Scrivener dam busted and the Zoo flooding?

bellemorte 3 December 2010 25

So my cousin is volunteer SES and he has just been called out urgently to Scrivener dam and the Zoo.

Apparently something has happened with the dam and the Zoo is flooding.

UPDATE: We hear the dam is fine.

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25 Responses to Scrivener dam busted and the Zoo flooding?
Pork Hunt Pork Hunt 6:28 pm 03 Dec 10

georgesgenitals said :

This is almost as exciting as when Halley’s Comet collided with the moon.

I was in Dubbo for a motorcycle event called the Comet Rally in 1986. Looked for the thing through a Green Ginger telescope but saw nothing, must have hit the moon before I got there…

thom thom 1:06 pm 03 Dec 10

Went past the dam early this morning (3am) and two gates are open letting water out of the lake. I also saw two water works people in the office there I guess they were keeping an eye on the whole thing. I got a decent photo of it and may post later.

georgesgenitals georgesgenitals 11:17 am 03 Dec 10

This is almost as exciting as when Halley’s Comet collided with the moon.

p1 p1 10:34 am 03 Dec 10

I love it when a thread about extreme weather results in a post about the unfair treatment of the ornamental fish industry.

Thumper Thumper 8:31 am 03 Dec 10

Run off from the arboretum blocked the drainage at the zoo causing flooding.

Nothing really exciting. SES crews were onto it by about 8-9.00pm last night.

I ended up dreaming of bloody sandbags after getting home at 1.00am or whatever it was…

Deref Deref 7:34 am 03 Dec 10

astrojax said :

does bunnings sell gopher wood..?

Yeah, but they don’t sell it by the cubit.

JessicaNumber JessicaNumber 6:23 am 03 Dec 10

The penguins can come stay with me if they need! They can swim in my bathtub and poop on my lawn. Poor pengies and other creatures, I hope they are all ok!

MJay MJay 12:25 am 03 Dec 10

Captain RAAF said :

Do they a piranha exhibit?

Govt and NGO’s need no help from the forces of mother nature to release exotics and translocate natives. Pity they don’t have the knowledge of any organisation like ANGFA.

All this goes on and yet BSG still find it necessary to clamp down on the ornamental fish industry… They needed an easy and convenient target and they found one.


Aeek Aeek 11:26 pm 02 Dec 10

The ground outside the parkway fence of the zoo gets especially soggy, that water is coming from somewhere.


rogerthat rogerthat 10:43 pm 02 Dec 10

It’s a zoo AND aquarium – they’re not fussed by a little excess rainwater.

Wraith Wraith 9:27 pm 02 Dec 10

Pommy bastard said :

I only hope the drop bears are safe…

Don’t forget the KangaWallaFoxes.

TP 3000 TP 3000 9:25 pm 02 Dec 10

This evening a Rural Fire Service pumper was at the Zoo.

According to the ACT Police twitter feed, there was a dam burst at the cycle track which forced the closure of Uriarra Road at the intersection of Cotter Road. Which could of been the reported dam burst.

Pommy bastard Pommy bastard 8:34 pm 02 Dec 10

I only hope the drop bears are safe…

grunge_hippy grunge_hippy 8:33 pm 02 Dec 10

i dont see how the zoo would flood from the dam, being up on the hill and all…

androo androo 8:27 pm 02 Dec 10

I just got home from there – nothing to see. two pipe valves open, no gates, no failures

The Frots The Frots 8:26 pm 02 Dec 10

Jivrashia said :


I said earlier today:

A little ‘accident’ at the Scriviner Dam will do the job.

Yeah…………..sure you didn’t!

If the north is anything to go by, I’d say they are starting to line up in two’s by now waiting for my neighbours ark (which I swear he’s been building this week!).

Aeek Aeek 8:23 pm 02 Dec 10

The Scrivener car park was popular this evening. I detoured and noticed that the outfall was all on the Zoo end of the dam. Might be something in it.

olfella olfella 8:22 pm 02 Dec 10

The zoo is higher that the dam….

Growling Ferret Growling Ferret 8:12 pm 02 Dec 10

Either 2CC or ABC reported around 5:45 that there was flooding in a number of animal enclosures at the Zoo. There was no suggestion the dam had suffered any issues.

chewy14 chewy14 8:03 pm 02 Dec 10

I was just down there but all I could see was this wooden boat floating down the river with all the animals on board.

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