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Simon not happy about airport development

By Thumper 28 April 2006 14

As we all know, the ACT Government have a huge dislike and loathing for anything to do with the airport.

As such it comes as no surprise that Simon has chucked a minor tantie about the developments that seem to be bounding forward like an startled gazelle on the veld.

Personally I am rather ambivalent about the whole thing as, if it turns into another Sydney airport, ie, a shopping mall and car park with a runway attached, I’m still not going to go shopping there.

However, Simon does have a point.

And yet, does he have any right to complain, even if it may take big money away from his pet projects in Civic. maybe they’ll not only make sure buses don’t go there, but also charge a toll for people wanting to go there.

Interestingly, Mr Byron, airport manager, says the decision makes the airport more competitive.

I ask, competitive with what? Other airports? Belconnen Mall?

A nothing statement if ever I’ve heard one.

[ABC] Article here

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Simon not happy about airport development
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Maelinar 8:26 am 01 May 06

Bring on Bonfire’s idea…


ant 10:49 am 30 Apr 06

No, Canberra Ave is longer, accessed through the middle of Queanbeyan, and slower all the way. Otherwise I’d use it. The traffic jams are mostly due to the Airport traffic hitting Pialligo Ave and throttling up the roundabouts.

johnboy 12:56 pm 29 Apr 06

Canberra Avenue isn’t an option for you?

ant 11:52 am 29 Apr 06

What’s happened at the airport is pretty embarassing for the ACT Gov’t. Snow saw the opportunity and moved in. The big problem with this willy-nilly development of an office (and soon, retail) park out there is the roads can’t cope. I come in from Eastern NSW every day, and the traffic jams are horrific around the airport. It’s just going to get worse.

Also they apparently charge the office workers out there high parking charges (there’s nothing there! it’s a paddock), so many were parking over in the nursery area of Beltana Rd Pialligo, and crossing the road. Beltana Road was chockablock with parked cars.

The biggie though, will be when there’s some slick mode of transport to Sydney, and Canberra airport can start accepting passenger jets from overseas. Canberra airport has no curfew and Snow is on record as saying this was the big attraction for him. He can bring planes in at any time, and make no mistake, that’s just what they’ll do. I’m surprised they’re not already bringing in freight planes from asia at all hours.

nyssa76 9:12 am 29 Apr 06

After travelling to Melbourne and back on Thursday, it was interesting to see the difference in the airports. Melbourne is alive with trade and my fav – coffee shops by the truck load.

Canberra airport pales in comparision. It’s almost like it is just a “poor man’s” airport. Last time I checked Canberra was still the nations capital and the airport is shite compared to others – Sydney, Adelaide etc.

If I were a visitor to Canberra (via the airport) I would not be impressed with the facilities or bet yet, lack there of.

aussielyn 6:07 pm 28 Apr 06

Now the best-planned city in the world has three planning bureaucracies: NCA; ACTPLA; Commonwealth Dept of Transport and Mr Snow. Which has the most competence? Will the Dept of Transport fix up and fund the ever-increasing traffic mess, as MPs are late for work?
When the loud 747s land and take off will the soundproofing in office buildings and residences be adequate! Better not sign a long-term office contract or buy a residence at the airport.
What will Snow do with old RAAF Fairbairn? Blocks of flats for Defence personnel based at Bungendore? Did he have influence in not considering refurbishing the old drag way? He does not have to consult or be transparent, true laissez faire planning. Hopefully he will make a good suburb; Brindabella Park is a good office environment. You have to give him 1st class honours for business acumen.

barking toad 11:55 am 28 Apr 06

The thought of a cashed-up sorry simon making a nocturnal visit to Fyshwick is about as disturbing as a thought of samuel copping head from imelda!

Chris S 11:20 am 28 Apr 06

That’s because he’s doing to us what he’s not doing to them…

vg 11:06 am 28 Apr 06

Simon couldn’t plan something very easy to get in Fyshwick with a bag full of cash

barking toad 10:47 am 28 Apr 06

With all these new shopping precincts, including the one being built on the corner of Canberra Ave/Newcastle St, the small operators will want to hope that the mayor’s “populate or perish” plan works a treat otherwise there’ll be a few go broke.

kimba 10:04 am 28 Apr 06

Simple Simon conveniently I think doesn’t want to recognise that Canberra Airport (as the name implies) is a part of Canberra. Why does he continually pedal this ‘us versus them’ position with respect to the airport?

As I have said before, Simple Simon should visit other major airports around Australia and see for himself what vibrant business zones have developed around them.

This is more a case that Simple Simon is embarrassed by the airport’s success.

Chris S 10:00 am 28 Apr 06

Thumper is right, in that Seven-Storey Simon (or is that Call-in Corbell?) as ACT Planning Minister should have a role to play in any developments that occur within the ACT boundaries. It makes a mockery of self-government when the Feds can keep trumping what is best for Canberra.

The problem that Seven-story Call-in Simon and his ACTPLA minions have is that they have lost the trust of Canberrans, they are wandering in no-man’s land with respect to the way in which appropriate development should occur, they have been captured by the development lobby in Civic and the town centres, and places like the Airport have taken advantage of the intellectual vacuum that exits within the offices of Seven-story Call-in Simon and Neil “Tonto” Savery of ACTPLA.

Terry Snow has simply out-strategised these two clowns and their department (as has NCA to a large degree) and unfortunately all Canberrans suffer the consequences through ad hoc, opportunistic and quite inappropriate Airport developments that have no thought to proper infrastructure, roads, etc. Indeed, Terry Snow has been very smart in that he has reaped all the rewards, yet the majority of the costs, including traffic and resulting congestion, is borne by the taxpayer. And all that Seven-story Call-in Simon can do is wring his hands and bleat that the world isn’t fair. Well get off your arse, try to regain the trust of the community, and start planning like a professional – that’s your job, Simon.

vg 9:26 am 28 Apr 06

Agreed. They have mismanaged the whole joint. Let someone with some actual planning nous have a dig

johnboy 9:20 am 28 Apr 06

Well ALP planning ministers are always agin’ anything that allows construction to take place without the right palms being crossed with silver.

on the other hand when the airport talks about being “competitive” I think they are competing with the rest of the city for development dollars.

i think it’s good to put some pressure on our local council to lift its game.

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