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Show us the Money! RSPCA to ACT Government

By johnboy - 26 October 2010 33

The RSPCA’s Michael Linke is noting they’ve had a busier than usual winter dealing with high numbers of native animals.

They’d now like more money from the ACT Government for the services performed on their behalf.

“These ongoing increases are not sustainable on current levels of government funding nor will our site cope with this volume of animals indefinitely. RSPCA ACT only receives about 10% of our funding from the ACT Government, the remainder comes for our community. I’d like to thank the Canberra community for their ongoing support.

“The community expects RSPCA to be there to support them with animal welfare issues, the government relies on us to administer the animal welfare act to educate the community and bring animal cruelty offenders to justice, the government continues to ask RSPCA to manage lost and stray animals with no commensurate funding. This work costs money and I am calling on the ACT government to make our funding request a priority.

“In light of the continued tough economic times it is imperative that the government quickly resolves our funding request and provides me with certainty about our future.”


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33 Responses to
Show us the Money! RSPCA to ACT Government
Indi 10:04 am 27 Oct 10

No doubt it’s been said before – but why won’t Treasury allocate say 10% of consolidated revenue to NFP’s + community orgs in the ACT?

weeziepops 9:51 am 27 Oct 10

Always nice to see personal attacks on staff and nitpicking about products which probably cost about two cents per unit and may have been donated anyway. I am happy to pay taxes to support organisations which protect the vulnerable and that includes animals – I would like to see RSPCA getting a bigger share. If they were adequately funded to provided education and information to the community, maybe they could do themselves out of a job altogether as the animals they care for are there through no fault of their own.

Buzz2600 9:48 am 27 Oct 10

I’d be happy for the RSPCA and Wildlife Carer Groups to receive government funding. The RSPCA does a great job with very little financial fund. As thatsnotme said, carers are up all hours of the night caring for these precious native animals.

neanderthalsis 9:10 am 27 Oct 10

GardeningGirl said :

I did wonder who paid for the freebies they were handing out at the Canberra Show a year or two ago, keyrings or something I think.

It is not uncommon for businesses to donate products to charities. An NFP I worked for in QLD some years ago occasionally had a corporate supplies company donate branded pens and stationery to us.

It is a sad indictment on society when we have such a high level of cynicism about charities who do great work.

GardeningGirl 10:25 pm 26 Oct 10

I did wonder who paid for the freebies they were handing out at the Canberra Show a year or two ago, keyrings or something I think.

Thumper 9:57 pm 26 Oct 10

Seems to be plenty of money washing around to pay for art that no-one wants. I’d rather save animals.

Besides, the RSPCA gets a pittance from governments.

thatsnotme 9:50 pm 26 Oct 10

My wife was a volunteer for RSPCA wildlife. Orphaned possums were what we end up with more often than not – sometimes tiny little things that needed to be fed at all hours of the night, curled up in a knitted woolen pouch inside a basket next to the bed, heat pad running. When they were older, they’d go outside into an aviary, fed fresh fruit and veges every day, and when they were older branches from native trees and bushes (they love flowering wattle and gum!)

Then there were the birds…magpies, cockatoos, wattle birds, gallahs…we’d normally get those when whichever volunteer had the after hours mobile phone would call, often the result of the bird being hit by a car. The phone was done on a roster, and when you had the phone you could take calls from the public at any time after hours (including the entire weekend) and it was your job to try to contact a volunteer in the area so that the caller could drop of the injured animal to be cared for. That job got really hard when there was no volunteer available… Normally, people were good about dropping animals to us, but there were always the people who wouldn’t, or couldn’t. Then if the animal needed care you couldn’t provide, needed assessment, or to be humanely euthanaised, it was up to use to drive it to the shelter the next time it was open.

The material support we got from the RSPCA was limited to specialist formula for the baby possums, crates for transportation, a box to attach to a tree when they were eventually released, and if you were lucky the use of an aviary to house them. All the food and transportation costs were bourne by us – and let me tell you, a juvenile possum eats quiet a bit of fruit and veg each day!

From what I’ve seen,the RSPCA, especially the wildlife side, operates on the smell of an oily rag. The facility they work out of is no more than a cottage. God knows what the alternative would be if they weren’t providing this service…I’m pretty sure our city rangers aren’t resourced to be our wildlife caring organisation.

Furthermore, Phoenix, you’re a tool.

pinklink 9:01 pm 26 Oct 10

For the record I don’t drive at all and have never held a license. Secondly I donate about 10% of my meagre RSPCA pre tax gross salary to RSPCA. Thirdly if 5% of canberras public servants donated $2 per week to RSPCA our government funding needs would be eliminated.

Michael Linke

georgesgenitals 8:04 pm 26 Oct 10

Perhaps we could take some money from those lazy, overpaid teachers we keep hearing about.

jake555 7:53 pm 26 Oct 10

Phoenix J said :

Why doesn’t Michael Linke donate some of his own money im sure he earns enough, or he might need that money to refuel his Mercedes he drives around in

Linke probably earns less than you do in your cushy public service job with no responsibility. Needless to say he could probably earn a hell of a lot more elsewhere.

I’m a public servant, I might work for free tomorrow to help ease our national debt…..idiot.

Pork Hunt 7:50 pm 26 Oct 10

Phoenix, if you are the CEO of a charity/not for profit organisation and are paid a wage, would you then give the said organisation money back from your paypacket??
I certainly would not expect Mr Linke to do so bearing in mind that he gives his time outside working hours to promote the various RSPCA events held each year.

Further, it’s an Audi, not a Merc.

Oscillate Wildly 7:26 pm 26 Oct 10

Phoenix, we are all stupider for having read that comment.

Phoenix J 6:59 pm 26 Oct 10

Why doesn’t Michael Linke donate some of his own money im sure he earns enough, or he might need that money to refuel his Mercedes he drives around in

Hells_Bells74 6:51 pm 26 Oct 10

Give ’em a bunch! With my blessing.

Fiona 5:16 pm 26 Oct 10

Katy reckon she has some surplus, right? Doesn’t look like it’s gonna come to my wages, so might as well look after animals with it

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