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Simon’s new signs

By johnboy - 28 November 2006 41

It’s a double bonus Simon day today!

The very first of the new signs renaming good old civic “City Centre” has been erected on Northbourne Avenue. Simon has announced it with some fanfare:

“The Canberra Central identification signs are part of an ongoing signage package to define the City and make it easier for people to find their way around… This package includes new street name signs, information pillars and other directional signage… Mr Corbell said a total of five internally lit and sculpted identification signs shaped to form an arrow would be installed in the Northbourne Avenue median strip, with each arrow directing visitors to the main commercial area of the City.

Sounds impressive eh? Well we’ve been down to take a look:


Interesting that Simon’s talking about “Canberra Central”, the sign’s talking about “City Centre”, and most people who live here are hanging grimly on to dear old Civic (that mythical place where we could park to go shopping).

Meanwhile this is part of a broader plan:

“These City entry signs, the new street name signs and a range of paving treatments, fittings and furnishings will be given a consistent styling approach throughout the City centre through the proposed manual”

So who was the bright spark who decided our “consistent styling approach” would be chunky and poo brown?

What’s Your opinion?

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41 Responses to
Simon’s new signs
bonfire 10:02 am 29 Nov 06

it looks like an upright turd

johnboy 9:54 am 29 Nov 06

Civic, is a funny little anachronism.

On Walter Burley Griffin’s original plans for Canberra he mapped out a zone and called it “Civic Area” (or something like that).

He didn’t mean it to become a name, just to be a description. But it stuck, and I don’t know where Simon thinks he can get off changing 90 years of our cultural heritage just to boost the marketability of his QIC buddies shopping mall.

Smackbang 9:39 am 29 Nov 06

i’d love for someone with a background in graphic design to properly critique this sign and its layout, because i think it’s shit but not having the graphic design-type knowledge i can’t really express very well why that is:
– why are the blue squares with the “pictograms” so small, and why do they sit inside those bigger white squares? that’s just unnecessary complication.
– why are the words “City Centre” written in a font and in such a way (vertically) that makes them so hard to read? Surely clarity should have been the number 1 design principle in this sign?
– the Canberra Central logo is a joke. For one thing, it is caled Civic by all and sundry – not “Canberra Central” (that just sounds like “Canberra Centre” by another name). For another, why does Canberra Central (whatever the heck that is) need a logo? And finally, the logo they have come up with is ugly and useless as a logo.

Also, I agree with Miz – what is wrong with words? And yes, I too have sometimes wondered why it is that the signs on the way to the Airport don’t actually indicate “Airport”.

AndyC 9:37 am 29 Nov 06

Hmmm…nice to see in this time of budget cutbacks, our fearless leaders are wisely spending our money on crap like this, rather than say keeping schools open, or improving public transport.

On another note – did any other non-locals find it strange having a place called “Civic”? Where I come from, it always use to be the city, or town…this whole civic thing was a new one on me….

S4anta 9:04 am 29 Nov 06

by the way the colour is Pantone 160c

miz 11:22 pm 28 Nov 06

I’m not an icon person, I like *words* on signs. I got lost on my first few trips to the airport because I was looking for the word ‘airport’ on a roadside sign! Silly me, it’s all pictures thes days which makes me wonder why we all bothered learning to READ.

I suggest a normal green roadside sign with the words on straight.

And maybe stop calling the Plaza etc ‘town centre’, that really confuses the tourists!

blub 10:20 pm 28 Nov 06

I mean, that’s what Canberra Central refers to.

blub 10:19 pm 28 Nov 06
gaelhope 10:07 pm 28 Nov 06


sexynotsmart 9:53 pm 28 Nov 06

What group does the logo (green/yellow/blue) at the top of the sign represent?

gurunik 8:37 pm 28 Nov 06

what. the. fuck.
remember when canberra was the butt of jokes about pissing our taxes away? this town almost made it into the realm of grudging acceptance as a city with something worthwhile, but our lords of the present seem determined to consolidate canberras place as a laughing stock in the wider australian community.
looks like the olympic torch theme is still going.

Vic Bitterman 8:08 pm 28 Nov 06

Sounds like a good idea, decent signage for tourists and those unfamiliar with the area.

But in typical govco style, why spend $200 on normal signs when they can piss $2k of our taxes into oblivion with these awful looking things.

Roll on voting day, I’m sick of my taxes being pissed up the wall by these unaccountable wankers.

barking toad 7:46 pm 28 Nov 06

After examining that hippie piece of crap for a while I gathered that it shows directions for:

1. “P” for pissing or parking (hahaha – good luck)
2. dumped shopping trolleys
3. cups and saucers
4. An alien picking ear wax

And if I was pissed and fell over I might have seen City Centre.

But for a tourist driving down N’Bourne Ave, it’s just another lump of nothing in the ground.

bighead 5:40 pm 28 Nov 06

took me about 2 minutes to actually find where it said ‘city centre’

also its nice to know that I can go anywhere to get coffee cups 😛

kaydo 5:11 pm 28 Nov 06

The font is offensive

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