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Seditious bogans should swing for this

By johnboy - 14 August 2011 110


It seems we have been noticed by the nutters from “Just Grounds” which is rather the opposite of the ancient Chinese curse “May you come to the attention of powerful people”.

They have sent forward an emissary Julie Coker-Godson who had this to say in the comments last night:

@johnboy: My name is Julie Coker-Godson and I will be one of the participant “crazies” you speak of in the forthcoming Convoy of No Confidence in the Federal Government to take place on the 22nd/23rd August next. As such, I am better placed than you are to be telling people what is taking place. Firstly, and let me make this abundantly clear, there is NO intention of a blockade. Never has been. Secondly, the Convoy is about a range of issues, including all the failed policies of this incumbent Greens/Labor Government, not just the carbon tax. The people in this Convoy come from all walks of life, farmers, cattlemen, small business, trucking businesses, et al. I am coming from the South Coast by car and will be filtering in with the Convoy at Hall. I’m glad though that you recommended people go to the justgroundsonline community link. That way, people will be able to read for themselves the preparations and intentions of the organisers of this Convoy. On this site, they will get the information “from the horses mouth” and not from excitable sensationalising commentators. Cheers, Julie C-G

Aside from being traitors to the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Australia these people are also devious and dishonest, which is why it’s very hard to understand what they’re on about when reading their websites aside from “the vibe of the thing”.

But I’ll cast you back to the statements that kicked this off by Marlee Ranacher speaking to the media on their behalf:

She backed plans by the convoy organisers to stage a sit-in in Canberra and to hold the city in gridlock until the Government, its supporters or the Governor-General agree to a new election.

While their website appears to be ashamed of their aims (to the extent they are obfuscated, aside from the bit they missed, the name of the site), and their petitions are legion (and the more extraordinary have disappeared) the petition they still link to is here.

As you can see in the screenshot above the purpose of this protest is to force the collapse of a government which still commands the elected parliament.

I’m not a fan of the Gillard Government. If it were to fall to legitimate processes I would shed not one tear.

But here’s the thing.

If these idiots succeed in their stated aim it will destroy Australian democracy.

Once it just takes a few thousand angry griefers getting in their cars to achieve a coup d’état we’re pretty much done as a country where people get to elect their government.

We’re a country of nuts, it’s a great thing, but you can get 10% of Australians to believe pretty much anything.

Use your imagination, consider what happens if everyone starts acting like this. If it takes just some tens of thousands out of a country of millions to bring down a government?

They might think that they’re garden variety bogans Australians, but for mine no amount of dislike of Julia Gillard justifies their aims.

Protest against any specific policy you like, if the elected parliament is unable to command its houses let it fall.

But there’s nothing as un-Australian as an angry mob bringing down a government.

In the sort of Australia they’re trying to create (lacking understanding of consequence) they’d hang as traitors from every lamp post on Commonwealth Avenue.

For the sane there’s an election in 18 months or so. Vote for whomever you wish.

What’s Your opinion?

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110 Responses to
Seditious bogans should swing for this
phototext 12:05 pm 14 Aug 11

“JB, how many times must it be pointed out to you that this government is NOT an elected government? The Libs and Nats won one more seat than Labor, therefore under the party based system of democracy we have, the majority leader in the House of Representatives – Tony Abbott – should now be prime minister.”

Another person who does not understand how our Federal Parliamentary system works and has been drinking the Bolt and Jones branded cool aid.

If the system to elect a Federal Government worked as you say then Tony Abbott would be Prime Minister, but it doesn’t work like that. If the Liberal/ National Coalition thought that they had a legal right to form government then they would have taken the issue to court but seeing as they understand how it works, unlike some, they realise that such an action is a waste of time.

An election was held, the people voted, a government was formed. The Liberal/ National Coalition had an opportunity to form Government and where at a distinct advantage by having one more seat in their favour but where unable get the numbers.

Our system is not about who has the most seats but who can form Government and in most cases they are one in the same, but last election they where not. Welcome to our form of democracy.

Its not that hard to understand. Grow up and get over it. You will have an opportunity at the next election to cast your vote.

johnboy 11:45 am 14 Aug 11

They’re not “voicing concerns”, their stated aim is to bring down the government in a way that, if successful, will see it repeated by every other bunch of nuts.

Kiron2222 11:45 am 14 Aug 11

Wait, what if some Politicians come out with guitars and challenge the Convoy hillbilly’s to a guitar-banjo play off. Will that earn the Government some respect?

I guess the guys in deliverance still got killed despite the guy’s great guitar playing 🙁

The Frots 11:43 am 14 Aug 11

johnboy said :

When Tony Abbott can pass a motion of no confidence, in the elected parliament, he can form a government.

Otherwise he has to wait. That’s how Australians do things.

And that sums it up really. We have a process – and we are the first to condemn other countries for doing exactly what is planned here.

Like everyone else here, I have a vote. I would prefer to lose my vote amoung the 22 million rather than have no vote within a crowd of 10K!

