SES put in the hard yards over Thursday and Friday

Thumper 6 November 2006 16

Nothing online but as you are aware canberra was hammered by a short sharp storm on Thursday and then follow up rain on Friday.

From what I can recall the SES had somewhere in the vicinity of 250 call outs of which about 100 were attended to on the Thursday.

Crews were again out on the Friday to complete the job.

Disturbingly I read an article in Sundays CT about someone complaining about the response time it took to remove a tree from his property. As a member of the SES I would have to answer this by saying that we are a volunteer organisation, we were innundated with 100s of calls for assistance, and in a case such as this storm, priority jobs take precedent over non emergency jobs.

This is determined by recon crews who assess the urgency or danger of the situation and then allocate jobs accordingly. To put it simply, a roof with a tree laying on it will take precedent over a tree simply lying on someones front yard although we will attempt to clean up the latter as well.

As such those who may have thought the response time was slightly to long need to realise that we can only do so much in so much time. Crews were out for 9-10 hour shifts on Thursday and just as long Friday.

Well done the SES, the RFA, and the urban firies for getting out and getting it done.

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16 Responses to SES put in the hard yards over Thursday and Friday
ant ant 9:58 pm 06 Nov 06

Aren’t Australians becoming an amazing nation? They all buy into the bush myth, we are all swagmen and stockmen and bushies and hard bitten and laconic etc et-bloody-cetera, but in reality too many of us live in brick boxes and sit on our arses if something happens bleating for someone to come and save us. You see them everywhere, especially on the side of the road. If the mobile phone doesn’t work they are rooted.

snahon snahon 3:39 pm 06 Nov 06

One can never applaud the volunteer organisations enough.
In future, Perhaps when dealing with those kind of sulks, give them 30c and suggest they call lifeline.

Kerces Kerces 3:35 pm 06 Nov 06

Futto, if I remember correctly (but the Budget was a long time ago) the emergency services levy was going to mainly be used for buying new trucks and things. But I could have that wrong. It may have even just been going into consolidated revenue.

smokey2 smokey2 3:24 pm 06 Nov 06

The SES and RFS are a valuable asset but do not have the resources to provide service to everybody at the same time.
Ultimately disaster perparations and response are everybodies responsibility not just the emergency agencies. Clean up now and avert disaster!

barking toad barking toad 3:23 pm 06 Nov 06

I hope the lads keep a record of the whinger’s name/address so they can allocate the correct “priority” to him next time.

miz miz 3:21 pm 06 Nov 06

Good on you Thumper. Most people who have been helped think the SES are brilliant, so don’t let it get to you. I had them on my roof once in the middle of a scary storm to fix a flood situation. Nothing but praise.

futto futto 3:20 pm 06 Nov 06

Does my Emergency “levy” they included in my last rate rise, pay for these tree branch removals?

if so, then i suppose there should be some expectation that it would be completed in a timely fashion.

(i’m not defending his complaints just the idea that we should get something for our levy)

Thumper Thumper 3:07 pm 06 Nov 06

Ironically, I got home very late Thursday to find that I had a tree down in my front yard. It’s still there, I’ll get out the chain saw next weekend and turn it in to firewood. 🙂

CouldExpire CouldExpire 3:03 pm 06 Nov 06

What a tosser! Fancy whinging about a tree in his yard!
Get a life.. or better still why doesnt he become a volunteer with the SES or join a brigade and see how life is for us volunteers!

Keep up the good work Thumper!!

Spectra Spectra 2:54 pm 06 Nov 06

Christ, I had a tree come down across my driveway a few storms back – didn’t even occur to me to call the SES – just borrowed a mate’s chainsaw.
I’m with you, jb – too many whingers in the world who think they’re owed everything.
Good job Thumper et al. Good to know there’s people like you out there.

LurkerGal LurkerGal 2:54 pm 06 Nov 06

Hooray for the volunteers!

Thumper Thumper 2:54 pm 06 Nov 06

I should add that the statements by me are purely personal and may not be the views of ESA, or the SES.

Thumper Thumper 2:52 pm 06 Nov 06


his last comment was the clincher. He stated that during the 2003 fires he did not see one emergency vehicle.

Whinger? You make up your mind.

To be fair to ESA, Tony Graham was on the news pretty much all the time stating that crews were out and that there was a lot of damage and that priority cases need to be met.

bonfire bonfire 2:49 pm 06 Nov 06

i read that article and thought that he should buy a 50 buck electric chainsaw.

probably one of those ‘see a cow and milk it’ types.

johnboy johnboy 2:48 pm 06 Nov 06

Too bad the world is full of whingers who think it’s an entitlement to have volunteers come around to fix their houses.

terubo terubo 2:47 pm 06 Nov 06

Onya, Thumper! But too bad you’ve got to do the job that the SES’ PR Unit should have done hours ago.

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