Seselja tops ballot paper for Senate poll

Ian Bushnell 26 April 2019 84

Liberals Ed Cocks and Zed Seselja when Mr Cocks won preselection for Bean. Photo: Facebook.

Liberal Senator Zed Seselja topped the Senate ballot paper in a 17-candidate field for the ACT when the Australian Electoral Commission conducted its draw after the close of nominations.

The coveted No 1 spot on the ballot traditionally gives the holder an advantage over opponents, garnering the donkey vote on polling day.

But most, including Senator Seselja, have played down the value of the ballot position in an electorate as astute and well studied as the ACT, which has a relatively small ballot paper compared with states such as NSW.

Behind Senator Seselja and his running mate Robert Gunning are the Greens’ Penny Kyburz, who is pushing strongly to unseat the Liberal, and Emma Davidson.

Then follows Independents Anthony Pesec, arguably a ‘small l’ and ‘green’ liberal alternative who is also targeting Senator Seselja, and former Canberra Liberals president Gary Kent.

Labor’s Katy Gallagher, hoping to return to the Senator after falling foul of Section 44 of the Constitution and dual citizenship, is 13th on the ballot paper, with her running partner Nancy Waites.

There are four conservative candidates vying for the disaffected voter, with Fraser Anning’s Conservative national party’s Shane van Duren and Scott Birkett at seven and eight, followed by Peter Walter and Rebecah Hodgson for Clive Palmer’s United Australia Party.

Sustainable Australia, whose platform argues that the nation cannot support higher immigration and population, is running two candidates – John Haydon (11) and Joy Angel (12).

There are two more Independents at 15 and 16 – Nick Houston and Gary Cowton, while Kim David pulls up the rear for the Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group).

In the contests for the House of Representatives, the battle for Bean in the south has attracted the biggest field with eight candidates, the central seat of Canberra six, and Fenner in the north five.

In Bean, the Labor favourite, former senator David Smith is seventh on the ballot, and his main rival, Liberal Ed Cocks, is sixth.

In the redistributed seat of Canberra, previously held by Labor’s Gai Brodtmann, it looks like a three-way contest between Labor’s Alicia Payne (2), the Greens’ Tim Hollo (3) and Liberal Mina Zaki (4). Perennial Independent Tim Bohm tops the ballot.

In the north, sitting member Andrew Leigh (Labor) has drawn four and looks untroubled to hold the seat.

Independents, the UAP and the Australian progressives are also represented across the three ACT seats.

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84 Responses to Seselja tops ballot paper for Senate poll
Hans Dimpel Hans Dimpel 6:04 pm 26 Apr 19

surely not even donkeys would vote for Seselja.

Kerri Hallas Kerri Hallas 6:08 pm 26 Apr 19

We don’t need to donkey vote, he is a donkey vote.

Bethany Williams Bethany Williams 6:14 pm 26 Apr 19

Hopefully people are smart enough to see his name first and skip it. He says he is our “local senator”, but he has been up in Warringah campaigning for Tony Abbott.

Rob Thomas Rob Thomas 6:15 pm 26 Apr 19

Well, that's something

Andrea Lloyd Andrea Lloyd 6:15 pm 26 Apr 19

Only hope he’s got! Never ever seen this ego driven twit out around town! Maybe his right wing mates don’t let him out on his own in case he says something defending Canberra. Way too little way too late Sekselja. Don’t believe you or want you.

    Charlie Drummond Charlie Drummond 9:30 pm 29 Apr 19

    Andrea Lloyd agree. Never see him out and talking with the electorate until there’s an election. Strange that! Don’t vote for him!!

Samantha Edwards Samantha Edwards 6:15 pm 26 Apr 19

You get the government you deserve. So if you want a good government go and vote

Russell Hadley Russell Hadley 6:17 pm 26 Apr 19

how much was paid to get number 1 billing.

Gerry Satrapa Gerry Satrapa 6:17 pm 26 Apr 19

He’ll be my first choice. Of course; I start at the worst and work up...

    Greg Miller Greg Miller 6:36 pm 26 Apr 19

    Gerry Satrapa you only need to number 12 candidates below the line, and there are 17 to choose from

    Anthony Pesec Anthony Pesec 9:44 pm 26 Apr 19

    As of 2016 you can order preferences on Senate ballot papers above the line too (ordering the groups)

    デ スティーブ デ スティーブ 8:10 am 27 Apr 19

    Greg Miller, yet another way the Major parties are working to defeat democracy. They claimed minor parties were gaming the system, so they changed to system so only they could play.

Graham Wylie Graham Wylie 6:18 pm 26 Apr 19

Put Zed last.

Anthony Grice Anthony Grice 6:21 pm 26 Apr 19

Anyone scratching their heads regards all the party boards on the side of the road? Who are all these people, not one, have I seen in public meeting the very people they are to represent.

    Anthony Pesec Anthony Pesec 9:48 pm 26 Apr 19

    I've been out campaigning most days of the week in all parts of Canberra. I'll be at Kambah shops tomorrow morning. I hope that you bump into me somewhere during the next few weeks.

