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Rudd gets tough on Tibetans, goes easy on mates

By Thumper - 22 April 2008 23

The SMH is reporting that Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has stated that “If any protesters, irrespective of their political point of view, engage in unruly, disorderly or violent behaviour, then the police will come down on them like a ton of bricks,”

ACT Chief Apologist Jon Stanhope also commented “It’s quite a blow to the innocence of our city but we must do it,”

And the Chinese goon squad will be present, even though Mr Rudd said definitely no, well, maybe, a little bit, well, actually , yes.

They really, really, don’t want to upset their Chinese mates do they….

What’s Your opinion?

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23 Responses to
Rudd gets tough on Tibetans, goes easy on mates
Thumper 8:42 pm 22 Apr 08

Both Rudd and Stanhope, as I have pointed out previously, could have saved face and withdraw the relay from Australia.

They didn’t.

If they had, I would have had more respect. As it is, they have lied and told half truths while all the time knowing that they would let the Chinese goons run along with the flame.

They could have quite simply said no.

Anyway, the fun begins on Thursday….

i’ll be ar work….

Thumper 8:37 pm 22 Apr 08

Special G, I know. I have photos of me using it as a baseball bat.

I was running security in those days.

freddie281 7:54 pm 22 Apr 08

There will be no Chinese “SECURITY” at the torch relay.

Special G 7:53 pm 22 Apr 08

Thumper- it’s not a Chinese Torch relay – it’s an Olympic one. When we had the Olympics the Australian Torch went all over the place as well.

tybreaker 7:48 pm 22 Apr 08

Hey, I just saw the remark against my name – Hooligan! I’ll take that as an upgrade on what I’m normally called, lol!

tybreaker 7:45 pm 22 Apr 08

I never have understood why the Chinese have a security team allowed to operate outside their embassy on Australian soil. And this just for a sporting event? This should have been an easy “no” by the government and leave the harder no’s or yes’s for bigger issues like protecting Chinese nationals. But protecting a gas torch? Nah, that’s just a spinal collapse on our part.

123qwe 7:08 pm 22 Apr 08

Do you really believe the Chinese security will not be next to the flame? Odds on they will be there.

tom-tom 7:00 pm 22 Apr 08

i agree with tap…..methinks the lady doth protest too much.

personally i reckon stanhope and rudd have got the balance on this issue just about right……the torch relay does go through town showing off all the good things the olympics has come to symbolise (and showing canberra in a positive light on goodness knows how many media outlets), there is plenty of oppurtunity for protest as well as security measures put in place to stop idiots from harming themselves and others.

its an impossible situation for the govt, you can’t please everbody, but i think they’ve picked the best solution.

Duke 6:14 pm 22 Apr 08

Rudd remains a shrewd diplomat. So far as I know Australia is the ONLY country to ban the Chinese security from running with the torch – a move the US and Britain did not even attempt.

Give credit where it’s due Thumper. If Rudd did a complete snub of the Chinese as some suggest, you’d be back here accusing him of risking exports! I reckon it’s great we finally have a leader displaying some balls – the Chinese won’t like that, but they will respect it.

Thumper 5:59 pm 22 Apr 08

Sorry, this post was yonks ago.

comment on the other one 😉

And yeah, I realise that Howard did the same. But Rudd said we’d have change, and, well, no we don’t. And we’re not talking about Howard because he’s not in power any more. Nor was there a Chinese torch relay when he was.

Duke 5:46 pm 22 Apr 08

Yeah you’re right, coz Deputy Sheriff Howard never kissed up to China or America, or got us into a war which is how many years old now……4-5-6 ???

I might also remind you that Rudd delivered a speech recently, in Mandarin, at a Chinese university on the subject of human rights abuses in Tibet – a first for any western leader.

Your post is misleading – Rudd said police would come down equally hard on the Chinese thugs, sorry, torch attendants, if they tried to engage in any security matters.

Skidbladnir 5:00 pm 22 Apr 08

@Jazz: now thats a decent tagline.

tap 4:50 pm 22 Apr 08

Thumper, how many ‘Rudd is letting the goons here!!’ posts are really necessary?

Jazz 4:48 pm 22 Apr 08

no rioting on the streets. riot here instead 🙂

Mr Evil 4:44 pm 22 Apr 08

Maybe the Chinese Govt. are threatening to send Harold Holt back if they don’t get their way? 🙂

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