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bonfire 1 June 2005 6

Last night on 666 there was a very soft interview with James Ricketson, the ‘filmmaker’ . He has leapt to the defence of poor Anu Singh, saying the news article on her working with junkies and heroin, handing out syringes was wrong.

Among other claims:

she chose to work in this field to atone for her previous life.

she spent every day trying to make up for what she did to joe cinque.

everyone thinks she is evil, only because of helen garners book which was all just lies.

I almost drove the stanley steamer off the road at the last one. I thought she was evil because she had murdered someone quite methodically and manipulated the legal system. If she wants to atone for her crime – go back to prison and serve a sentence.

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6 Responses to singh apologist leaps to defence
whatistheword whatistheword 2:24 pm 27 Sep 05

Two points here: Anu Singh is a psychopath. Pyschopaths cannot be ‘cured’. They come into the world with badly defective wiring and the best the community can do is withdraw them from circulation. If they remain at large, they will keep re-offending, and this re-offending will escalate. It would be interesting to know whether anyone is keeping a body count of the ODs that happen to Cabramatta’s junkies since Singh became their ministering angel. It’s actually a clever place for her to start – they’re junkies: what do they matter, and to whom? Pleasant as it would be to speculate that Singh is doing this so as to stockpile enough smack to take herself out for good and all, that’s not going to happen. She’s an attention-whore; she never had any intention of killing herself and she never will. Whoever said ‘Attention is oxygen to her’ got it right. And now she’s a celebrity. How cool is that? And, as Garner would write next, Joe Cinque is dead.

Second point: She’s reading this. I recently saw an article in which the journalist mentioned that Singh was checking out an online poll which questions whether she is truly evil or just confused. I found that poll on here, so I vote every day. For ‘evil’. But it gives me the horrors that she’s happily logging onto the net and poring voraciously and gleefully over every news article, blog or comment that is made about her. Negative or positive, it’s all attention, and that’s all that matters to her.

An interesting site which deals with some of this kind of stuff is here (the guy is an American attorney and author who mainly deals with juveniles and children, and he’s ANGRY. If for no other reason, it’s good stuff to read for vicarious vengeance scenarios, because I know I’ve needed them before and I’ve made up some fabulous ones for Singh:

I am so glad I stumbled over this blog – it’s one of the best I’ve seen.


Trish Trish 2:17 pm 11 Jul 05

I’m wonder what Anu Singh’s ex-boyfriend Simon Walsh could tell us about her?
She was cheating on him in the beginning when she met Joe Cinque… what type of young woman does this?
What had Simon done to deserve this deceitful behaviour & what are his thoughts on this selfish, conniving nutcase of a woman?

Borrksy Borrksy 6:01 pm 17 Jun 05

Perhaps people would like to write letters to Ms Singh to register their concerns. 81 Newton Rd Strathfield 2135 NSW, (02) 9746 3894

Borrksy Borrksy 2:08 pm 16 Jun 05

There was also an interview with Singh and Phillip Adams on Radio National recently. It seems that middle aged men are easily seduced by intelligence and beauty and maybe even some sexual inkling of playing with a “bad girl” with a decent enough vocabularly. Adams was also very soft on Singh and like case Justice Crispin seemed all too easily to intellectualise the issues and accept the Singh version hook, line and sinker. It is as plain as day that the patterns from Garners book are repeated right under our noses. Singh’s rehabilitation and atonement are just more carefully managed plans to ensure that her CV has the right look to it. All of her projects are well crafted to show her repentance to the NSW Legal Practioners Board when they come to review her application for admittance in a few years time. This case is a good example of why we need more female judges. A female would not have accepted the nonsense legal arguments played with in this case.

Jane Hansard Jane Hansard 1:28 pm 05 Jun 05

Besides being evil, Anu Singh is a narcissist and shouldn’t be given oxygen in the media. She thrives on it. If she wants to atone for her crime, she should pay back the $100,000 in victims of crime compensation the ACT taxpayer paid to Joe’s parents (and I wish they had been paid more, that was the maximum)

gingermick gingermick 2:27 pm 01 Jun 05

If anyone would know about junkies and heroin, it would be this particular “filmmaker”. I haven’t heard about him for many years and am amazed he is still around. He would be a perfect partner for the delectable Anu.

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