Seselja tops ballot paper for Senate poll

Ian Bushnell 26 April 2019 84

Liberals Ed Cocks and Zed Seselja when Mr Cocks won preselection for Bean. Photo: Facebook.

Liberal Senator Zed Seselja topped the Senate ballot paper in a 17-candidate field for the ACT when the Australian Electoral Commission conducted its draw after the close of nominations.

The coveted No 1 spot on the ballot traditionally gives the holder an advantage over opponents, garnering the donkey vote on polling day.

But most, including Senator Seselja, have played down the value of the ballot position in an electorate as astute and well studied as the ACT, which has a relatively small ballot paper compared with states such as NSW.

Behind Senator Seselja and his running mate Robert Gunning are the Greens’ Penny Kyburz, who is pushing strongly to unseat the Liberal, and Emma Davidson.

Then follows Independents Anthony Pesec, arguably a ‘small l’ and ‘green’ liberal alternative who is also targeting Senator Seselja, and former Canberra Liberals president Gary Kent.

Labor’s Katy Gallagher, hoping to return to the Senator after falling foul of Section 44 of the Constitution and dual citizenship, is 13th on the ballot paper, with her running partner Nancy Waites.

There are four conservative candidates vying for the disaffected voter, with Fraser Anning’s Conservative national party’s Shane van Duren and Scott Birkett at seven and eight, followed by Peter Walter and Rebecah Hodgson for Clive Palmer’s United Australia Party.

Sustainable Australia, whose platform argues that the nation cannot support higher immigration and population, is running two candidates – John Haydon (11) and Joy Angel (12).

There are two more Independents at 15 and 16 – Nick Houston and Gary Cowton, while Kim David pulls up the rear for the Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group).

In the contests for the House of Representatives, the battle for Bean in the south has attracted the biggest field with eight candidates, the central seat of Canberra six, and Fenner in the north five.

In Bean, the Labor favourite, former senator David Smith is seventh on the ballot, and his main rival, Liberal Ed Cocks, is sixth.

In the redistributed seat of Canberra, previously held by Labor’s Gai Brodtmann, it looks like a three-way contest between Labor’s Alicia Payne (2), the Greens’ Tim Hollo (3) and Liberal Mina Zaki (4). Perennial Independent Tim Bohm tops the ballot.

In the north, sitting member Andrew Leigh (Labor) has drawn four and looks untroubled to hold the seat.

Independents, the UAP and the Australian progressives are also represented across the three ACT seats.

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84 Responses to Seselja tops ballot paper for Senate poll
Mac John Mac John 6:55 am 27 Apr 19

Put the Senator last

Kay Allen Kay Allen 11:07 pm 26 Apr 19

He should be last. Has done nothing for Canberra.

    Karna O'Dea Karna O'Dea 12:07 am 01 May 19

    He ousted Garry Humphries who did a lot for Canberra and then rested on his laurels as a dud.

Mark Chapman Mark Chapman 10:46 pm 26 Apr 19

OK, so when I vote, Zed will be vying with Fraser Anning’s henchmen, Clive Palmer’s stooges and Fred Nile's lackey for the coveted position of who I put last.

Neica Hall Neica Hall 10:27 pm 26 Apr 19

Last election he had "paid" volunteers handing out his how to vote cards

Charlie Drummond Charlie Drummond 10:27 pm 26 Apr 19

Saw him at Mawson today. Smug and relaxed. You won’t be smug and relaxed when you’re out of a job very soon.

Neica Hall Neica Hall 10:25 pm 26 Apr 19

Luckily ACT voters aren't stupid and Zed is well known and hated by most Canberra voters.

Nathan McGrath Nathan McGrath 10:19 pm 26 Apr 19

Lachlan Martin your mate

bj_ACT bj_ACT 10:12 pm 26 Apr 19

I rank Zed below the ACT Government and that says more about Zed than about ACT Labor.

Shane Reid Shane Reid 9:38 pm 26 Apr 19

Bugger. Toney right wing homophobe nut job his best mate

Michael McDonald Michael McDonald 9:31 pm 26 Apr 19


Bekah Glaz Bekah Glaz 9:28 pm 26 Apr 19

Everyone! Donkey votes are done from the bottom up!!

John Williams John Williams 8:51 pm 26 Apr 19

What a very apt description. “DONKEY VOTE”. Describes Zed to a “T”

Keran Niquet Keran Niquet 8:46 pm 26 Apr 19

He will certainly not get my vote!

Christopher Bennie Christopher Bennie 8:45 pm 26 Apr 19

He is rubbish

Deb Stevens Deb Stevens 8:42 pm 26 Apr 19

He’s smiling???? Amazing what politicians do for elections.


And I’m not going down the donkey vote line 😂😂

Vote below the line people!

    Anthony Pesec Anthony Pesec 9:32 pm 26 Apr 19

    As of 2016 voters can place their preferences on Senate ballots ABOVE the line too (ordering groups as they see fit).

    Consider putting #1 for me but, whatever you do, put Anning's "party" dead last (or don't even put a number in their box).

Jan Skorich Jan Skorich 7:51 pm 26 Apr 19

Don't be a donkey!

Matt Calder Matt Calder 7:31 pm 26 Apr 19

Zed the most unrepresentative politician the ACT has ever had.

Rob Sanders Rob Sanders 7:25 pm 26 Apr 19

Seems fitting that the donkey gets the donkey vote, but I honestly hope Canberrans are smarter this election and put Zed LAST.

Khalid Dana Na Khalid Dana Na 7:16 pm 26 Apr 19

Hopefully Pesec the independent will get in..... think he will be more of a voice for Canberra.

    Anthony Pesec Anthony Pesec 9:31 pm 26 Apr 19

    Thank you for your support Khaled and Dana. I hope to represent Canberra well in the Senate as in an independent with no party politics getting in the way of doing this (unlike the incumbents)

Kirrilee Ann Kirrilee Ann 6:51 pm 26 Apr 19

    Stephen Hodgkin Stephen Hodgkin 12:34 am 27 Apr 19

    Kirrilee Gentleman thanks, unfortunately I suspect thats too smart for most of the far right.

    Zed campaining alongside the rabbit in a Sydney electorate, sad thats all he's got...

    Other sad part is they say any advertising is good advertising so he's getting bonus exposure where he deserves nothing.

    I am sure Derek McLarnen will enjoy both the thread and your bonus video

    Derek McLarnen Derek McLarnen 7:30 am 27 Apr 19

    Ulrike Kohlmeyer I hope you get as much of a laugh out of this video, and especially some of the comments, as I did.

    Ulrike Kohlmeyer Ulrike Kohlmeyer 10:43 am 27 Apr 19

    Derek McLarnen terrifying that people actually still want to vote for him. There must be too much fluoride in the water at Warringah.

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