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Secret UFO/ NATO/ US Base underground at Lawson!

By Thumper 28 April 2006 29

Okay, I’ll admit I am interested in UFOs and things that go bump in the night.

However, i found this little gem the other day which tells us that the old Navy station at Lawson is actually a secret NATO base and has all sorts of things to do with the US Government, NASA, CIA, FBI, (name your own consiratorial organisation).

Apparently the place is called ‘The Sheep Paddock’. I ask, by whom? Not anyone in Canberra.

I especially love this, it is ‘located beneath an actual pasture in the Great Dividing Range near Canberra. Within the field are several antennae arrays and a small cinderblock security building that houses the elevator to the underground command post. There are at least three stories underground, one source said. On the third level, staff members man computer terminals.

Anyone see some holes in this theory already?

Now, having lived in Canberra for a fair while I am pretty sure that it’s just an old Navy comms station. And imagine the uproar coming from the Comrade if it were found that it were not!

Article is here but you need to scroll down to find it.

What’s Your opinion?

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29 Responses to
Secret UFO/ NATO/ US Base underground at Lawson!
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bonfire 12:32 pm 29 Apr 06

you also see great mobs of roos roaming around the site.

RandomGit 1:51 pm 28 Apr 06

Your doing just fine Dan.

I found that place great for ‘parking’ in my university days. I told so to all my friends, the ones with cars.

Then I would ride my pushbike home and cry myself to sleep, alone.

smee 1:44 pm 28 Apr 06

Oh, it’s “PCB” Polychlorinated Biphenyl. See the Wikipedia entry.

smee 1:41 pm 28 Apr 06

The 3 antennas actually formed a top loaded vertical, not a dipole. The wires in the ground were the groundplane for it. It was basically a shortend 1/4 wave vertical antenna very like those 15cm long small whips on UHF CB, only a tad larger.

I used to live in McKellar as well. The 44Khz transmitter was’t a problem. The 30 other HF services on the site, most running from 5 to 10 Kw caused the most problems. I had to replace the switching diodes in my HF rig due to several years of constant bombardment. (cue bad marvin jokes here…)

DaNmAn 12:59 pm 28 Apr 06

Linky. Is a more detailed look at history etc

God I hope my raw HTML skills are up to this without a preview or edit button

Ralph 12:50 pm 28 Apr 06

Here is a link to the ABC story on the planned dismantling of the belconnen towers.

Link. Should be more detailed info out there but I can’t be arsed looking for it.

DaNmAn 12:44 pm 28 Apr 06

PS.. Land and buildings owned and operated by boeing, Ph 6241 4922. As well as the PBC Oil on site ( a cancer hazard at most industrial abandonments ) I seem to remember that in the early 90’s they were discussing wether or not to build here and it was revealed that asbostos sheeting was buried on site, and in fact there are warning signs all over the shop RE asbestos if you go up there now. So ner. PS How boring am I ?

DaNmAn 12:39 pm 28 Apr 06

Back in about 1997 that station used to be active.
the 3 x 600 ft antennas were joined by a single stand of wire ( the antenna ( dipole /tripole?? ) but anyway, it caused havock for mackellar AM cb users and would block out a whole channel and splatter each channel either side of it for most of belconnen. I went for a walk up there about 6 months ago, ill post pikkies when i get home…. and as for VK being a copper call sign and a commodore, there used to be a guy called VK308-shane in Kaleen that I used to converse with. My callsign back then…. The Heretic Dan, I quit cb around the time people started calling me the “Hairy D*ck Dan” lol

Mr Evil 12:29 pm 28 Apr 06

It’s all true! The US Navy and NATO own the land, and are using the base for military experimentation. They are currently creating a new breed of “super soldier” by crossing a human with a goat and a dolphin.

Elvis also flies the UFO which lands there every night at around 11pm delivering pizza and beer to the personnel based there.

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