scams going around in Canberra

nevetsxof 5 December 2010 36

First post here….had a phone call 9pm Sat night from a very Indian sounding gentleman…’We are from official Windows Service provide, the software you have is about to expire…please pay us $60.00 and all will be well’……nice try sucker… but can you spell Linux?

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36 Responses to scams going around in Canberra
georgesgenitals georgesgenitals 11:49 am 07 Jan 11

I like it when the guys call where music plays for about 15 seconds. I gives me time to get out the guitar. I have a personal game where I try to play as many consecutive off key chords (2 beats each) in a row before they hang up. So far my best is 9.

p1 p1 11:33 am 07 Jan 11

Hey PLB, did you end up on the phone with them for long? Windows key + r brings up a box to run a program from a text command, so it was probably part of the “see that file there? it means you have a virus and need to give me money” type scam… Or maybe they wanted to get your system info so they new if you were a good target or not.

I wonder what they would say if I said my x286 was running windows 3.1? Or if I was using my iPad?

Or I should just say I am talking to them using VOIP, and that running anything will kill the phone I am talking to me on. Then tell them they need to call you back on your other line. Then give them the number for the anti spam hotline….

pink little birdie pink little birdie 5:37 pm 08 Dec 10

I told him it gave me the blue screen of death…. 🙂 so apparently I am restarting my computer.

pink little birdie pink little birdie 5:36 pm 08 Dec 10

he is on the phone to me now.
the connection is bad. I’m being blonde. he keep telling to press the windows key and r. and what does that do someone?

mr_wowtrousers mr_wowtrousers 9:08 pm 06 Dec 10

Screaming Banshee said:

“The unfortunate thing is that the people who are making the calls are just call-centre workers who are working off a script and most likely dont even know they are part of a scam.”

Horse shit. I worked with the ACCC for years and called a few of these centres. They know it’s a scam and they are willing participants. It’s like people who say “well those people in Africa need to do whatever they can to get out”. Bullshit. There are millions of people in Africa and India who are not involved with stealing and fraud.

They are fully aware, along with people running “horse betting software” scams out of the Gold Coast, that what they are doing is illegal.

Morelia Morelia 3:56 pm 06 Dec 10


I did the “there are no computers in this house” one. The sound of confusion was priceless.

homeone homeone 3:49 pm 06 Dec 10

Had a call on Friday – just hung up.

This afternoon I’ve had another one – ‘Marvin from Techmi’.

Let him do 30 seconds of his script and then interrupted and said I don’t have a computer. Confused response from ‘Marvin’… and then he hung up.

Hercsie Hercsie 1:41 pm 06 Dec 10

Would love to try this out on one of these callers:

Postalgeek Postalgeek 11:50 am 06 Dec 10

We just let our 2 1/2 year old answer the phone now. Best call filter I’ve ever had.

troll-sniffer troll-sniffer 11:44 am 06 Dec 10

I no longer get any calls. Admittedly I am on the Do Not Call list but that wouldn’t make any difference to scammers…

For a couple of years I have simply said “Can you hold on for a second” and before they have time to reply I throw the handset on the couch and wander off to continue what I was doing. Come back 5 or so minutes later, no-one on the line!

I had a woman from Accor Hotels who took offence at this approach and tried to wear me down with nightly phone calls, but after a week or so even she gave up.

Works a treat, has the advantage of wasting their time because they can never be sure I won’t come back, and only wastes about 3-4 seconds of my valuable time for each new occurrence.

mddawson mddawson 9:02 am 06 Dec 10

Here is another way to deal with them:

colourful sydney racing identity colourful sydney racing identity 8:50 am 06 Dec 10

cleo said :

just goes to show how dumb they and think that I’m ever dumber!


cleo cleo 9:15 pm 05 Dec 10

Screaming Banshee # 5

Of course they know what they are doing, when I had a call from them, I asked where they were ringing from, she said Brisbane, so I asked for the telephone number there, of course it was wrong, so I said to her you have too many digits, so she asked another operator and she gave me another number, of course it wasn’t Brisbane, just goes to show how dumb they and think that I’m ever dumber!

Mr Lubberlubber Mr Lubberlubber 8:16 pm 05 Dec 10

Pommy bastard said :

Slashor said :

I was disappointed when they called. I had heard of the scam beforehand and would have loved to spent as long as possible wasting their time but had someone to be. 🙁


Nice pickup. I enjoyed that one!

Skidbladnir Skidbladnir 8:07 pm 05 Dec 10

Grrrr said :

Website addresses for these guys come and go, and they don’t all want you to download a malware-laden file. Some simply want to sell you tech-support you don’t want or need.

I don’t need it to be valid forever and always, just valid for long enough to look around it and work out who is doing what.
I’ve heard of the “give us a credit card now and we can help you” and the “download and run this file, it will help” variants, but the accessing a website and running the file one should have some kind of usable information from my perspective.
(and in lieu of someone releasing 09-10 poker machine figures, following a digital breadcrumb trail will have to satisfy my curiosity/boredom while I’m housebound…)

creative_canberran creative_canberran 5:06 pm 05 Dec 10

If you really want to mess them around, just have this ready on the computer.

Loading one of these and sending back nonsensical responses, it’s amazing how long you can string them along.

lizw lizw 4:38 pm 05 Dec 10

We’ve had the phone calls 3 or 4 times now. Each time the script has been slightly different. The last one I passed over to my other half who is in IT. He’s been hanging out for one of these calls. He dealt with that one in a somewhat creative way. Next time I’ll try the LINUX line. I like the sound of that.

Grrrr Grrrr 4:02 pm 05 Dec 10

Skidbladnir said :

They want you in front of the computer so you can go to a website, and download a file.

A beer at the next RA event for whoever can provide this thread with both website and file (without running it, of course).

Website addresses for these guys come and go, and they don’t all want you to download a malware-laden file. Some simply want to sell you tech-support you don’t want or need.

I had one of the latter calls – the “run prefetch, how many files do you see? that means you have a virus and need to buy tech support from us” call. I played along for a while, got transferred to someone else, then when they asked me for my credit card number I told them I didn’t have one. The person I was talking to angrily complained to the first person “this is all your fault” then they hung up.

thom thom 3:45 pm 05 Dec 10

My dad does a funny trick where by he tells the caller “hold on I have something on the stove” puts the phone down and leaves it. He came back 10 min later and picked the phone up once and they were still there.

knuckles knuckles 1:18 pm 05 Dec 10

I love to say yes to any call centre callers. No matter what question they ask, I just keep saying yes. Some of them take a very long time to work out I am just stringing them along. The guy the other night got quite annoyed and asked me if I was just going to waste his time, why did I answer the phone. Got a laugh out of that one.

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