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johnboy 24 August 2012 8

Into a complex supermarket debate in which the operators are politically active strides Simon Corbell to announce big is bad when it comes to local centre supermarkets:

The ACT Labor Government will cap the size of any future proposals for supermarkets in local centres to a maximum of 1000m2 to support local businesses and local jobs, Minister for the Environment and Sustainable Development, Simon Corbell, announced today.

The decision comes following the Government’s consideration of the Commercial Zones Policy Review in Local, Group and Town Centres and the report tabled today by the Standing Committee on Planning, Territory and Municipal Services into Supermarket Competition Policy.

“The ACT Labor Government is the party that supports small business development in Canberra and this new policy position provides for local supermarkets to continue to provide important convenience retailing in local shopping centres without undermining the operation of the Territory’s commercial retail hierarchy,” Mr Corbell said.

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8 Responses to Simon capping supermarket sizes
johnboy johnboy 10:11 am 27 Aug 12

And this from Supa Express Kaleen:

    We support the Minister for Planning, Simon Corbell’s initiatives with respect to the cap on supermarket size on local and group centre supermarkets. In doing so, Minister Corbell has put forward a solid and fair initiative which will ensure the future viability and sustainability of all local centres in the ACT.
    As the spokesperson for the Supa Express Supermarkets in Florey, Watson, Richardson and Kaleen, we support the Minister for Planning’s announcement and we believe it will be met with overwhelming support by all ACT independent supermarket operators and other small businesses that are located in these types of centres.
    I am also certain local residents especially those without their own transport will also embrace these variations to the Territory Plan as it will ensure access to their local shops and amentities.
johnboy johnboy 9:28 am 27 Aug 12

Supabarn have sent in this statement:

    Supabarn welcomes Minister Corbell’s announcement on capping the size of local and group centre supermarkets. Mr Corbell’s proposal will give certainty to Canberra’s independent businesses located in these centres and create a level playing field for all supermarket operators.
    The maintenance of the retail hierarchy will ensure Canberra residents will continue to enjoy their vast choice of shopping centres, local supermarkets and specialty food retailers. This announcement will also be a boost for local producers and wholesalers that supply Canberra’s independent food retailers.
Coyote2012 Coyote2012 8:55 am 27 Aug 12

Good news for Canberra small business it seems… Its about time. Everyone I know has had enough of Colesworth, whether it is at the grocery check out, petrol bowser, and their liquor stores.

Hopefully Giralang will now get finally get a local centre and the IGA’s will drop their court case. I see the IGA’s are supporting the 1,000sqm limit. A sensible size for local centres including Giralang.

poetix poetix 5:24 pm 25 Aug 12

I’ve Got Allies.

pirate_taco pirate_taco 12:18 pm 25 Aug 12

How was this 1000m2 figure reached?
It is quite odd that Mr Corbell used his call in powers to approve a 1500m2 Woolworths supermarket development in Giralang which is quite close to the Kaleen Supabarn, a competitor that this plan is trying to keep viable.

rosscoact rosscoact 8:19 am 25 Aug 12

No matter what the government does, the legions of lawyers employed by Coleworths will find a way around it.

Since the supermarket policy was launched there are no more independents that I’m aware of but at least three new Woolworths, and that’s not counting hardware shops and petrol stations.

Coleworths have a strategy of market domination to enable price control and until they achieve that we will continue to see independents being preyed on by the big two, Does anyone seriously think that Giraland has the population to support a Woolworths? Of course not, the reason they are there is to send the surrounding independents broke then hike their own prices up.

setting the size at 1000m2 isn’t going to do a damn thing. 1000m2 floor area then a 1000m2 ‘common’ storage that no-one else can access after development approval is granted is a 2000m2 supermarket.

Oh that’s right, just like Giralang

Dacquiri Dacquiri 10:59 pm 24 Aug 12

One thing that’s messed things up in the ‘hierarchy’ is the disappearance of the 2 original levels of ‘group centres’: there used to be a distinction between larger group centres such as Jamison and Kippax, and smaller group centres such as Hawker. Now they are all just referred to as ‘group centres’. This means that seemingly sensible Committee recommendations — such taking into account the distance between a local centre and the nearest group centre when determining gross floor area of a supermarket in a local centre — will not apply in relation to supermarkets in the smaller ‘group centres’. This issue was relevant to the community’s (but, apparently, not the Government’s) consideration of a greatly expanded supermarket at Hawker, in the light of that centre’s proximity to Woolworths, Coles & Aldi at Westfield Belconnen, Coles and Aldi at Jamison, to Woolworth’s and Aldi at Kippax (on the Hawker bus route), and to the (to be expanded) Belconnen Markets. It will be interesting to see how this report, and the Government’s response, influence future master plans.

screaming banshee screaming banshee 7:37 pm 24 Aug 12

So future proposals are limited to 1000m but giralang have the ministers permission for 1500+?

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