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Sex in the City

By BoB B - 11 June 2008 38

This is a weird request and I can see the stupid immature responses coming already, but can anyone tell me if there are any ladies in Canberra that offer Sex Coaching services?  I don’t mean a counselling service but someone who offers 1 on 1 in bed room coaching.

And I don’t mean a working lady as there are plenty of them.  

I have seen people offering these kind of services in Syd & Melb but am not sure if there is anyone in Canberra who provides the same?

What’s Your opinion?

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38 Responses to
Sex in the City
Skidbladnir 11:56 am 12 Jun 08

In the interests of stemming the flow of silly answers accusing everyone in Fyshwick of being sex therapists, or calling the psychologists, sluts, whores and gigolos:

“Sex and the surrogate”, The Age, 05June08:

ASSERT (the Australian Society of Sex Educators, Researchers, and Therapists)
ACT Contact:
Ms Jane Keany

There are also a great many swingers clubs in Canberra.
(And they’re not in it for the therapy)

farout 11:38 am 12 Jun 08

I believe Canberra has a suburb called Swinger Hill. Might be worth a visit.

neanderthalsis 10:58 am 12 Jun 08

A friend visited a tantric goddess a while back to teach him the intricacies of sex etc. It all seemed a little strange and hippy like when described in a blow by blow account over a few wee drams afterwards but he swears that it “awakened” him to the power of sex.

It was a weekend of 1 on 1 instruction up behind the Gold Coast in QLD.

Maybe you could just buy a Karma Sutra guide and get adventurous, sex is about exploration, not instruction.

Overheard 10:49 am 12 Jun 08

There’s a mob I’ve seen advertised at my doctor’s called ‘Relationships Australia’ ( If you don’t find a more specific provider, they may be able to point you in the right direction.

farout 10:32 am 12 Jun 08

I’m guessing this post was triggered by “The G Spot vs the greasy van out back of the Belconnen Labour Club”.

They are totally different posts though – one about good burgers, the other about good buggery.

p1 10:24 am 12 Jun 08

I’m am impressed that one of the potentially most random and off-topic threads of the month have some of the best, on-topic answers.

I too am interested in the Sex/Age/Relationship status of the original poster, as I think that it frames the question somewhat.

Skidbladnir 10:04 am 12 Jun 08

I went to Uni with a girl who was originally paying her way through a BPsych by working as a stripper, and then branched out into sex therapy.

She would talk to people (normally seperately, but couples together was also on the table) about their concerns with themselves or eachother, gave them examples of what not to do and what to do to improve things.
She generally tried to work through situations without needing to meet the other person, and let the couples enjoy eachother.

Her advice generally boiled down to it being more to do with dealing with feelings, emotions, and sensation (as in sensuality) than the actual mechanics.
But in the cases where there was a mechanical problem, she would try to help without needing to see it, and just made recommendations for some sort of return-energy spring chair, harness, or kind of toy.

If these worked, she was happy, but if the couple didn’t seem to improve things, were really up to it, could watch (normally by being sent video, rarely by being invited to watch directly) and offer -after the fact- suggestions.
As fun as she was, she was in a happy stable relationship, so would -never- join in.

(so also about as far from the Monty Python sex-ed class as you can get)

But, she works out of Newtown now.

Thumper 9:08 am 12 Jun 08

Right you are. hey Bruce..

peterh 9:03 am 12 Jun 08

makes me think of the sex ed skit from the meaning of life – monty python at its best….

Thumper 8:15 am 12 Jun 08

What an extremely strange post….

Danman 8:14 am 12 Jun 08

Happy to offer my services at a reduced rate for RA readers and contributers 😛

Nosey 12:12 am 12 Jun 08

I have heard that sex coaches give you blow by blow instructions.


lux 12:03 am 12 Jun 08

I’m intrigued too… What exactly does this profession involve? … forgive my naivety, but…. does she just give you tips? or watch you? or what?

RuffnReady 11:15 pm 11 Jun 08

That’s the most interesting post on here for a while… lol

You need coaching? Isn’t one of the wonders of sex slowly unraveling its secrets with your chosen partner/s? Good luck with your quest.

I’m curious, how old are you?

Meconium 11:04 pm 11 Jun 08

Are you male or female?

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