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Serco Sodexho takes the axe to defence contractor’s pay

By johnboy - 8 September 2006 25

The Canberra Times has a horror story on the Anglo-French defence giant Serco Sodexho taking over a string of defence logistics contracts around Canberra.

Of course they won the bid by low-balling and as a result they’re asking the staff they’re taking over (because they don’t actually have their own people to do the job) to take a large pay cut for the privilege of being jerked around by a new contractor.

Well done Defence for a particularly badly managed outsourcing!

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25 Responses to
Serco Sodexho takes the axe to defence contractor’s pay
Big Al 3:00 pm 08 Sep 06

Some works have already started at HQJOC

Thumper 2:51 pm 08 Sep 06

All hippies should be laughed at, severely.

That is why they were put on this earth.

Thumper 2:50 pm 08 Sep 06

I’m a conservative socialist….

Mr_Shab 2:44 pm 08 Sep 06

Ooh Thumper! Don’t say bad things about the unfettered free market! That would make you a great big hippy!

On your tangent…I reckon it will open, and will be a massive white elephant.

Mr Evil 2:22 pm 08 Sep 06

“On a tangent, I reckon the Defence HQ outside Bungendore will never be built.


Haven’t tenders been opened for that yet?

Thumper 2:18 pm 08 Sep 06

The free market is great in principle but in the end it’s simply so the big end of town can reap in the profits.

On a tangent, I reckon the Defence HQ outside Bungendore will never be built.


Mr_Shab 1:59 pm 08 Sep 06

Thing is, there is a hell of a lot of intertia in low income jobs (people are too scared, too unmotivated, or have too little self esteem to apply for other jobs).

VY – you and I might be happy to chase the money, but in my experience, the lower down the payscale you are, the less likely you are to play your logical part in the free market.

Also – I reckon this sets a precedent that will drive down wages at other companies in this sector. The free market doesn’t work for the good of everyone – it has no morality – it just does its thing.

VYBerlinaV8 1:42 pm 08 Sep 06

Exactly. Let the market pressures do their thing!

bonfire 12:02 pm 08 Sep 06

I’d walk away.

When serco realise it will take 18 months to get an NV or PV for a gardener, they might pay their staff more realistically.

VYBerlinaV8 11:57 am 08 Sep 06

“yeah, like thats going to happen”

Well then we should be pushing our govt to do something about it. And they need to grow some balls.

Mr Evil 11:52 am 08 Sep 06

Brendan will sort them out, just like he’s got Kaman running scared over the (Not so)Super Seasprites!

che 11:42 am 08 Sep 06

yeah, like thats going to happen

VYBerlinaV8 11:28 am 08 Sep 06

…then it’s up to defence, with the Australian Government standing behind them, to take them to task for it. This is something that doesn’t happen enough in this town, and it’s the reason for a lot of crappy outcomes.

Thumper 11:08 am 08 Sep 06

Problem is, they won’t deliver….

VYBerlinaV8 11:05 am 08 Sep 06

Those people who don’t want lower pay are free to head to another employer. Most defence contractors are screaming for staff at the moment.

Then let SS deliver what they said they would. It’s called the free market, let it run it’s course.

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