SGS to run as an Indy in Fraser!

Thumper 2 December 2007 21

It seems that RiotACT marytr Samual Gordon Stewart (The Boy Who Would Be King) has decided to run as an independent candidate for Fraser.

On his website he admits that he really doesn’t have any policies or much hope for that matter. But hey, who cares! Bob McMuppett doesn’t seem to have much either.

Anyway, it seems SGS needs a few things. Firstly 50 members so he can register. oh, and some money.

I for one wish him good luck.

The juggernaut is gaining momentum….

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21 Responses to SGS to run as an Indy in Fraser!
Thumper Thumper 11:46 am 28 Sep 07

Gotta give it to the kid, at least he’s giving it a go…

GreenTrees GreenTrees 11:25 am 28 Sep 07

SGS gets support from unexpected quarters!!!!

The following is taken from

***Williams welcomes SGS to the campaign trail***

Troy Williams, Liberal Candidate for Fraser, has today welcomed the announcement by local online personality Samuel Gordon Stewart that he will run as an independent candidate in the coming election.

“The inclusion of an independent candidate on the ballot paper is a healthy thing for democracy and good news for voters in the Fraser electorate,” Mr Williams said.

“The more people prepared to take a stand against the tired and disinterested approach of Labor’s Bob McMullan, the better. He has done little to deserve his place in parliament over the past two decades, and it is great to see other members of the community putting their hand up to do a better job.”

Mr Williams said he was particularly pleased to welcome Mr Stewart to the campaign trail as they share many common views.

“Earlier this month Mr Stewart went on the record and stated that John Howard is his preferred Prime Minister and that is something I completely support,” Mr Williams said.

Mr Stewart has also written publicly about his support for the industrial relations changes introduced by the coalition government. On his popular online blog he recently wrote that: “The flexibility in my workplace seems to be quite beneficial to both me and my employer.”

Mr Williams and Mr Stewart also agree on the dangers posed by Kevin Rudd and his union mates, with Mr Stewart having stated that: “Despite Kevin Rudd’s assurances that he would not be controlled by the unions, I believe that he would be, especially considering the way the unions seem so happy to promote the Labor party.”

“I welcome the news about Samuel’s candidature and I welcome his contribution to the policy debate,” Mr Williams said.

Maelinar Maelinar 9:32 am 28 Sep 07

Ingee – I have a spare room that you can rent for $50/week for a week. That’ll certainly legitimise it enough in my books that you ‘live’ in the Fraser electorate.

Samuel Gordon-Stewart Samuel Gordon-Stewart 8:59 am 28 Sep 07

I already have a PO Box, I can’t remember how much I paid for it but it wasn’t much.

Unfortunately they can’t be used to authorise electoral advertisements, but they are very good for mail.

I’m also well on the way to getting the required number of signatures. Thanks for the kind thoughts Jey.

Jey Jey 7:46 am 28 Sep 07

Sam, can you afford a PO box?

Oh, how I wish I didn’t change my electorate.
I hope you get your sigs!

Ingeegoodbee Ingeegoodbee 7:12 pm 27 Sep 07

Is anyone in the Fraser electorate prepared to let me enrol to vote at their address – I so want to make my vote count and voting against SGS is about the best outcome I can expect in this Labor dominated town!

BeyondThought BeyondThought 6:58 pm 27 Sep 07

Besides some colour, SGS won’t add much to the debate. He’s already expressed support for Howard and lacks depth beyond saying what he’s ‘against’ which seems to be pretty much everything.

McMuppet doesn’t do much although the local Liberal, Troy Williams, seems to be a bit out of the box … god forbid Williams seems to be an original thinker which is really, really, really odd for a mainstream candidate.

Gungahlin Al Gungahlin Al 4:57 pm 27 Sep 07

Have just read that Doctor Karl will be running for the Senate in NSW as number 2 for the new Climate Change Coalition! I want to move to NSW so I can vote for him.

Spitfire3 Spitfire3 3:29 pm 27 Sep 07

Oops, ignore the 2)

I won’t be signing, and I highly doubt I would end up voting for him. He admires people whom I despise.

Spitfire3 Spitfire3 3:26 pm 27 Sep 07

Yeah, that would give an insight into SGS’s probable policies which we can’t yet see. And are too busy/lazy to try to infer from all the posts he’s ever made on the internet.

And to go just a little off topic – Far too few people take proper advantage of the preferential voting system in my opinion.

Jonathon Reynolds Jonathon Reynolds 1:03 am 27 Sep 07

So which way is SGS directing his preferences?

asp asp 11:07 pm 26 Sep 07

Finally, a choice besides the broken liberals and jailbird labour. Good luck SGS!

futto futto 10:10 pm 26 Sep 07

Scrote is a word not used enough in political discourse. Bravo.

Meconium Meconium 9:56 pm 26 Sep 07

Lol! Good luck SGS, you’ll need it. I’m not going to vote for you because I think you’re a scrote, but I hope it’s a good experience for you.

Samuel Gordon-Stewart Samuel Gordon-Stewart 9:36 pm 26 Sep 07

The issue with policies isn’t that I don’t have any (because I do), it is that, if possible, I would like to use an address other than my residential address to authorise my publications, advertisements and website. I intend on launching policies this week, so if I have to use my residential address as an interim measure, I will.

The only issue with a pub on Friday night this week is that I will be at work, and next week, but the week after is OK.

I am happy to come to you if you want to sign. Feel free to email me if you’d like to sign.

Also, if RiotACT want to conduct an email interview with me at some stage between now and the election, I would be more than happy to be interviewed.

bonfire bonfire 5:03 pm 26 Sep 07

id vote for the little turkey just to find out of he is real or not.

Ralph Ralph 3:52 pm 26 Sep 07

I’ll sign. Another box to number before Labor.

Mr Evil Mr Evil 3:46 pm 26 Sep 07

SGS go into a Pub: is he even old enough to do that?

I actually thought SGS was an prank by theology students.

el ......VNBerlinaV8 el ......VNBerlinaV8 3:44 pm 26 Sep 07

I’ll sign.

Maelinar Maelinar 3:42 pm 26 Sep 07

Bring it to the Durham on Friday SGS. Thumper and I will oversee 50 signatures.

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