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Simpson demands money for story

By Thumper 30 July 2007 11

IBN is reporting that Neale Simpson, recently fined $2000 for a hit and run on Phil Gaetjens, has, when asked by the Sunday telegraph for an interview, demanded money for his story. Is this the demeanor of someone who panicked because they thought they ran over a politician?

The offence attracts a maximum penalty of $20,000 or two years imprisonment.

The magistrate who fined him should find a room of mirrors.

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Simpson demands money for story
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LG 4:37 pm 31 Jul 07

Don’t forget trying to hide the evidence by dumping your car interstate

Thumper 1:02 pm 31 Jul 07

Fleeing the scene is a pretty sure way of getting out of a breath test. I’m not saying that this guy was pissed as no-one will ever know.

However, to ask for money for something where you albeit, accidentally ran over someone, and then left them there to die?

I don’t have a problem with this guy accidentally running someone over. It wasn’t his fault. I have a problem with the fine given out for leaving the scene.

jemmy 12:39 pm 31 Jul 07

Thumper, you’re on your high horse over this case. What exactly do you think the guy’s offence was?

Drunken pedestrian ignores warning from mate and walks in front of traffic. Gets hit. Driver panics, thinking he’s hit a politician and will be put away, and flees.

The offence wasn’t hitting the drunk, it was not stopping. Mitigating circumstances: drunk had other people to look after him. Outcome would have been the same if he stopped or not. The penalty was to deter others from not stopping.

Mr Evil 10:21 am 31 Jul 07

Well this guy really has proved himself to be a scumbag.

Thumper 10:15 am 31 Jul 07

So, you think $2000 was perfectly reasonable?

philbert83au 10:01 am 31 Jul 07

The magistrate who fined him should find a room of mirrors.

I’m no veteran Rioter, but its rather smelling of the Daily Terrorgraph in slanted biasish style lately. Is it just me or did it go crapola here when Johnboy left?

jenna 9:30 am 31 Jul 07

He has some hide, trying to make money out of an inexcusable incident. He should be doing something to make up for what he did, not profiting from it. Has he no conscience?

Aeek 2:07 am 31 Jul 07

proceeds of crime?

Thumper 10:57 pm 30 Jul 07

I note the number of stories you post and raise you….

Ingeegoodbee 6:25 pm 30 Jul 07

What a beat up. I find it hard to believe that any thinking person could draw was some sort of link between the panicked response of a (probably drunk) driver and a considered business decision relating to a newsworthy story. The Sunday Tele are no philanthropic journalistic angels and the fact that money was even raised in any conversation between this sh!tbag and their people suggests that the real story is that they were just too tight to pay for the story.

Deadmandrinking 5:16 pm 30 Jul 07

If that had panned out….man, some political activists would have had their work cut out for them . Assassinate the prime minister and have nine dish out your bail.

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