Laurence Cooke Laurence Cooke 6:21 pm 26 Apr 19

His not the person that I remember going through school with.

Gemi Jeffery Gemi Jeffery 6:24 pm 26 Apr 19

He certainly won't top my ballot papern

Joanne McRae Joanne McRae 6:31 pm 26 Apr 19

I've received two letters from him in the mail in the last week. Both list what he considers to be wrong with Labor's policies (most of it fake news) but I haven't seen anything positive about what he and his party are offering.

Reckon he'll be on the bottom of my list.

    Narelle Ford Narelle Ford 6:51 pm 26 Apr 19

    Joanne McRae Same thoughts here when we received it.

    The election advertising you have to do when you’ve done nothing positive for your constituents.

    Susan Loring Susan Loring 7:11 pm 26 Apr 19

    Joanne McRae ditto, never, ever will he get our vote, he has been less than useless.

    Joanne McRae Joanne McRae 7:19 pm 26 Apr 19

    Susan Loring I think he is worse than useless. His views on social justice matters are appalling at worst and archaic at best.

    Susan Loring Susan Loring 7:23 pm 26 Apr 19

    Joanne McRae can he even spell 'social justice' ?

    Leona Nicole Behrendt Leona Nicole Behrendt 9:47 pm 26 Apr 19

    Joanne McRae I received a letter from zed in the mail this afternoon, I couldn't even touch it let alone open as I knew it was just going to be all lies. My poor partner opened it for me only to confirm what I knew to be true.

    Ursula O'Dea Brightman Ursula O'Dea Brightman 10:47 pm 26 Apr 19

    Joanne McRae I returned to sender 🙂

デ スティーブ デ スティーブ 6:31 pm 26 Apr 19

Who cares, the senate slots in ACT are always the same, 1 to Liberal and 1 to Labor. No other parties get any representation.

    Mel Lisa Mel Lisa 6:35 pm 26 Apr 19

    Steve Duda I’d love to see an independent.

    Greg Miller Greg Miller 6:38 pm 26 Apr 19

    Steve Duda there's no requirement for that, so feel free to help try to change iy

    デ スティーブ デ スティーブ 7:08 pm 26 Apr 19

    Greg Miller, I try every election, I preference major parties last. Unfortunately the system is biased and controlled bipartisan by the major parties to eliminate anyone but themselves. Democracy Manifest

    Anthony Pesec Anthony Pesec 9:40 pm 26 Apr 19

    Mel Lisa

    Anthony Pesec Anthony Pesec 9:51 pm 26 Apr 19

    Daniel Königs We have a third seat in the lower house now (the House of Representatives) but we still only have two Senate seats (while Tasmania has 12?!)

    デ スティーブ デ スティーブ 12:26 am 27 Apr 19

    400,000+ people live in ACT, 2 senators.

    520,000 in Tasmania, 12 senators.

    The value of your senate vote in ACT is worth about 1/6th as it is in Tasmania.

    Bethany Williams Bethany Williams 8:09 am 27 Apr 19

    Mel Lisa yes! Anthony Pesec is the Independent running against Zed. He has climate change and renewable energy the top of his priorities. Zed is in the climate change denying camp.

    Mel Lisa Mel Lisa 4:07 pm 27 Apr 19

    Bethany Williams I checkout out his page. Definitely the number one standout.

Karen Betts Karen Betts 6:36 pm 26 Apr 19

Nope. Just like Zed is the last letter of the alphabet, so is Zed last on my ballot paper...

    Anthony Pesec Anthony Pesec 9:43 pm 26 Apr 19

    Well I'm glad that my name is Anthony then!

Vivienne McMahon Vivienne McMahon 6:36 pm 26 Apr 19

Put Zed last. He's the invisible politician in the ACT. He only appears before elections to tell lies!!

Louise Dalglish Smith Louise Dalglish Smith 6:42 pm 26 Apr 19

I am no longer in his electorate, sadly, to put him dead last. There is a lot of competition for last spot on the ballots this year but he seems to be a clear favourite. Well earned.

    Alex Troy Elsworth Adkins Alex Troy Elsworth Adkins 9:59 pm 26 Apr 19

    Louise Dalglish Smith given he is in the Senate, if you are in the ACT you are in his 'electorate'

    Bethany Williams Bethany Williams 8:06 am 27 Apr 19

    Louise Dalglish Smith there are only two senate seats in the ACT, so everyone in Canberra gets to vote for the Senate representatives. Normally it’s one to Labor (Katy) and one to the LNP (Zed), but we desperately need to get rid of Zed! Independent candidate Anthony Pesec is a great alternative. Centrist and putting climate change at the top of his priorities.

Helen Kvalheim Stephenson Helen Kvalheim Stephenson 6:44 pm 26 Apr 19

Big deal! Doesn’t mean you vote for him!!

Jay Annabel Jay Annabel 6:44 pm 26 Apr 19

If the donkey vote has any significance in the ACT, where the Senate ballot paper is the size of a postage stamp, we're lazy and careless.

Bryce Lavers Bryce Lavers 6:46 pm 26 Apr 19

First on the list, with the number 17.

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