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SIEVX memorial looks as if it will go ahead.

By Thumper - 24 July 2007 45

IBN News is reporting that the controversial SIEVX memorial is going to go ahead on the shores of lake burley griffin.

Frankly I think this is wrong although it is only a temporary structure.

Yes it was a tragedy. Lots of people died, this is not good. But to somehow twist this into an anti Howard, anti Australian handwringing leftist black armband ideal is not right.

It will open at Weston Park in Yarralumla on September 2.

Supporters of the memorial say their long-term goal is to create a permanent structure.

I hope not.

What’s Your opinion?

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45 Responses to
SIEVX memorial looks as if it will go ahead.
Thumper 1:37 pm 24 Jul 07


I should qualify my comments. Although I don’t believe it should be built here in Canberra due to the reasons I’ve pointed out, I do respect your right to go and pay some sort of homage to the dead.


Ralph 1:33 pm 24 Jul 07

353 people died. Many were children, and all were hopeful of finding a better life in Australia. Their hopes were wrong, because we would have locked them up in the desert or on a burnt on phosphate mine in the Pacific.

We have legitimate means for applying for refugee status.

Personally I don’t think we should be letting any unskilled migrants into the country. They inevitably end up on welfare, commit crimes etc. And yes, the Productivity Commission has very good statistics on how poorly unskilled migrants do.

Thumper 1:25 pm 24 Jul 07

Here we go, the unsubstantiated conspiracy theories.

How about this. Overcrowded, leaky, unseaworthy boat run by greedy people smugglers, sailing in open waters.

Yes, it is sad they died. Yes, it is sad no-one saved them, nor could save them. It is also sad that these people were so desperate that they considered the trip.

But no conspiracy.

VicePope 1:16 pm 24 Jul 07

353 people died. Many were children, and all were hopeful of finding a better life in Australia. Their hopes were wrong, because we would have locked them up in the desert or on a burnt on phosphate mine in the Pacific.

But, if in the 1790s, we lost a load of convicts coming here, or if the victims were would-be miners of the 1860s, we’d have some memorial. That’s all this is, and it’s an honourable thing.

What worries me is whether, and to what extent, any Australian authorities might have been involved in the “disruption” activities that led to a grossly overcrowded unseaworthy boat making the trip. It wasn’t the Navy (who usually act honourably) or the coppers – but was it someone engaged by an Australian official? The Senate inquiry did not answer the questions that Tony Kevin et al continue to ask. For me, I will visit the memorial to remember the sadness and the dead, not to blame the living.

Mr Evil 12:58 pm 24 Jul 07

So, the NCA is trying to block an ACT Govt supported development out at Fyshwick because it supposedly doesn’t fit in with Burley Griffen’s plan, yet it allows a jumped up bunch of tossers erect a memorial that really has nothing to do with Canberra in Weston Park.

Go figure!

Maybe if we get Snow to oppose it then the NCA might change their minds????

barking toad 12:40 pm 24 Jul 07

More left wing hand wringing hippie crap. Stanhope was pushing for this years ago.

bonfire 12:14 pm 24 Jul 07

rudd is using howards 1996 tactics. effectively.

costello is using keatings 1992 tactics. ineffectively.

West_Kambah_4eva 12:06 pm 24 Jul 07

Pffft fuck SIEVX. Where’s the Amber Westin memorial? The Anu Singh statue? They are the true victims. Plus let’s give them presents.

Ralph 12:06 pm 24 Jul 07

Somehow I don’t think so Thumper. So far the policy announcements have been scant indeed, particularly costed policies.

Just some loopy la la statements about more distortionary taxation arrangements for landlords and below market rents (whatever market rent is, better have government work that out too), housing affordability summits, price controls for carrots, mince etc

neanderthalsis 12:05 pm 24 Jul 07


The anti-Howard sentiments and the general socialist propaganda was not in the article, but is very real in the motivation behind the memorial. Check out the SEIV X website: for a full blast of (small L) liberalist indignation about an Indonesian fishing boat that sank in International waters (within the Indonesian zone of responsibility for search and rescue though) but blame has been attributed to the (big L) Liberal Government of Australia at the time. There was a good story in the Oz that debunked some of the BS around the issue:

Why not put the memorial in Indonesia where the boat left from? Or Afghanistan where most of the passengers were from?

Thumper 11:56 am 24 Jul 07

Oh come on Caf, everyone knows that the reason that Howard won all those elections was because of issues such as the Tampa, the SIEVX, 9/11, terrorism, etc.

Not the fact that the opposition had no policies and no idea.

Although, it should be a very different kettle of fish this coming election.

And it is an NCA issue, not an ACT government issue. Stanhope just agreed with it.

bonfire 11:54 am 24 Jul 07

siev-x hand wringing



S4anta 11:51 am 24 Jul 07

Ralph, for the millionth time, if it is on the shores of LBG it is an NCA issue as it national, not territory land.

Ralph 11:44 am 24 Jul 07

Somebody at the NCA needs to be sacked for approving this disgrace. Or was it approved by Stanhopeless?

Either way it sounds like a good time to invest in a chainsaw.

caf 11:44 am 24 Jul 07

I read the article, but I didn’t see anything about “anti Howard” or “anti Australia” (by the way, name-calling does nothing to advance your argument, such as it is).

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