Search for the best Nachos in Canberra City

lisagrace 30 January 2008 57

After (half) eating the worst Nachos I have ever had at the new Babar’s on Bunda street last week, I am now on the hunt for the BEST Nachos in the city.

A friend has always gone to machiattos however last time was very dissapointed.

Any reccommendations would be greatly appreciated. 🙂

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57 Responses to Search for the best Nachos in Canberra City
damnintellectuals damnintellectuals 10:49 am 31 Jan 08

I have to say, after reading this thread and looking through the Zambrero website, there is no Mexican food in Canberra. Even the Americanized version of Mexican looks dodgy. Maybe I should open a tortilla factory.

Bells Bells 10:35 am 31 Jan 08

I found something like a pubic hair in my lemon tart at Babars on the weekend. Disgusting.

Jonathon Reynolds Jonathon Reynolds 10:06 am 31 Jan 08
Stung Stung 10:01 am 31 Jan 08

who’s rubbish idea was it to put sour cream on nachos? Guacamole will do thank you very much.

spacecaddy spacecaddy 9:14 am 31 Jan 08

Ha ha I remember the doghouse! but my memories of it are blury (possibly alcohol related) Checkers at belco is still going stron. Montezumas is closed on london circuit and is closed in Woden now so no more Monte’s in Canberra.. which I dont think will be missed cos their beef tasted like tuna!!

The little Zambrero store in Braddon kicks arse! (try asking for broken chips in your burrito with salsa verde and the corriander salsa) I think its going to be the next great Canberra institution, is it a franchise or just a one of store?

Pandy Pandy 7:48 am 31 Jan 08

Talking about the new Barbars, why is it that when there a/c broke down, they would not place water on hte table or offer ice in the drinks?

Jonathon Reynolds Jonathon Reynolds 1:53 am 31 Jan 08



I guess the nature of Civic changed over time.

I remember places such as the Doghouse on Lonsdale Street at the Caltex (I think it was an Ampol in those days). That was a Canberra institution.

Dolly’s at the ANU may still be around… There was also a food van known as Ralph’s at the BP in Woden (Melrose Drive). Not sure if Checkers at Belconnen is still going.

Often being the “designated driver” meant that I learnt what actually tasted good and I tended to stick to favourites.

burninator burninator 11:57 pm 30 Jan 08

Nachos are never complete without beans AND meat AND sour cream AND guacamole.

The only place I ever got all of the above was that little redback cafe under the hippo – and I think they’re gone now. Maybe. If not, hurry for tasty goodness!

simbo simbo 10:17 pm 30 Jan 08

And Machiatto’s was solely responsible for the demise of the FIRST Gypsy bar (the one on the bus interchange).

I dunno what was responsible for the demise of the one that opened over King O’Malleys…

simbo simbo 10:13 pm 30 Jan 08

Montezumas moved out of london Circuit a while ago – they consolidated the two venues as one place in Woden. Still do fishbowl margeritas, though!

Fluges Fluges 9:37 pm 30 Jan 08

Machiatto’s was solely responsible for the demise of the Gypsy Bar. I would never be seen dead inside the place.

Fiona Fiona 9:16 pm 30 Jan 08

ugh nachos are … well gross.. but then I don’t think i’ve ever had mexica out that can beat an old el paso taco kit. nothing’s eve4r fresh, always overpirced… and even if you are plastered on coronas or similar, you’ll be left wanting for more food and find it even more overpriced. meh

ant ant 8:59 pm 30 Jan 08

Nachos at most bars etc in the US are horrible. A pile of doritos or similar, a sprinkle of sliced jalapenos, and then someone’s gone over it and squirted that liquid orange cheese all over it! Ugh.
Nachos Grande are more like what we’re used to here, with a pile of spiced beef or refried beans, and all the trimmings.

realityskin realityskin 8:50 pm 30 Jan 08

err.. Montezumas on London Circuit..

Danman Danman 6:38 pm 30 Jan 08

They must havce a small oven. When I was a chef we had a huge fan forced gas jobbie that probably weighted about a ton. Just before “service” I would crank it to its max (280-ish) and we would be opening that door every 5 minutes to put stuff in/take it out….Salmon steaks, beef cuts, stuff like that.. never had a temp problem… I can see how it would be frustrating getting the call 1 hour later to say that your nachos were soggy though…maybe that was a catalyst to ceasing…

grundy grundy 5:57 pm 30 Jan 08

Thanks for clarifying that denzy!

I remember getting nachos there after a late mixed netball game on Wednesdays.
Back then they were still doing the nachos in the oven and were pretty damn good.

I didn’t realise they stopped doing that, since I moved a suburb further north and it isn’t as convenient as it used to be. (Lived in Haig Tower, so it was across the road!)

denzy denzy 5:50 pm 30 Jan 08

Ahah I can sort out the nacho story at Zambrero atleast! Zambrero is fab, have been going since the braddon store opened and used to get the nachos that used to go under the oven and were for my money the best nachos you could find in Canberra.

The owner of the store said that when the store gets really busy(like everydamn lunch time these days!) that they didnt have the time to keep putting nachos in the oven for 5 minutes at a time, too many people had to wait. He was also disapointed that so many people kept eating the nachos like an hour after they were made and complained that they were soggy… it was kinda cute he got so worked up about this point, almost like the burrito nazi! Anyway he promptly removed the nachos from the menu for the above reasons and called them chips and dips to be a side for tacos and burritos (which rule supreme!)

Although we cant get nachos there anymore I was pleased that they opened up another store in the city (next to pancake parlour), and there was a whole new range of hot sauces that they make out of fresh chillies themselves!

My fav burrito: grilled Chicken, rice, pinto beans, corriander and corn salsa, spanish onion, sour cream, no cheese, some jalapeno sauce and some chipotle sauce and an extra squeeze of lime! YUM!!

So moral of the story, although Zambrero is hands down the king of mexican food in Canberra, dont go there looking for nachos or you might get a… “No nachos for you!.. come back 3 years!!”

PS I dont know why the Tango drink has been ommited from the city store, gotta get that tang!!

MelonHead MelonHead 5:22 pm 30 Jan 08

JR you remember Dangerous Dan the Taco Man! I used to do the odd shift at that servo. They were awesome burritos. I wonder what happened to The Tampico Hut and the Jilly’s Hot Dog Diner at the other end of the site?

toriness toriness 5:05 pm 30 Jan 08

i am so going to have to have homemade nachos for dinner now 🙂

toriness toriness 5:04 pm 30 Jan 08

don’t know if they still offer it but you keep a cheap good plate of nachos at transit bar for about $5-6

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