Scabies toll at the prison hits 17

johnboy 14 September 2012 9

The Health Directorate is informing us that their scabies outbreak (the horrible flesh burrowing parasite) at the Alexander Maconochie Centre has risen to 17 confirmed cases:

“Scabies is an infectious skin condition which is common in the community but can spread rapidly through institutions where a large number of people live in close contact. As at 12 September 2012, 17 cases have been identified,” Dr Kelly said.

“The Action Plan for managing the scabies outbreak will make sure staff or detainees with signs or symptoms will be assessed and treated by the Hume Health Centre. All contacts of cases will be assessed and treated too.

“Contacts which included all detainees at AMC and any staff that had regular contact with detainees were treated last night,” Dr Kelly said.

“An ongoing surveillance plan will also be developed and implemented at the Hume Health Centre to monitor for new cases in the coming week.

“If further cases are identified, the Scabies Management Group will consider further interventions.

We bet all the sufferers are thrilled with the human rights compliance of the facility.

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9 Responses to Scabies toll at the prison hits 17
mirage3 mirage3 9:36 am 15 Sep 12

Makes me itchy just reading this.

AsparagusSyndrome AsparagusSyndrome 1:47 am 15 Sep 12

Mr Evil said :

I think bathing in kerosene helps.

And then a quiet cigarette out on the porch…

poetix poetix 11:56 pm 14 Sep 12

Just looking up and reading about the symptoms of scabies made me start itching.

I hope.

I see they are most active at night, which must make for lovely long nights for the inmates, scratching themselves, locked up in their cells.

Comic_and_Gamer_Nerd Comic_and_Gamer_Nerd 8:57 pm 14 Sep 12

bundah said :

So parasites are attracted to other parasites after all.

Haha lolling all over the place.

Mr Evil Mr Evil 7:41 pm 14 Sep 12

I think bathing in kerosene helps.

parle parle 7:25 pm 14 Sep 12

how awful for the staff. you can be infested but asymptomatic for weeks; bringing home ‘prison scabies’

Antagonist Antagonist 5:26 pm 14 Sep 12

These guys sure like to polish turds.

Alexander Maconochie Centre – Canberra Jail
Hume Health Centre – Doctors Office, Canberra Jail
Scabies Management Group – We hired a second doctor at the Canberra Jail.

bundah bundah 5:19 pm 14 Sep 12

So parasites are attracted to other parasites after all.

LSWCHP LSWCHP 4:22 pm 14 Sep 12

Horrible flesh eating parasites are burrowing into the bodies of the inmates at the AMC!! Oh dear!! How sad!! Never mind

But seriously, it couldn’t have happened to a more deserving bunch of blokes.

And the news that there even exists a body such as the deliciously named Scabies Management Group has absolutely made my day. What do have to do to end up in that job? Punch the boss?

“What do you do for a crust mate?”
“Manage scabies over at the slammer mate”

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