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I was in the underground car park of Monterey apartments in Reid and I noticed that there was a large amount of boxes stacked over a few car parks, I had a look and noticed that they all had L. Ron Hubbard printed on the outside. Then on Sunday there were about 10 people down there doing something to the pamphlets/books that were in the boxes, moving them into white vans and there was some guy filming it. I was down there again 2 hours and then 4 hours after first seeing them, they were still filming the whole thing (weirded out), Concerned face engaged!

I am guessing that Canberra is about to be flooded with scientology wizardry.

Just out of curiosity anyone got any idea what it was about?


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7 Responses to Scientologists?
farnarkler farnarkler 8:31 pm 31 Oct 11

Looks like quite a bit of merchandising there. A book for each of us? I certainly hope so as they burn so well in the bbq.

rebcart rebcart 8:29 pm 31 Oct 11

My understanding is that the $cieno organisation in Canberra is under new management as of ~1 month ago, after the previous person running the show failed spectacularly at boosting cult numbers. My bet is either this is new flyers and personality tests brought in to try and tap into Canberra’s under-exploited potential cult attendee market (hahah, good luck), or these are Dianetics books which will languish in a room somewhere when no new people actually materialise to buy them.

The footage will probably be used in internal propaganda videos to claim “Canberra’s scientology numbers are going through the roof!” (but with no facts to back that up, of course).

I could be wrong, I’m no scientologist. Either way, a great job spotting this.

toriness toriness 8:01 pm 31 Oct 11

scientologists have infested canberra for years – before i even lived here and was here on a uni trip, i was accosted by some in city walk and taken upstairs (above the music/games exchange place) in the bus interchange for a ‘personality test’, it was when they started telling me hubbard books could help fix my personality flaws – i realised what was going on and got the hell out of there!

krats krats 7:19 pm 31 Oct 11

25 Years From Now You Can Say… I was There, I Have The Photo’s To Prove It.

DUB DUB 12:41 pm 31 Oct 11

It was L. Ron Hubbard’s body parts in boxes, on their way to Scientology offices in various countries.
Filming was a part of their plan-“Take our demands serious or else Tom Cruise is next”, something like that.:-)

aidan aidan 12:37 pm 31 Oct 11

Just out of curiosity anyone got any idea what it was about?

Yes, but you’ll have to pay me $50,000 in 48 instalments over 4 years to find out.

qbngeek qbngeek 12:32 pm 31 Oct 11

No doubt it is some sort of Scientologist f***tardary.

I find it best to ignore them, although they still don’t go away.

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