Should referees be paid more to officiate men’s matches? Capital Football believes so

Lachlan Roberts 29 November 2018 13
Capital Football will pay central referees an extra $42 to officiate an NPL first-grade match compared to a WNPL first-grade match. File Photo

Capital Football will pay central referees an extra $42 to officiate an NPL first-grade match compared to a WNPL first-grade match. File photo.

Capital Football has come under fire from the local football community after announcing they will pay referees more money to officiate men’s matches compared to women’s matches next season.

Capital Football released their referee match fees for the 2019 winter season on Monday (26 November). Central referees will be paid an extra $42 to officiate an NPL first-grade match compared to a WNPL first-grade match.

According to a graph obtained by Region Media, referees and their assistants will be offered more money to officiate men’s matches in all NPL grades, men’s State League competitions and Masters competitions compared to the corresponding women’s competitions.

Women’s rights advocate Leisha Lister sits on the Capital Football tribunal and has two teenage daughters who play in the women’s premier league. She raised the issue with Capital Football six weeks ago with no success.

“A parent came up to me at a game one day and knew that I worked in the area of gender equality and told me that Capital Football pays referees more to referee men’s matches,” she said. “I was not aware of this and I thought it must have been a mistake.”

Ms Lister approached the Capital Football board and the head of the referee committee, who told her that referees for men’s matches were paid more because the men’s games are at a higher level of skill and are faster.

“They also said to me that referees are paid less for women’s games all around the world. I told them that is a great opportunity for Capital Football to show that they take gender equality seriously and to stand up and pay referees the same, regardless if they are refereeing men or women,” she said.

“They had a great opportunity to take a really serious step to show that they are serious about equality, and they didn’t.

“We wouldn’t accept it if tennis umpires at the Australian Open were paid less for women’s matches. So why do we accept it here in Canberra?”

Capital Footballs referee match fees for the 2019 winter season. Image: Supplied.

Female footballers pay the same registration fees as men, even though Capital Football is not willing to pay the same cost to run the women’s competitions. Ms Lister said she was furious and had offered to help Capital Football address the issue, but had been shut down.

“We want to show our girls that we value them and we think that your level is the same as the boys,” she told Region Media.

“It all comes back to the notion of ‘runs like a girl’, ‘throws like a girl’ and that girls are somehow not as good as the boys. By paying the referee a different rate for a women’s game says ‘you girls are not quite as good as the boys’.”

ACT Sports Minister Yvette Berry said she was not aware of the issue and will ask Capital Football for an explanation.

“My views on the importance of gender equity in sport are well known and the ACT Government continues to encourage all sports to pursue this goal, including through greater representation of women on boards,” Ms Berry said.

“I’ve just been made aware of this issue so I will get in touch with Capital Football to seek an explanation of the thinking behind their decision.”

The staggering pay gap has come in the wake of festering football referee issues in the ACT. Capital Football chief Phil Brown recently revealed 45 per cent of referees aged between 18 and 30 had walked away from the sport in the last two years, citing abuse.

Capital Football has been approached for a comment.

Capital Football will pay referees more money to officiate men's matches, although male and female players both pay the same registration fees. Do you think it is fair?

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13 Responses to Should referees be paid more to officiate men’s matches? Capital Football believes so
Sarah Mac Sarah Mac 5:26 pm 30 Nov 18

Women's games are usually the first to miss out on a ref if there is a shortage, as well. Disgraceful all round.

Stu McRae Stu McRae 3:29 am 29 Nov 18

If the work differs why not the pay?

Richard Robinson Richard Robinson 5:14 pm 28 Nov 18

Does a mens game go for longer than a females game?

Gabriel Spacca Gabriel Spacca 8:05 am 28 Nov 18

Fair enough. Have you seen the amount of diving and carrying on in the men’s game? Whereas the women just get on with it and play football.

Alan James Alan James 9:28 pm 27 Nov 18

The job does not change regardless of who is playing.

    Danny Krajacic Danny Krajacic 2:11 pm 28 Nov 18

    Yes it does. The speed of the game is completely different making decisions like offside harder to call. You will get significantly more abuse from the players and coaches in men's competitions compared to women's, therefore making the job more stressful. If i was paid the same amount to ref both competitions there is no way in the world i would pick a men's game over a women's. This has absolutely nothing to do with gender equality, rather the skill required to deal with the type of game in front of them. Good decision.

    Alan James Alan James 2:58 pm 28 Nov 18

    Danny Krajacic Point made

pineapple pineapple 9:12 pm 27 Nov 18

Thank you for raising this issue. Of course this isn’t really about refereeing, and this year’s pay disparity is not very different to previous years, it’s about a distortion of perceived value based on gender. Perhaps female premier league players (on average) might not be as fast or as physical as some of their male counterparts, but many can play the beautiful game with extraordinary style and finesse and skill. Making a strong public statement that says “Female games are worth just as much as the equivalent-level male games” should surely be a priority for any sporting association in the ACT that aspires to leadership. It’s easy to say “it’s always been this way” or “other states do it”, but boards are there to say to the management team “Is this right?”, and if not, to fix it.

    chewy14 chewy14 7:37 am 28 Nov 18

    So you’d also be asking for the lower grade men’s and women’s referees to be paid the same as first grade then yes?

    It would make a statement that the players in those grades are worth just as much as their equivalent higher grades.

    If skill and athleticism of the players is not to be a deciding factor in how the much referees get paid then why are you stopping at the women’s game?

    Capital Retro Capital Retro 8:33 am 28 Nov 18

    The lower grade players pay the same exorbitant fees that the first grade ones do and half the time, the referees don’t even turn up.

Reece MacNaught Reece MacNaught 8:30 pm 27 Nov 18

Yes they should, Canberra Referees are paid significantly less to our neighbouring states.

chewy14 chewy14 6:39 pm 27 Nov 18

The lower grade men’s teams also pay the same fees, should every referee get paid the same no matter the level of competition they’re officiating?

“By paying the referee a different rate for a women’s game says ‘you girls are not quite as good as the boys”

Why is making a factual statement wrong? The men’s competitions are at a far higher level of skill and athleticism that the corresponding female ones.

Otherwise, if some of these women are so offended, they are free to try out for the men’s teams and show them exactly how equal they are.

But we all know exactly why they won’t do that.

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