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Secret UFO/ NATO/ US Base underground at Lawson!

By Thumper - 28 April 2006 29

Okay, I’ll admit I am interested in UFOs and things that go bump in the night.

However, i found this little gem the other day which tells us that the old Navy station at Lawson is actually a secret NATO base and has all sorts of things to do with the US Government, NASA, CIA, FBI, (name your own consiratorial organisation).

Apparently the place is called ‘The Sheep Paddock’. I ask, by whom? Not anyone in Canberra.

I especially love this, it is ‘located beneath an actual pasture in the Great Dividing Range near Canberra. Within the field are several antennae arrays and a small cinderblock security building that houses the elevator to the underground command post. There are at least three stories underground, one source said. On the third level, staff members man computer terminals.

Now, having lived in Canberra for a fair while I am pretty sure that it’s just an old Navy comms station. And imagine the uproar coming from the Comrade if it were found that it were not!

Article is here but you need to scroll down to find it.

What’s Your opinion?

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29 Responses to
Secret UFO/ NATO/ US Base underground at Lawson!
Ralph 11:59 am 28 Apr 06

The three antennae are scheduled to be dismantled in the near future – with the site ultimately being coverted to housing.

Some clowns in Belconnen were calling for the site to be world heritage listed. Twits. The antennas are an eyesore.

Thumper 11:43 am 28 Apr 06

VK is a model of Commodore…

vg 11:33 am 28 Apr 06

VK is part of the Police callsign in NSW

terubo 11:09 am 28 Apr 06

What’s your callsign, Maelinar? VK1—?

Spectra 10:38 am 28 Apr 06

Les – Funny you should ask about the ex-houses on the site – I was just looking at google earth the other day and pondering the same thing. A bit of further digging turned up this page which gives a bit of a rundown of the site’s history, including the village that used to be there and its subsequent removal.
Also makes passing mention of the inground copper etc.

Maelinar 10:30 am 28 Apr 06

Les, you are correct regarding the lining, it’s a process called antenna duping.

For example, the Telstra Tower is 3 times as deep underground as it is above ground. (A proper antenna). In real terms, it’s not generally normal to dig an antenna 3 times as deep underground as it is overground, so you need to trick the antenna into thinking it is.

In basic terms, you shove a whole lot of electrically conductive wires around the place and allow it to form a false ground plane, which will then ‘trick’ the antenna into thinking it’s got all that extra space to transmit from.

It’s all very exciting stuff, especially when you get it to work…

vg 10:28 am 28 Apr 06

VLF antennas also put out a lot of power and radiation. They need a lot of space around them. There were a lot of other smaller antennas on the site as well. Belconnen was the transmitting station, Harman the receiving one.

Apparently when they first fired up a cat ran across one of the exposed ground power lines and was evaporated

Sssanta 10:21 am 28 Apr 06

Didn’t one the RA lads go for wander there one night?

Thumper 10:16 am 28 Apr 06


got some work to do now….

Ari 10:13 am 28 Apr 06

Five in a row! Thumper’s on a story-posting spree.

Les Whinin 10:03 am 28 Apr 06

Conspiracy theories aside, I am interested in what WAS on that base at some stage. If you check google earth there is a lot of vacant space that looks like it has been occupied at some stage. Could have just been housing for staff, but interesting that all of the sites have been stripped completely bare.

Also, (and I’m not sure how true this is) I recall hearing/reading somewhere that the ground of the base has been lined with lead and other metals to act as reflectors for radio signals. Can anyone confirm/deny this?

Thumper 10:00 am 28 Apr 06

Stop demonstrating your undoubted skills in this field.

Actually RAAF Base East Sale has such a facility.

I want to hear about UFOs and little green men wandering around Ginninderra Creek.

Someone? Anyone?


Maelinar 9:55 am 28 Apr 06

Do you really really want me to ?

Actually, your assumption is actually closer to the truth. Naval communications are at low frequency, which is one of the few types of Electromagnetic Radiation that can pierce the resistance of a huge body of water (aka the sea), hence the lower down the scale of the Radio Frequency spectrum you must go.

The problem with going lower down the RF spectrum is you need longer and longer antenna, as the wavelength of the radio wave gets bigger and bigger.

Hence why they have big huge antenna’s out in the middle of the field.

That’s about it in very crude laymans terms, without getting too scientific and blowing everybody out of the water (pardon the pun).

“Ahoy there” Maelinar.

Sssanta 9:51 am 28 Apr 06

Can I have my tin foil hat back che?

Thumper 9:43 am 28 Apr 06

This was just a humour piece as it is Friday.

However, if anyone wants to prove that it exists, be my guest…

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