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SIEVX memorial looks as if it will go ahead.

By Thumper 24 July 2007 45

IBN News is reporting that the controversial SIEVX memorial is going to go ahead on the shores of lake burley griffin.

Frankly I think this is wrong although it is only a temporary structure.

Yes it was a tragedy. Lots of people died, this is not good. But to somehow twist this into an anti Howard, anti Australian handwringing leftist black armband ideal is not right.

It will open at Weston Park in Yarralumla on September 2.

Supporters of the memorial say their long-term goal is to create a permanent structure.

I hope not.

What’s Your opinion?

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SIEVX memorial looks as if it will go ahead.
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sepi 2:13 pm 25 Aug 07

Today’s Age has a relevant link about the huge cost of offshore refugee processing (500 thousand per refugee!).

Pandy 8:59 pm 26 Jul 07

Today I had a Vietnamese taxi driver take me home.

He has been here 13 years (well he was a bit hard to uderstand). He said, you have to live somewhere, save and buy a house and raise your kids. He is happy to be an Australian because we are free, the government is not corrupt, no one shots you for thinking the wrong way, the medical system is fair.

He said he has been back a few times to Vietnam but could not live there under the “Russian” government.

I asked him were there not a lot of western companies going there to set-up businesses? He replied that yes there were but they usually had to deal with lots of corruption and often gave up aftera year or so leaving many out of work.

Makes you wonder if the Tampa reffos had come to Asutralia, would they had not made a useful contribution to the economy?

BTW I hate que jumpers

caf 5:16 pm 26 Jul 07

Indonesia not accepting refugees absolutely makes a very real difference – it means that settling there is not an option!

VicePope 3:47 pm 26 Jul 07

Ralph – for most people there are no legitimate ways of coming here. A few thousand get picked up from the camps that hold millions. We cherry pick from that lot.
Maelinar – I don’t know what colour these people were and I know of nothing to stop people of any colour claiming asylum. If the SIEVX people included Afghans and Iraqis, there may have been some as “white” as, say, the PM. Colour is immaterial, and the only issue is whether a person wants to make a claim that he or she falls into the category (helpfully quoted by Caf). The convention is a concrete expression of human decency and a recognition of respect for the dignity of the individual. With that said, there may be some room for tweaking it to deal better with the changing nature of refugees.

Indonesia as a non-party does not have a convention obligation to refugees (although it presumably provides support as a matter of discretion and custom).

Ralph 4:06 pm 25 Jul 07

This country is not an international doormat. If people want to come here there are legitimate means of doing so.

We don’t have to accept any international riff raff wanting to shack up here, and nor should we.

Funny most of the EU countries are now shutting down their humanitarian migration programs. Ask yourself why that is? If I need to spell it out to you then you really are living in some sort of utopian fantasy world.

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