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Skyfire 21 review… or how to waste most of the day to watch and listen to a bunch of crap…

By grunge_hippy - 22 March 2009 68

Don’t get me wrong, the fireworks itself were not that bad.  But they weren’t spectacular… there has been better ones over the years… 

The thing that let the whole thing down was the soundtrack. 

For something that is advertised as fireworks to music (which is how I remember it being when it started 21 years ago) the music chosen was out of sync for one, and for another claimed to be going through the 21 years of skyfire. 

Last time I checked Smoke on the Water was not in the last 21 years.   They could have very easily have made a kick arse soundtrack to go over the last 21 years of music.

What did everyone else think?

[Ed – Photograph kindly courtesy of Anthony Caffery]

What’s Your opinion?

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68 Responses to
Skyfire 21 review… or how to waste most of the day to watch and listen to a bunch of crap…
p1 2:58 pm 22 Mar 09

The problem with synchronising fireworks with music is if you sync the sound to the music, then unless you are in the place it is timed for, there is a delay. And if you sync the flask of light to the music, unless you block out the sound of the bangs (impossible unless you are 20km away with the radio up load), your brain keeps trying to tell you that it’s out of sync anyway because you hear the bangs after a delay.

I decided that I would sit this one out at home. Anyone else watch the Vicar of Dibley?

grunge_hippy 2:47 pm 22 Mar 09

for one, I would have chosen songs that actually reflect the times they said they were. I would have steered clear of the latest generation of craptastic music that seemed to be used as filler. They had an awesome opportunity to showcase the last 21 years of music, instead they filled it with rhianna and pink.

They could have used icons around the lake like previous years, the bridge, carillion, library have all been used in the past to make it an event that the whole lake can enjoy, instead of those crammed like sardines on regatta point.

the inanne banter between two loser DJ’s in canberra with hamish and andy was cringeworthy at best. I like Hamish and Andy, and find them hilarious and they were doing their best to keep those two bafoons quiet, but instead they just spoke over the top of them. they came here to be heard, not shouted over.

anything else?

squashee 2:46 pm 22 Mar 09

How many Carbon Credits did they use up??

At lest we can make up for it with Earth Hour this week…

whatsinaname 2:41 pm 22 Mar 09

What would you have done differently then grunge_hippy?

grunge_hippy 2:35 pm 22 Mar 09

its been done better. thats my point. they wussed out when it could have been amazing to celebrate 21 years.

Trunking symbols 2:27 pm 22 Mar 09

Nice pic.

whatsinaname 2:26 pm 22 Mar 09

Wow, there’s no pleasing some people is there? I’ve been to the last 15 Skyfire’s and this was one of the best. The finale was amazing!! And yes, “Smoke On The Water” was used in one (if not a couple) of the previous soundtracks. And as far back as I can remember, Skyfire has been on a Saturday. The Australia Day stuff happens on a Sunday, but not Skyfire.

We were at Regatta Point and my partner and I, and our kids had a great time. If you listen to the radio, you would know that there is a lot of stuff happening at Regatta Point. They make no secret of that. Sure, not everyone can get there but if you don’t make the effort, you have no right to whinge.

I’ve never seen The Potbelleez before and I thought they were fantastic!! The helicopter displays were very cool!! And it was all for free!! I dunno what some people expect for free entertainment but I thought it was a top night out. I don’t see many other nights like this happening in Canberra, especially for free.

I’ve been lurking on the riotact for quite awhile now and there are so many negative people on here. Is everyone really this depressing? Doesn’t anyone ever have anything good to say?

grunge_hippy 2:16 pm 22 Mar 09

it was also clearly set up for those sitting at regatta point.

I just think overall it has been done better in the past…. and since it was the big 21, it could have been done better.

deye 2:06 pm 22 Mar 09

I found this year to be a little disappointing. No Dump and Burn, no fireworks off the bridge, none off the library, none off the Carillon. The music did not appear to match the fireworks.

Frankly the Australia Day fireworks were better – if somewhat shorter.

astrojax 1:46 pm 22 Mar 09

great photo, btw

now, since exactly when, and more importantly why, did s/f move from sunday to saturday night?? am i the only one thinks that a retrograde movement?

Footloose 1:01 pm 22 Mar 09

Took the fam down to Japanese (Lennox?) Gardens by the lake.
Heaps of drinking teens down there but they were mostly harmless.
The most trouble they caused all night was their distanced, immature teasing of a recumbent cyclist which sparked an OTT reaction. I have to admit though, I was laughing.
Nice pic.

ant 11:13 am 22 Mar 09

Those drunken bogans were probably Families too, Berraboy, busy spending their baby bonus and other perks. If you think i’m joking, go hang out at Riverside Plaza in Qbn one day, and just watch them at it.

BerraBoy68 11:06 am 22 Mar 09

Smoke on the Water may be older than 21 years but it was used in the skyfire soundrack about 1998, and to great effect I might add.

Would have loved to have gone but the kids were too tired as we spent the afternoon at the Charny Carny. I’ve never seen so many women with tattoo’s and people without teeth in all my life. The kicker for me at this ‘family’ event was seeing about 10 drunken boguns sitting down near the stage surrounded by empty cider and beer bottles as well as several cans of rum and coke. Classy.

Ryan 10:56 am 22 Mar 09

i too went straight from dinner around 7.30, parked at Finance and past the Portrait Gallery and thru reconciliation place, and ended up sitting down near the library.

We took a radio and i did notice that the fireworks weren’t exactly in sync which was a bit of a shame, and i didnt think the soundtrack was all that great either. They’ve done much better in the past.

And what was with those few stray fireworks that went off like 5 and 10 minutes after it finished?

s-s-a 10:29 am 22 Mar 09

to waste most of the day to watch and listen to a bunch of crap

Waste most of the day? We finished dinner (in Weston Ck) at 7.30pm, got in the car and parked at Finance then walked past the Portait Gallery and down thru Reconciliation Place to the foreshore in plenty of time for the fireworks.

We didn’t take a radio and could barely hear the soundtrack from nearby radios over the fireworks. We don’t care if it’s out of sync, in fact I wouldn’t care if there was no soundtrack at all.

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