maccas then why bother!

    Naomi Mozley-Betts Naomi Mozley-Betts 5:43 pm 04 Feb 18

    I nice "country style bakery" might work well, would suit the area best. Agree not another macca's or similar

    Phillip Kmieciak Phillip Kmieciak 6:57 pm 04 Feb 18

    A bakery? Lol that would go broke in a month

    Mitch Carrington Mitch Carrington 7:05 pm 04 Feb 18

    Phillip just seems pretty stoked for another fast food joint

Elizabeth Whitton Elizabeth Whitton 4:17 pm 04 Feb 18

Very sad 😢 come on canberra people support this place keep it going don’t let the greedy developers get their hands on it

Alison Brittliff Alison Brittliff 3:47 pm 04 Feb 18

Just what tuggers needs, more fast food outlets

Jennifer Wheeler Jennifer Wheeler 2:22 pm 04 Feb 18

Cate Newton did you know this??

Gordon Fairulegoat Everitt Gordon Fairulegoat Everitt 1:59 pm 04 Feb 18

Just needs one Corroborree frog...

Susan Salvi Susan Salvi 1:15 pm 04 Feb 18

Stupid idea!

Debbie Miles-Howe Debbie Miles-Howe 1:06 pm 04 Feb 18


Penny Cavanaugh Penny Cavanaugh 12:20 pm 04 Feb 18

😣 guess that little house will be knocked down too. 💔

Byron Carn Byron Carn 11:28 am 04 Feb 18

Don’t need it with the servo in Hume already there. It’s not like it’s a pit stop on a long drive

Frank George Osborne Frank George Osborne 10:09 am 04 Feb 18

Jess Harrison didn’t know about this? We know what is going there

Eryn Ayres Eryn Ayres 9:39 am 04 Feb 18

Why though? Who thought that was a good idea?

    Phillip Kmieciak Phillip Kmieciak 6:55 pm 04 Feb 18

    Maybe the owner of it. Wanting something from vacant land

Darren Hearn Darren Hearn 6:49 am 04 Feb 18

.... let's keep bulldozing Canberras heritage away...

    Phillip Kmieciak Phillip Kmieciak 6:54 pm 04 Feb 18

    What vacant land?! Did you read it at all? The pub will stay and the land split with the vacant land developed smh

Babs Mabbs Babs Mabbs 12:27 am 04 Feb 18

Will any animals lose their homes?

Alex Irons Alex Irons 12:07 am 04 Feb 18

There's a servo at Chisholm shops, AND one up the road at Hume. Bloody well leave it alone.

Margaret Freemantle Margaret Freemantle 10:58 pm 03 Feb 18

Greed, greed, greed - just leave it alone!!!

Michelle Toohey Weinman Michelle Toohey Weinman 6:34 pm 03 Feb 18

Julie Lee - of course! Fast food instead of Krack’d Peppa - we nearly had decent food there for a while .....

Carrie Wright Carrie Wright 6:19 pm 03 Feb 18

Does that mean the Pub will go?

John Moulis John Moulis 5:07 pm 03 Feb 18

(Banned from Facebook until Tuesday) Amanda – Manuka Oval is a heritage place but that hasn’t stopped them from building an ugly media centre there.

    Capital Retro Capital Retro 10:24 am 04 Feb 18

    A not-needed and incredibly expensive media centre at that.

    Only about 8,000 turned up for the PM’s eleven -v- England on Friday night. So much for the “high level” cricket support.

Amanda Evans Amanda Evans 4:08 pm 03 Feb 18

Isn't Rose Cottage a Heritage place?

    Nick Brightman Nick Brightman 7:38 am 05 Feb 18

    Did you read the article? They aren’t knocking it down.

    Amanda Evans Amanda Evans 1:11 pm 05 Feb 18

    No but if it is Heritage then the place (surrounding landscape views into and out) in which it inhabits is as well otherwise the value of that heritage is lost by encriaching development. Look at Hill Station - it has been so diminished by other developments encroaching on the place that it has virtually lost its unique character as a result.

    Only reason I asked.

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