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Sheep stabbing at Lyneham High

Feathergirl 22 May 2009 43

A pair of sheep were stabbed at Lyneham High School last night according to the News Limited .

One sheep died from the stabbing and the other had to be put down. What is wrong with people? I honestly wonder sometimes.

Before any vegitarians points it out I do eat lamb myself, but I could never go cruelly stab some school’s pets. I hope it wasn’t any of the students, somehow thinking that a little angry kiddie did it is even worse than thinking some stupid psycho yokel is guilty.

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43 Responses to Sheep stabbing at Lyneham High
weeziepops 6:25 pm 25 May 09

Whenever there is a violent attack on an animal, they should question those “men” who tortured and killed the tame ferrets. Such crimes are rarely one-offs.

Ivan76 5:59 pm 25 May 09

Faken said :

Well, the torture and murder of animals is one of the first signs of a serial killer.


Faken 9:28 pm 23 May 09

Damn, I wondered why there were cops walking around my school.
Well, the torture and murder of animals is one of the first signs of a serial killer.

Granny 10:20 am 23 May 09

Yes, they are the animals. Those sheep were more human than they’ll ever be.

Thumper 10:10 am 23 May 09

Yeah, I’m actually quite shocked at this.

Two defenceless, trusting sheep.

ant 10:06 am 23 May 09

Pazza said :

I knew the two animals and they would have walked right up to their killers with complete trust.

Sickening. What kind of person can sink a knife into a creature that has come up to them expecting friendship? Psycopaths.

Granny 9:21 am 23 May 09

Pazza, maybe this could be a learning opportunity incorporating group support, understanding social factors that lead to this type of behaviour, and what sort of things an individual can do that can be empowering after becoming a victim of crime. Perhaps they could have speakers from the police and other survivors of crime, criminologists, security people, whatever.

Auntyem 9:15 am 23 May 09

Pazza – totally understand. The kids who raised these sheep will never understand why anyone would do something so abhorrent to their beloved animals and they will be hurt and confused by this for a very long time.
And all who have said it’s an early sign of something more sinister to come are right. It reminds me of a very unsavoury creature call John Travis who showed similar traits and will (hopefully) spend the rest of his waste-of-oxygen life behind bars.

Clown Killer 7:32 am 23 May 09


Pommy bastard 7:10 am 23 May 09

Hose responsible should receive the same treatment as a dog which carried out the same sort off attack would receive, humanely put to sleep for the safety of the rest of us.

farnarkler 11:59 pm 22 May 09

Pazza the scum who did this are wired wrong, broken machines, mentally ill. Hopefully they’ll be caught and at least named. That way they can be got at by people who really dislike cruelty to animals.

Pazza 11:33 pm 22 May 09

It may come easy to some to be cynical about this issue and make light of it with stupid jokes but the case is that someone in our community could be so vicious as to violently attack two harmless, much loved, gentle, trusting and docile creatures. I knew the two animals and they would have walked right up to their killers with complete trust. They were hand raised and grew with the students who have tended them from year 7 to now. I saw those students today who had had followed them throughout their time at Lyneham and it would be an understatement to say they were distraught or heart broken.

I don’t understand what meanness it takes to do such a thing. And I can’t see how anyone can think its cause for a joke. It’s just f*ing disgusting.

Granny 11:20 pm 22 May 09

Me too, Punter. Hopefully the forensics will turn up something useful.

Punter 10:35 pm 22 May 09

Correct Granny. Remembering the tragedy of this incident, the best circumstance is it was a basic case of ‘vandalism’ but in poor taste. However, people with homicidal tendencies are known to begin experimenting with animal slaughter before becomming somthing more frighteing. Either way I hope the Police can come across those reponsible.

Granny 9:36 pm 22 May 09

It’s very ‘Lord of the Flies’ – people descending into savagery and losing ordinary human compassion and decency. We don’t know that it’s kids, but it is a disturbing trend. Ivan the Terrible and his ilk all started with the torturing of animals. This really is quite chilling to me.

ant 9:21 pm 22 May 09

Mr Evil said :

Sick, twisted arseholes!

Why do we have to share this world with so many cu*ts?????

In a nutshell. Evil, sick, vicious, and abhorrent. And they won’t just stop with this. Maybe they’ll catch a loved family pet, or someone’s kid next, and torture that. Maybe they already have.

Bronto 6:56 pm 22 May 09

As they say….kids or teenagers who like the thrill of torturing animals can grow up to do other terrible things such as murder etc. I hope they catch the bastards and get the book thrown at them. Must make them feel so powerful to pick on a defenseless animal.

monomania 6:46 pm 22 May 09

GarG said :

Probably a bunch of students angry at the agriculture teacher.

This would only be one of a number of incidents like this in Canberra involving animals kept at schools by Ag faculties. If it’s not humans it will be domestic dogs. From my observation most agriculture students get on with their students and visa versa and those kids taking agriculture like and respect animals. This is an unjustified slur on these students.

Granny 6:44 pm 22 May 09

The article said there have been several similar incidents in Sydney also.

Artisan 6:34 pm 22 May 09

This and a host of recent animal cruelty incidents (the kitten and the railway, kangaroo shot with arrow, etc) are concerning. It’s well established that people who are cruel towards animals often move on to even more severe behaviour. One would hope it’s just one sicko but I guess the reality is more than a few of these weirdoes are out there. Whether there’s one of a hundred, lock them up.

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