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RSPCA desperate

By V8 Berlina with a three tier spoiler - 24 February 2008 47

There was more than a hint of desperation at the RSPCA’s marque at this years Royal Canberra Show.

When I was walking into the show on Saturday with the family, they had several people approaching people passing by the marque asking if they wanted to buy something. One lady approached me and asked if I wanted “to buy a key chain or shirt and support the RSPCA?” Knowing I would soon be carrying show bags and a whole heap of stuff, I politely said “no thanks, maybe on the way out“. RSPCA does good work so I really did intend to return, I just wanted to keep my hands free for a while longer. Instead of accepting that, she walked after me and in a slightly raised voice (probably because of my increasing distance from her), prompted “or perhaps something for the kids, it goes to a good cause“. I replied “give it a rest, the hard sell only infuriates potential supporters“.
On our way out, we passed the RSPCA marque again and I briefly considered stopping by. However, as I walked, a different woman was out the front with a brown box calling out to passers by, “free RSPCA keyrings”.
Not only are the RSPCA (ACT) using pressure tactics to attract customers, they’re now giving away stuff that were assumedly purchased using our donations, donations made to help the animals… not fund $2 keyrings that aren’t selling. That and the frequent TV adds of late cry desperation. Very disappointing, I use to donate often, now I’ll donate elsewhere.

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47 Responses to
RSPCA desperate
VYBerlinaV8_the_one_ 2:20 pm 25 Feb 08

I think the RSPCA should roll out a red carpet, and convey me to the stand on a golden chariot pulled by naked Nubian slaves, all the while bowing a chanting. Then I’ll buy a keyring.

ASP 2:06 pm 25 Feb 08

RA regulars will know I took some time off from contributing and have merely being reading RA after a little dispute last year. This post has prompted me to return.

I strongly beleive in the RSPCA and other groups that assist in the protecting of domestic animals and wildlife. I donate to RSPCA and my business assisted them some time ago. Berlina, I can say only one thing, give them a brake. I was at the show, they seemed stressed. Am I offended that when I got a couple of items, they didn’t smile at the checkout and seemed tired… no. The RSPCA is having to cope with an appreciable increase in demand for the services while at the same time are suffering the effects of less government funding and dwindling finances nationwide. Rather than punish them for being tired and in your case a little pushy and adding to the problem, become part of the solution. Donate and perhaps even spare some time to help at the shelter. Also, don’t just say you won’t give. That helps no one. Give Michael Linke a call and say you weren’t happy about the treatment you received. I’m sure he will take your feedback on board.

Mælinar 9:29 am 25 Feb 08

I agree, the RSPCA have changed their focus to cleaning up after human remains – those who know the show will know the reference I just made.

While they provide an essential service, it is probably up to them to strategically not provide it, to ensure Government funding, rather than pissing about with keyrings and the like, haggling with the general public over $2 purchases.

Duke 7:17 am 25 Feb 08

I’m a big fan of native wildlife, which used to be the main focus of the RSPCA in Canberra. I still donate, but I have a feeling most of my money goes towards people who won’t look after their cats and dogs properly. With pet ownership increasing, the RSPCA quite reasonably gets more pushy in their pursuit of funds.

ant 12:23 am 25 Feb 08

god, you are stupid! the keyrings they were selling were current stock! The keyrings they were giving away were OLD stock.

I think they’d decide that accepting money from such a sanctimonious peabrain would be more trouble than it’s worth.

V8 Berlina with a th 12:13 am 25 Feb 08

My problem is they were selling them one minute, giving them away the next. That indicates to me the did not originaly intend to sell them, in which case it indicates rash decision making and poor planning.
My other problem is pushy people, more pushier than a car sales man… my gosh.
The point is other charities don’t ct so desperate and get by, why should the RSPCA act so stupidly. It annoys me and makes me less willing to support over other charities whose work I support.

I gave $500 to Heart Foundation, $200 to Cancer Council and $500 to RSPCA last year. Because of the pushy attitude of the RSPCA, I think I will give their $500 else where to people who have being courteous in requesting support.

CanberraResident 11:24 pm 24 Feb 08

Annoys me when people say no to spending a couple of bucks for a good cause, but then proceed to the next Dagwood Dog caravan and spend ten bucks feeding their fat faces. Karma will get you one day.

Oh yeah, and did it occur to you that the free keyrings are just another way of getting the message across? It’s called advertising, and what choice did they have when scumbags just walk past without giving it a second thought.

May I suggest you start donating to the Heart Foundation?

ant 11:15 pm 24 Feb 08

And as Ari pointed out, the free keyrings were old stock from 2 years ago, someone probably found them and thought it’d be better to at least give them to someone rather than waste them and throw them away.

dalryk 10:20 pm 24 Feb 08

Erm, I must be missing something; a charity volunteer annoys you by trying to sell you something, BUT THEN, annoys you even more by giving it away for free!!! So now you’ll never give them money ever again.

WTF is your problem? OK, some rep annoyed you. But I don’t understand your issue with them giving away the rings later in the day. MAYBE, if you’d bought one you might have some legitimate gripe, but even then the whole point is the donation, not getting some crappy keyring. Complaining in that case would just be cheap.

But here’s the thing. You didn’t give them sh*t. So what have you lost? nothing. Assuming it was the end of the day, and they had a bunch of unsold keyrings that would otherwise be thrown out, you’d prefer that they DIDN’T give them away? cause that would somehow not be a waste of your previous donations?

Sina 9:56 pm 24 Feb 08

OMG, a desperate charity, I’ll make sure I never donate to them!

Give them a break, they use volunteers for those sort of things, as ant pointed out, the RSPCA as an organisation can’t control everything their volunteers say/do.

eh_steve 8:39 pm 24 Feb 08

Alot of times in charity companies will provide in kind support by producing similar items free of charge. Certainly the tactics are a bit ordinary, but that’s nothing new. It seems a bit much to publicly sledge them when you don’t even know if they paid for it.

V8 Berlina with a th 6:29 pm 24 Feb 08

I am a great believer in the work they do and have provided financial support for many many years. I also understand that times are tough for them, especially following the cuts to what little government funding the ACT branch received. However, their tactics were worse than that of a car sales man working on commission. I was polite and said later, that should be the end of it… it was last time I bought a car when I said I wanted to go away and think about it… no argument from the dealer, it wasn’t in their best interests. RSPCA should realise that.

Despite the tactics I would still donate, except then they started giving away keyrings, keyrings that were on sale as a fundraiser only an hour before. I donate in the hope that most of my money goes to the care of the animals, though I would expect some to go to admin and business costs as well. When I see them giving away keyrings, I see my past donations being given away rather than going to the animals under their care.

I like their work, but there are so many local organisations that do good work who act in more polite manor. I will also continue to give to the national RSPCA body, but will not give directly to RSPCA (ACT).

ant 3:50 pm 24 Feb 08

They’ll always be my number 1 charity. At least they do something vital. Sometimes the volunteers might get a bit carried away… that’s the drawback with volunteers, the organisation can’t exert as much control over them. And the volunteers largely make up the organisation, make it what it is. I think on the whole the RSPCA must be doing well in that department.

Ari 3:13 pm 24 Feb 08

A friend got one of the free keyrings – it was branded “RSPCA 2006”

jono1 3:10 pm 24 Feb 08

So a fantastic organisation is in financial trouble and are using whatever means they think they need to to get donations and stay afloat and so…you won’t support them? What, do you only support charities that have lots of cash already?

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