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Selection criteria writers in Canberra?

davjp 19 March 2013 44

Hi rioters, I am looking at applying for a promotion and have to do a selection criteria up. I’m awesome 🙂 but I’m not good at selling myself.

Has anyone used one of the many companies that write the criteria for you? If so any good ones to speak of?


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44 Responses to Selection criteria writers in Canberra?
devils_advocate 12:37 pm 20 Mar 13

kakosi said :

Once you get to the interview stage it’s up to you to sell yourself as people don’t get jobs because of well-written answers to selection criteria – they get interviews.


If I can offer another suggestion – in the absence of formal interview coaching, you can do informal interview practice, which I find helps a lot. People often tend to assume they will rock up on the day and what happens, happens. In fact, I find it’s like most other things, practice makes perfect (or, at least, significantly improves the outcome).

Find a ‘friend’ – preferably someone you don’t know – and have them invent some questions. Just generic ones, eg teamwork, role of this department, why you want this job, tell us about a time when… etc. Get them to ask you the questions. Then, practice telling your answers. Talking about your work and what you do for 45 mins is an endurance event you need to train for. Many people will pause, hesitate, use phrases like “you know” (NO! I don’t know! That’s why I asked you!) or just um and err a lot. The good news is, after a few practice runs, this stops. Better to learn these lessons in practice interviews rather than the real thing.

Also, it can sometimes be hard to explain what you do, as you’re so close to your own work that it’s hard to break it down enough to enable a stranger to understand. Have a set of multi-purpose anecdotes that say good things about your abilities, and practice re-telling them until you have it down (like Mr Orange in Resevior Dogs).

devils_advocate 12:41 pm 20 Mar 13

BimboGeek said :

mezza76 said :

I can spot a ‘generic app’ a mile away versus an application where someone has put a heap of work into it.

But it can take HOURS to respond to selection criteria. I understand that some jobs are very specialised and you want someone who has the exact skills, experience and interest. But why weed out a generic application for a generic job?

^This. Broad application of the 80/20 rule. Customisation was necessary for apps at around the EL1 level, I generally didn’t engage in clean-sheet drafting until EL2 level.

miz 1:26 pm 20 Mar 13

He he mysteryman, got me there about ‘strategise’ (see how insidious it is?!)

And no, I have personally not found writing SC difficult since entering the PS (hence my recent promotion) because I now know how to play the game. But I do resent having to waste my time doing so. And I still remember how damn hard it was trying to get into the PS in the first place, given the weird, standalone writing genre that is SC.

Pitchka 2:43 pm 20 Mar 13

devils_advocate said :

Pitchka said :

Lookout Smithers said :

As I understand it to get a promotion in the APS you only need to brown nose the boss. How hard can it be to otherwise? Gov Depts are run by some of the simplest folk around.

And this is why you are not employed in the APS, clearly, you are stupid.

Being stupid is not a barrier to employment in the APS or anywhere else. Nor is descending into personal insults when lacking a substantive argument, it appears.

You have been here long enough to know that insults and tyre slashing are what make me a Pitchka. Wake up moron!

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