Skyring 11:42 am 14 Aug 11

But there’s nothing as un-Australian as an angry mob bringing down a government.

I dunno. Just last year Caucus destroyed Rudd.

johnboy 11:41 am 14 Aug 11

If they don’t like being taken at their word they should change their words.

Skyring 11:40 am 14 Aug 11

The petition quoted in the OP demonstrates a remarkable lack of knowledge of constitutional processes. The only mechanism which can be used to dissolve both houses of parliament – short of a bucket of sulphuric acid about the size of Fyshwick – is the double dissolution mechanism of s57, whereby a bill has to be rejected twice by the Senate, with three months intervening. That trigger does not yet exist.

So we’re stuck with a busload of Greens in the Senate for at least the next six years, which is a problem for either Labor or Coalition governments. And given that a lot of Australians voted for or are in broad sympathy with the Greens, this isn’t any sort of threat to democracy.

Neither Gillard nor Abbott can command a majority of seats in the lower house. All it takes is one of the crossbenchers to change his mind – and I know that Andrew Willkie is the one the ALP trembles over – and Tony Abbott will be PM immediately instead of having to wait for the next election.

Should Abbott become PM after a vote of no confidence in Gillard, he would immediately advise the Governor-General to hold an early election, and very likely she would grant his request.

It is conceivable that forcefully expressed opposition to the shenanigans of the Gillard government would induce one of the crossbenchers to support a motion of no-confidence. Or it could occur another way, with Rudd claiming health problems to absent himself from Parliament in order to see Gillard toppled.

What I find distasteful in some of the comments here are the labels being applied to those supporting the protest convoy. These are fellow Australians voicing legitimate concerns, and their votes count as much as anyone else’s.

arescarti42 11:39 am 14 Aug 11

Calm down JB, think about what the likely outcomes of this convoy are.

Worst case scenario there are some traffic delays on Monday morning pissing some locals off, and the rest of Australia gets to hear about it in a 30 second bit on the evening news before the crazies go back to where they came from.

The brilliant thing about bogans is they are very loud but generally disinclined to actually do anything. Think about it, how many people are actually going to forgo a weeks income and drop potentially thousands of dollars on fuel and accommodation for what is ultimately only symbolic gesture?

johnboy 11:20 am 14 Aug 11

When Tony Abbott can pass a motion of no confidence, in the elected parliament, he can form a government.

Otherwise he has to wait. That’s how Australians do things.

John Moulis 11:17 am 14 Aug 11

JB, how many times must it be pointed out to you that this government is NOT an elected government? The Libs and Nats won one more seat than Labor, therefore under the party based system of democracy we have, the majority leader in the House of Representatives – Tony Abbott – should now be prime minister.

Gillard is now in power due to an independent – Rob Oakeshott – who was elected by roughly 20,000 people in one electorate in NSW. The other independents plus one Green propping up Gillard were also elected by similar numbers. The independent from Tasmania who is demanding poker machine reform which will cripple our club industry actually came third in his electorate on first preference votes.

So please don’t roll out anymore of this guff about democracy. We had a democratic election and the will of the people was usurped. Oh and incidentally, the next election is not “18 months away”.

The last election was held on 21 August 2010 meaning the 43rd parliament’s term expires on 21 August 2013, more than two years away. Gillard doesn’t have to call an election until 21 December 2013 and you can bet your bottom dollar she and the independents will be desperate to cling to the trappings of office for as long as possible because they know they are shot ducks when we finally get our chance to pass judgement on her and her rotten mates.

Ben_Dover 11:16 am 14 Aug 11

OMFG! They have the “Convoy” track on their website.

Truckers form a mile long “convoy” in support of a trucker’s vendetta with an abusive sheriff…Based on the country song of same title by C.W. McCall. “Convoy” is a 1975 novelty song performed by C. W. McCall (pseudonym of Bill Fries) that became a number-one song on both the country and pop charts in the United States.

Just the sort of living in th pats, tasteless, dumb@ss sh!theels we want deciding when our Government should resign.

Seriously Julie Coker-Godson please don’t embarrass our country further.

Kiron2222 11:04 am 14 Aug 11

I’m up for it if the re-elected parliament was filled with politicians who actually cared about the country and the people’s in it well being instead of pandering to lobby groups, filling their own coffers with cash and playing the game of thrones, but that is sure as hell never going to happen.

Kicking out a Parliament and throwing a new one in is going to do absolutely nothing without any sort of reforms on what Politicians can do when it comes to pandering to businesses and lobby groups that support their own financial agenda or the cross party collusion we see when ever something like spending scandals appear, it’s always interesting to see ex-politicians jump into positions of power with multi-million dollar jobs within major institutions that they were supposedly regulating while in Government.

Ben_Dover 11:01 am 14 Aug 11

I love you johnboy, will you have my babies?

Thumper 10:52 am 14 Aug 11

Actually, I’m looking forward to severed heads on pikes lining the Commonwealth Avenue bridge.

Thumper 10:50 am 14 Aug 11

Completely and utterly agree 100%

And I’m no fan of the current government either.

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