Seeking reliable pest control in Canberra?

Cyph 10 January 2012 11

Recently moved in and am looking for pest control to be done at the new place.

There are stacks of options online, with quotes varying quite a bit, so I was wondering whether anyone could recommend a reliable pest control service in the area?

I’ve noticed a previous post on the topic but that was a few years ago so I was hoping for something more recent.

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11 Responses to Seeking reliable pest control in Canberra?
Rosemary Nicholson Rosemary Nicholson 6:29 pm 25 Feb 19

I called ACT Pest Control – ants were invading my house! Carl and his assistant arrived when Carl said they would. An area suitable to put down bait was identified. After a while the ants found the bait and now the ant problem has been resolved! Carl and his assistant were professional and polite. Thank you.

Maryann Mussared Maryann Mussared 6:04 pm 15 Apr 17

If you own the house, then you need to check regularly for termites! For the first time ever I had the outside sprayed for spiders after a bumper year for ‘reddies’ during my annual termite check. I got clear advice about the type of spray used as I have pets. I used Flick – not the cheapest but I was impressed with the training of the person who came and we had an interesting discussion about different spiders he found in the house and kindly despatched! I also got some good advice about the possible susceptibility to my fairly recently built wooden studio to termite attack . Some of the personal recommendations sound great, but just be sure what you want – spraying for ants, silverfish, fleas, white points inside, or reddies and termites outside – or both.

Maya123 Maya123 11:18 am 15 Apr 17

I have only had a pest exterminator in once, when I moved into a house full of silverfish. They were everywhere. The treatment worked well and they were gone. The following year the exterminator wanted to do a top-up. Ridiculous! Naturally I didn’t get this done, as the pest problem was now gone, and the next twenty plus years I lived in that house I never had a pest problem again. Same with my present house.

I prefer not to poison my living space if it can be avoided. Plus after the house is sprayed all the dishes etc need to be washed, and not being fond of housework, that’s something I would rather not need to do. I have a few spiders, but they don’t worry me. I sweep them up and put them out, or quash them in my hand, depending on species. I don’t see the need to spray for spiders, as they aren’t a serious pest. I have ants too, but I solved this problem by storing opened food in my pantry in sealed containers.

If you have something like silverfish, that is something that does need to be dealt with.

cathestrophic cathestrophic 7:28 pm 14 Apr 17

I have used ET Pest Control twice(now The first time was fine, but I had some spiders come back pretty quickly. When I tried to get in touch for warranty, no one called me back. I got an immediate call back when I pretended to be a new customer. He did respray though, and I was happy after that.

Gave him the benefit of the doubt and used him again.

Same thing has happened again. Have left messages and emailed and no reply since January.
Seems he got busy from RiotACT and has forgotten about customer service. I will be using Canberra Pest Control next time.

madamcholet madamcholet 3:59 pm 10 Apr 12

+1 Canberra Pest Control. So good we actually havent had to have them back for a few years,,,,whatever they hit them with is good stuff!!!!

RaTTyRaTT RaTTyRaTT 2:16 pm 10 Apr 12

Canberra Pest Control in Mitchell are excellent. I use them each year and they are great at keeping the insects/spiders and stuff at bay. Give them a call and say Ray sent ya. 🙂 They take care of me well.

dungfungus dungfungus 8:00 pm 20 Jan 12

Critter Ridder rules.

vtags vtags 6:04 pm 20 Jan 12

allyroger said :

I use Pete’s Pest Contol out of Yass. Good personal service from Eric, not in and out like the big guys. They might of changed their name to E T Pest Control but his number is 0427 001 133. (i live in the south BTW.)

I can second this Eric is an absolute gem when it comes to pest control.

Catty Catty 10:27 pm 10 Jan 12

Try First Choice. Mark is reliable and personablle and seemed very knowledgeable. Was recommended to me by someone else who found him through someone, so he is obviously doing something right

Mumbucks Mumbucks 2:21 pm 10 Jan 12

Check pest control worked for us. A number of years ago we had a lot of trouble with rats. CPC put in baits in the roof and under the house. We did a repeat a few years ago. They were professional and reliable.

allyroger allyroger 10:15 am 10 Jan 12

I use Pete’s Pest Contol out of Yass. Good personal service from Eric, not in and out like the big guys. They might of changed their name to E T Pest Control but his number is 0427 001 133. (i live in the south BTW.)

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